Sunday, January 4, 2009

When you don't feel like doing anything...

...You can always go fishing.

That's what I wound up doing with Andrano. Silver Hand and Gilneas were the only servers without wait times, and I still don't feel like playing on Gilneas. Did a few quests, then got bored but didn't want to log.So I figured he could fish and finish the Darkshore Grouper quest. After he got the required fish, I decided to go ahead and get his fishing to 75 and go train it. So what does it take to get to 75 fishing? 31 darkshore grouper, 22 rainbow fin albacore, 9 oily blackmouths,10 slitherskin mackerals, and 1 dented crate. Hmm, maybe I should level his cooking too....

And while he was fishing, someone ran up and dropped a duel flag. The following conversation ensued-

(BTW he was level 20, there was no way I was gonna duel him. My #1 pet peeve= people that try to duel others 5 levels or more below them.)

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