Saturday, June 30, 2012

Catching up again... with more pictures!

Figured I ought to make one last post for the month. :P

I am getting more into WoW again, Rp is helping a LOT. Roebar and Kyraine (who is awesome), with some help from Rheugan, are still heading some Gilneas RP that is spreading like crazy and making me happy. Also, leveling happened. Roebar is flying, for one thing.

He's currently almost 65, I'm thinking of seeing if there's any Nagrand quests he can do to get him the last few bubs he needs for the Ring of Blood. I will admit that so far most of his leveling has been through dungeons, courtesy of Rheugan. Rheu's been busy, as he's also been running Alanon-mage through them too- mage is currently 63.

And transmogging stuff.

Friend of mine wanted to do some old-school raids on a raid night we actually had off (raid leaders were out of town), so I talked him into doing the raids where druid tier5 tokens dropped. That is the luckiest drop rate Rheu has ever had- evidenced by the fact that he's run LFR Dragon Soul a couple times now, and I can count the number of druid tokens that dropped there on one hand. Not that he won any of them anyway...

But hey, he's looking spiffy now. Only thing he's missing is his chestpiece, because Kael'thas decided to majorly bug out on us and we couldn't kill him. Blah.

Still tinkering on my other-server alts. I should probably mention this guy. See, I've been wanting to try out Wyrmrest Accord Alliance-side, but I didn't want to have to think up another new character. Answer to that particular problem: roll a character that I've already created but haven't messed with yet, obviously. So, meet Lathenil's in-game incarnation. XD

He's only 16 so far, but I do intend to level him seriously. Whenever I have the time... >.>

I have a couple Horde toons over there already, Gwynifar and Khlar. And since Horde-side RP on Feathermoon is kinda meh at the moment, I'm thinking of moving a few others there too. Booggah and Taurros will likely be staying, but Kaledain and Khaotic are on the list to be moved. The first one will likely be Rajast, though.
I've already gathered and sent him a few heirlooms, so my Wyrmrest guys will be glad to see him. XD

I've been debating on hunter stables off and on, too. Lark has a few she hasn't really connected with that I could let go, which will free space for her dragon-turtle and porcupine. Booggah's stable is harder, though. He's had some sort of connection with every pet he's got, and deciding who to let go is going to be hard..

I've been tinkering with odd stuff too. For example, did you know there's a "trick" to get both the tabards from this quest? It works, too- Pitch and Lark both have their tabards, and a few others at least will probably get them too.

Sidenote: Illidan apparently doesn't like hunter pets...

I mentioned RP, right? Tuesday nights are still going fairly strong, and there's been a few "off" nights where stuff has happened as well. Mostly, if it's near "peak" time and I don't feel like doing anything, I can park in the Pig and chances are good that someone will wind up joining me. The fun thing is, these can sometimes lead into... interesting conversations. XD

I will need to do another post of some kind for Rheugan, though. Roebar has been featuring more in the Gilneas stuff, but Rheu has been in my head so much lately that's it's almost not funny. Poor guy.

And now, obligatory Tera stuff!! I've gotten all my characters off the starting island some time ago, and now it seems I've been working on getting them up to, and mostly past, the first dungeon now. Rysten started it. :P

Azirah has proved to me that slayers are still one of the most fun classes ever. Seriously, Dharius has some good survivability, but Azirah just kills stuff so fast they don't have time to damage her, not to mention some of her skills just knocking them end-over-end most of the time. She's up to 22 or 23 now, and I hope I can make myself get back to her soon for more bashing.

Also, her sword designs are pretty.

Tourawu is up to 25 now!! Mystics are still fun, although he's finally getting up to the point where the monsters hurt. He's still chugging along pluckily, though- in fact he's soloed a few BAMs already! Mystics solo things really well, actually, it just takes time to get their health down. XD

And Dharius is still up there leading the way. He's nearly 36 now, though the places he's leveling in now are a bit difficult, to be honest, so I've taken him back to some lower-level zones to mop up some neglected quests there. Once he dings he'll be back to... wherever he's supposed to go.

I've also started writing bits and pieces for my Tera guys, which I'll be probably be posting on my other blog once I'm happy with them.

That's about all I can think of for now. Til next time, Happy Hunting!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

A "Little Bit of Everything" Post

I don't even know what I'm doing with this, but figured it was time for a new blog post, so...

I'm finally ready to admit the #1 reason why I'm playing Tera so much... It's the eye candy. Sorry.

I had to throw my popori mystic in there. He's just too cute. >.>

It's not just the characters that are pretty, either.

I've rediscovered my fondness for Allods as well, and been tinkering with that too. Had to make a new account and characters, but it's been so long since I last played that it's probably better I'm starting from scratch. I've so far managed to keep it to just one character (gasp!), a druid.

She got a temporary horse from a quest and I love it. Way to go tempting me to throw money at a game I don't play much, Allods.

WoW has become... not boring, but I've found that all I do lately is log onto Feathermoon for Lark's raid (which will probably soon be no more, until Mists comes out and we start it all over again) and for RP. The rest of my WoW time has been playing and leveling alts on other servers, which hasn't been too bad. I guess count me in for the pre-expansion lull.

I've been a bad beta-tester and mostly neglected the beta, although Lark is almost 86, finally. Questing is still fun, but playing with new pets is even more fun. I'll have to decide if I want to stick with her brown porcupine or get a blue one, when the time comes. Also, basilisks are fun.

.... bah, you can't even see him. Oh well. That, for anyone wondering, is what the skill Petrifying Gaze looks like. You should go tame one and try it, it's fun.

I really, really wish they'd fix cranes, though. I couldn't figure out why Lark's crane was always dying, until I noticed this.

Yep, her crane has 10k hp. Sis says the level 86 ones are better, but still squishy as heck. Argh.

That and work pretty much accounts for my time spent lately. Figure without much to post about, new blog posts are going to be fewer and farther between for a bit... which seems to be the new norm lately. I will have to try kicking my brain back into writing-mode to fill in the blank stretches, or something.

So anyway! Til next time, Happy Hunting!