Saturday, October 31, 2009

Home Again Soon, Yay

Parents are on their way back from vacation, so I'll get to go home tomorrow! This has been a very... interesting month. I'm gonna be glad once I don't have to run around everywhere anymore, my sleep's been messed up some days and it's been frustrating to not be able to sit down and stay put until 6-7 o'clock some nights. That means I don't get on the computer til after 8 sometimes, and yea, that's annoying. But anywho, it'll be done with soon and I'll be home again. /happy

Buster is back at home already. I need to clean the bedroom up a bit, you'd be amazed at the amount of litter he kicks out of the box. >.>

Most of my stuff is back home too, just got a few things for tonight/tomorrow morning. I'll probably wait til I get off work tomorrow night to pack up my PC and move it, so I'm not feeling rushed or anything. Definitely don't want to drop it or something. And, um, this gives me some playtime before I go in to work, too. /shifty

Got Arvoss up to 69 already, working on 70 before I try tanking Northrend stuff. He's also getting a respec at 70, to a real tanking spec (or at least as much as he can get before 80). I'm feeling an urge to get him up to 80 ASAP, then he can power-level Shaurria, like I've been doing with Quae and Barraccus. Fun stuff. And his armor looks so much better. I know a lot of people complain that all the Northrend stuff looks the same, but I'd rather have that than have him looking like a clown. :P

Frazle the gnome just hit 68, and Windstar is 67 now. Once all 3 of us are out here, we're gonna start blazing through some quest chains, i.e. Last Rites, the D.E.H.T.A. stuff, and probably Wrathgate when we get there. Can't wait. :D

And now I get to set the clocks back before bed, for Daylight Savings. Hurray for an extra hour of sleep!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Having Mixed Feelings About Raiding

I logged on Gilneas tonight for Onyxia after one of my buddies asked me to come heal. Hadn't been on Alanon for ages, and, well, I kinda miss my guildies over there. We didn't actually get her down, the dps kept dying and then her adds would get to be too much. Finally called it after a bit and went to Ulduar.

I was kinda happy about that, because I got to bring Barraccus, who I really want to raid on but haven't been able to yet. But I was also kind of peeved, because in order to bring him, I pretty much had to throw a fit to my guild, which I didn't want to do and hated it.

I've worked on him for a while, mostly for dps 'cause I'm having trouble scrounging up a tanking set for him. Been getting dps gear with the badges he's earned, so I don't humiliate myself or drag the guild down 'cause he's undergeared. After tanking some BC instances with Arvoss I'd really like to try tanking in raids and stuff, just to see how well I can do it. But you know what? Lately I've been feeling like he's stuck, that I'll never get to do anything with him because my guild always wants a healer. Sometimes feels like Alanon is my only toon on that server, because he's the only one that does anything. I like raiding, not just for loot but because I feel like I'm accomplishing something with my guild, but doing nothing but healing was starting to burn me out. Hence why I've been "hiding out" on Feathermoon lately.

And when I mentioned that I was trying to get him geared for tanking? My GM asked me if I had gotten all the tank badge gear. Had to hold my tongue on that one. :P

Now that Barraccus' dps gear is decent, I will be getting tanking gear, but he can also pick up pieces in raids. And frankly, farming heroics for badges gets dull after awhile.

Before anyone says anything, my guild is fairly small, but everyone has several level 80 alts. When people are farming heroics we often switch toons around to fill up a group, or if all else fails pick up a PUG or two. Not saying I want us to bring in outside people for our raids, but if we can shuffle toons around for heroics, why not for raids too? What I'm trying to say is, we don't need Alanon to come heal every single raid.

They'll be going back again tomorrow night, but I haven't decided yet if I'll go. This has just been building up for awhile, and I've been losing interest in raiding because of it. Alt-leveling is so much more relaxing right now, and I'm loving the RP on Feathermoon too. Guess I'll sleep on it tonight and decide tomorrow.

Now, Arvoss just hit 68 and I'm taking him to Northrend. This will be kinda OOC, cause he needs to tell Shaurria that he's going and all that, but I need to relax before bed. See ya! /signoff

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Shaurria is happy again...

At least for the moment.

Tonight's RP was an anniversary of The Longest Night, in which one year ago to the day, the Wildfire Riders and friends took it upon themselves to protect the Pig & Whistle from the zombie attacks. It went on all night. They have an awesome forum thread about it here, I'd highly recommend reading it. Tonight was a remembrance night, with most of the Riders that had been there back then gathered at the Stormwind Harbor. Shaurria was with them and not only got to help Aely with preparations, but she also mingled and met with several people she didn't know. Rather than make her nervous, this actually helped to cheer her up a bit.

Skyborne is a crazy druid. Like, really crazy. Shaurria doesn't know what to make of her most of the time, but here they were playing together and having a ball.

Her friend Feliche met his match, size-wise, in a huge Draenei warrior that stands at 10 feet tall (according to his RSP). Shaur is pretty sure Feliche was jealous.

She also got to meet one of Aely's closest friends, an old paladin from Lordaeron named Jolstraer, who reminded her strongly of Arvoss. She liked him, but he kept telling her she needed a bath. >.>

After the festivities had gone on for a bit, Aely called for speeches.

She started it out with a recap of the Longest Night, then gave the floor up to anyone else that wanted to speak. The speeches were amazing, but that wasn't the best part. The best part of the night happened after the speeches wound down, when Shaurria went after a rat and discovered a certain someone hiding out in a corner. A picture says a thousand words, so see for yourself.

Yes, Arvoss came to the party. He had told Shaurria he wasn't going to, but she was so heartbroken that he changed his mind and snuck in during the speeches. He managed to hear most of them, too, and it's started him thinking about his own personal issues, namely, the fact that he's a death knight which is the last thing he ever could have wanted, and he doesn't know what to do with himself. He's going to be working stuff out for the next few days while keeping Shaurria company (and also helping her level >.>). Yay for vacations?

And now it's late, time for bed. Happy kitty is happy. Goodnight!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Shaurria: Lonely

I did mention that Shaur was having a hard time. Poor kitty. :(

Shaurria prowled around the Park, moping. Windstar had gone to join Arvoss, Tadrith and Frazle in Outlands. Shaur had walked with her to the portal that would take her most of the way, then sat back and put on her best brave face as Star said goodbye and stepped through. Now Shaur was alone, and she didn't like it at all. She soon grew too restless to stay in the Park and went to go see if she could find any of her other friends.

Shaurria stepped out of the empty Pig & Whistle tavern, whining softly under her breath. She looked around; Old Town seemed deserted, and she was still alone. Well, not quite alone, she corrected herself as her orange kitten ran up to her. He mewed to her loudly, telling her how proud he was to have found her like he always did. She licked his head, then changed out of cat form and picked him up. Cuddling him with one hand, she pulled her buzzbox out with the other and stared at it, as if that would magically cause voices to start coming from it. It stayed silent, however, and she sighed and put it away.

Her kitten started struggling, so she put him down, watching him scamper off after the rats he no doubt had smelled. Shaur stood there for several minutes, feeling like her loneliness might crush her. Finally she couldn't stand it anymore, and began casting the teleport spell that would take her to the Moonglade. Her kitten came running and jumped onto her leg, clinging as they both vanished.

Shaur blinked as the Moonglade materialized around her. Her kitten mewed, then hopped down and set off to explore. She watched him go- he would be fine, there was nothing here to hurt him- then shifted to cat and headed off toward the Barrow Dens.

She passed them quickly, but slowed as she approached his clearing. She stopped at the entrance, suddenly unsure of her welcome. The Cat Spirit was there, like always, and she stood out in plain view and waited for him to notice her.

First an ear twitched, then the big head turned toward her. He studied her dispassionately for a moment, then his eyes softened and he sat down. Shaurria dashed across the clearing and dove into the "cave" created by his forelegs and body. She felt as much as heard when he began purring, and started an answering purr of her own.


Shaur is depressed, if you can't tell. I don't know why, and she's not letting me into her head right now either. She may go feral again for awhile (meaning go wild, not talking about spec), but I don't know if that's a good idea or not. I think she's just gotten kind of dependent on her friends, and when she can't be around them so often it gets her down. Just a theory, mind you.

Yeesh, what do you do when your character gets a mind of her own?

Monday, October 26, 2009

More Art & Stuff

Did a couple more sketches. This is just a quickie of Shaurria stalking something:

And this was inspired by the fact that Windstar, my sister's druid, has taken to mothering Shaur, even grooming her. See?

I'm not totally happy with Windstar in this one, though I'm not sure what exactly is wrong with her. Also, crease in the paper is fail. :(

And a couple random screenshots, just because I can. Shaurria on the Darnassus bank roof, because she's a ham:

And a closeup of her lying next to Aely in the Pig:

Shaur is in the middle of a rough time, if you couldn't tell it from my last story. Happy times coming soon, I hope.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Shaurria: Moonglade

Background: There's a storyline going on in Feathermoon involving something or other trying to kill off the members of a guild (I don't know the whole story, sorry!). A couple nights ago, there was a scare in Stormwind, and a few of Shaur's friends decided to get another friend out of town, since she is about 4 weeks away from having twins. Shaur went with them to help guard her friend, and we wound up in Moonglade. Shaurria decided to go visit her old mentor while she was there.


Shaurria sat in the grass, watching the Cat Spirit pace around his clearing. The Moonglade was peaceful, like always, the silence broken only by birdsong and the young druid's voice.

"Arvoss keeps askin' me about my parents and stuff," she was saying. "He bugs me about it 'most every day now. I don't want to talk about it. Why can't he just let it be?"

The huge Cat didn't answer, didn't even look at her. The closeness they had once had seemed to be gone; now she was just another intruder in his realm. She sighed to herself, sadly.

"He says he just wants to help," she went on, talking to herself now as much as to the Spirit. "Only, how can he help with that? It's all in my head. I don't understand."

She was startled when a deep voice sounded in her head. Maybe that's why you should let him help. He can help you to understand. Shaur sat up and stared at the Cat Spirit, who was now standing across the clearing from her, looking at her with compassion. "But how?" she blurted.

He is old, little one. He has seen much, and been through even more. Don't discount him so quickly.
Shaur considered that for a moment. "So you think I should talk with him?" she asked finally.

I think you should do what your heart wants, little one. You have suffered with this too long already. Perhaps Arvoss is the key to your cure.

She sat still as she listened, except for her fingers digging through the grass. "But it hurts," she whispered. "It hurts just to think about them. What if I can't speak about it?"

The Cat padded over to her. I cannot help you with this, little one, he said as he nuzzled her, his ghostly form comfortingly solid as his nose pressed against her cheek. You must figure it out on your own. But remember, your friends only want to help. Shaurria said nothing as she wrapped her arms around his huge head, hugging him tightly for several long minutes.

At last the Cat Spirit raised his head. Shaurria clung long enough for him to lift her to her feet, then let go reluctantly. The ones you came here with are wondering where you are. You should go back to them, little one. You know where to find me again. Shaurria nodded once before she turned cat and loped back along the road toward Nighthaven.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

In Which I Let Arvoss Rant

A'right, first off Ah wan' t' make one thing clear. Ah didnae ask fer this, ye ken? Ah was an 'oly paladin o' th' Laigh', who made mistakes. Bad ones, some o' them, an' naow Ah'm payin' fer 'em. Paladins jes' dinnae become death knights. Ah lost th' Laigh' some'ow along th' way, an' paid fer it wi' mah life. Ah should've stayed dead, ye ken? But th' filthy Enemy in th' North didnae leave me be. 'E took me an' raised me, an' turned me inta this... this thing. Ah've done 'orrible things, sommat which Ah'll neveh f'give mahself fer. But, in th' end, Ah was given anothah chance. A chance t' redeem mahself, t' make things right, an' Ah mean t' make it count. Takin' care o' Shaur? Tha's jes' th' start.

Naow, if ye wan' t' flaunt th' fact tha' ye're a death knight, it's yer business. But dinnae be givin' th' innocent folks around ye a fright wi' yer talk o' death an' corpses an' such. An' anothah thing, ferget yer Laird an' King nonsense. Ye dinnae own th' world, laddie. Soon'r late yer goin' t' wind up in otha folks territ'ry, an' when ye do, ye go by their rules.

See, lad, this's th' difference between ye an' Ah. Ah ken damn well tha' Ah'm naeone special. Bein' a death knight doesnae put me above annehone else. Ah can admit tha' but ye cannae. Yer nothin' but a- ...wha' did they call ye? A poofter. Sae why dinnae ye take yer airs an' yer 'igh'n mighty attitude off t' some otha corner o' th' world? Better yet, take yerself back t' yer mastah in Icecrown. An' while yer there? Tell 'im tha' we're comin' fer 'im soon.


This Disgruntled Northman Rant brought to you by the death knight that has been hanging out at the Pig the last several nights. Don't know if he's deliberately trying to make trouble, but he's scared Shaurria silly, tried to pick a fight with Feliche, and seems to have a thing with young female draenei. His RSP says he is a "living death knight", which seems to mean that he joined the Scourge willingly. Arvoss hates him, obviously.

... And I'll admit that I did this partly because I love messing with his accent, hehe.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I Haz Arts

Let me show you them:

Okay, so the obvious first off. I drew these in a notebook, hence the lines. I'm sorry, I got a real sketchpad now, won't be any more lines after this. Moving on.

They are a little blurry because I don't have a scanner, so I took pictures of them with my digital camera and uploaded them to my PC that way. Meh, works for now. My dad does have a scanner, so maybe I can get him to show me how to use it when he gets back from vacation.

It's been ages since I've drawn anything. Really. Used to do it all the time, but stuff happens. And then in my case, WoW happened. I did these at work 'cause I was bored with my book and had nothing else to do while on my breaks, so I thought I'd see if I could still do this. I don't think they look too bad, and hopefully when I get back into practice they will get better.

And final note.....

Sleepy Shaurria is CUTE!!

Shaurria and Arvoss: Leisure Time

So what do you do when there's nothing to do? Arvoss and Shaurria just hanging around.

Also, I blame boredom at work for any following silliness.

Windstar walked into the Pig and stopped in surprise. Arvoss was sitting against the wall, with Shaurria curled up next to him. The death knight waved Star over. "C'mere, lass. S'fair amusin'." She padded over and looked down at the younger druid, who seemed to be fast asleep. "Watch," Arvoss told her, then began rubbing Shaur's ears. She immediately started purring. Arvoss chuckled quietly and stopped rubbing. The purr also stopped. He looked up at Star, grinning.

Intrigued, Windstar shifted out of cat, then reached over and started rubbing, with the same result. Rub ears, purr. She peered at Shaur, then looked to Arvoss. "Is she really asleep?" she asked him. "She is, or she's a fair 'and at pretendin'," he answered. Windstar chuckled, then changed back to cat and settled on his other side. Arvoss began absently stroking Shaurria, and the comfortable silence between them was filled with the young druid's rumble.

The peace was finally broken by other people arriving at the Pig, and Shaur soon woke up and went out to do her usual greeting. But Arvoss and Windstar kept glancing at each other through the evening and chuckling.

* * * * * *

The squirrel didn't have a chance. Arvoss had given up on trying to keep Shaurria from chasing them, so now he just leaned back against his tree and watched, as Shaur slowly crept closer. The squirrel finally got far enough away from its tree, and she pounced. With a muffled squeak, the squirrel disappeared beneath 200 pounds of cat. Shaurria lay still for a moment, then sat up, the squirrel pinned beneath one paw and staring out with enormous eyes. She considered it for a few minutes, then bent down and began licking it.

Arvoss chuckled as he watched Shaur try to groom the critter. "Lass," he finally said. "Ah dinnae think 'e kens whetha ye're tryin' ta eat 'im 'r motha 'im. Ye may want ta let 'im go 'fore 'e 'as an 'eart attack 'r sommat." She stopped licking to stare at him, and the squirrel made a valiant struggle for freedom, finally slipping away and making a mad dash for its tree. Reaching safety, it stopped to chatter down angrily at the druid-cat, who gave it a disgruntled look before she sauntered over to Arvoss. Flopping down at his side, she began rubbing her head on his hip, until he gave in and started scratching. "Ye're a funny one, kitten," he told her. She just purred at him before laying her head down and closing her eyes.


I've started drawing stuff again! Used to draw quite a bit, but haven't done anything for ages. I did 2 quick sketches of Shaurria, at work on a notepad. Gonna see if I can scan/upload them somehow and stick them on here, maybe try to get rid of the lines (notepads fail), then we'll see! I'm pretty pleased with them both. Considering how long it's been I thought I'd be pretty out of practice, but they were fairly easy to do.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Stepping away from WoW for a sec...

I mentioned before that I am staying at my parent's house to house-sit while they vacation. My cat Buster is over here with me, but my 8 turtles are naturally still at my house, and I've been going over every day to feed/clean them. That's what I did this morning. Got to the house, took care of my box turtle and 3 small musk turtles inside, then went outside where the other 4 are. I keep them in a 50-gallon Rubbermaid tub, and had the cover on the tub because it's been raining the last few days. I took off the cover and saw... One turtle.

The cover was on, like I said. The water level was right where it had been yesterday. They could not have gotten out by themselves in any way. So that means that someone came onto our property and stole my turtles. Why, I have no idea. I don't know if they took them to keep them, or decided to set them free. If they plan on keeping them, well, these are NOT small turtles. My river turtle, Tres, has a shell of about 11 inches, and the others are probably around 6-8 inches. I have no idea if these people even know how to care for turtles that size, let alone have the space and commitment for them. Not to mention that I've had these turtles for years. They were my babies, my kids. I've raised them from hatchlings, for crying out loud. And now they're gone.

The one that's left, Spooky, is one that I got last summer from a friend of my dad. I'm not as attached to him as I was with the other 3, and he's, well, spooky. He's not very friendly at all. I can easily see how he could have been overlooked, especially if it was dark when they were taken.

Right now I'm kind of still numb. The "wanting to hit something" stage is starting, however. I find it hard to believe, even with the way society is today, that someone would go into another person's property and steal turtles, of all things. If it was a bicycle, or a lawn mower, or something like that I could see it, but why take living things, especially ones that are difficult to care for? I really hate people right now.

Spooky is inside the house now. I got a smaller Rubbermaid just for him, so he's settled in and is safe. But I miss my guys already, especially my baby girl.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Catching up

Story-writing seems to be stalled out right now, so just a run-down of what my guys have been up to.

Barraccus and Quae are still chilling in Hellfire Peninsula, but they should be moving on to Zangarmarsh soon. I'll probly do the same thing I did with Pitch, i.e. go from HFP to Zangar to Nagrand to Northrend. It covers my 2 favorite zones (Nagrand and the Marsh) and leaves plenty of stuff to go back and do later. Also, they are having many Serious Discussions about Quae's idea, I'll try to write out something soon and end the mystery.

Alanon did have a chat with Arien, which she initiated, to his surprise. Seems that Quae was right after all. Guess this makes them "official." They haven't had much spare time to see each other after that, but they do get some cuddling time now and then. Alanon has invited her over to see the house in Ashenvale, we'll see how that goes.

Pitch has gotten lazy. He's still level 70, and still in Borean Tundra. He's been thinking of checking out Howling Fjord tho, so maybe he'll start leveling again. I still want to get him and Quae both to 80 before Cataclysm hits. Yes, I know it's a long ways off but, well, I do tend to procrastinate a lot.

Taurros is still 75, haven't done much with him since the VH run, tho he did get Ahn'Kahet done the following day. He may be racing Pitch to get to be my next 80 toon.

Boogga has been quiet lately. I haven't done much of anything with him since I started leveling Barraccus from 75 to 80. Mostly right now I'm looking for a non-exotic cunning pet for him, so he can have a Marksman mana-battery. The windserpent he had just wasn't clicking with him, so Zephthyr has been released and Boo got an owl from Sethekk Halls (one of the olive-brownish ones). Sigmund still needs leveled up, but I'm hoping that he and Boogga suit each other. Owls have some of the best PetEmotes imo, so that will definitely help.

Kaledain and Khaotic are staying home most of the time. Khaotic's pregnancy is about 7 months along now so it's getting hard for her to do much of anything. Although they do have a couple Ravasaur hatchlings they are raising. And Kaled is getting fairly good at backrubs. He's spoiling her.

Arvoss wore himself out in Outland when they first got out there, so he's given up trying to keep up with Tadrith and is taking his own pace through there. He was able to go to Stormwind for last night's RP, which was probably a good thing for Shaurria despite almost losing his temper (not with her, more on that shortly). Before he returned to Honor Hold he went shopping for casual clothes, so he doesn't look so Big Armored Death Knight-ish. The folks at the Pig may not recognize him next week. >.>

And lastly, Shaurria. I've been on her mostly all this week, so she has a ton of stuff going on. She's been spending a lot of time with her paladin friend Aelflaed, and through Aely she's also made friends with a warrior named Feliche. They have somehow become 2 of her best friends, right alongside Arvoss and Windstar. In fact, she's spent a good bit of time just sitting and talking with them, out of her cat form. She and Star will be going on a flower-picking trip with Aely sometime this week, which the 3 of us are co-writing a ficlet about. I'll be posting it here soon as it's done, so long as Aely's player doesn't mind.

Last night's RP at the Pig was... rather annoying, really. Everything was going fine, until a few low-levels showed up and started griefing us with the usual rude chat, naked table-dancing, and so forth. It culminated for Shaurria when someone showed up in a furbolg disguise. Shaurria doesn't like furbolgs.

Then the furbolg proceeded to place a bomb on the table. Shaurria really doesn't like bombs. She wound up stealthing and hiding in a corner until the bomb went away, then begged Arvoss to go with her outside, which he did. (This is what made him mad. The fact that she got so upset she had to get away from everything, even if it was just for a little while.) They weren't out there long before the rest of the regulars came out, and we decided to go to the Blue Recluse in the Mage district instead. Shaurria was a bundle of nerves for awhile, but she got over it.

Shaur has been rather demanding lately. I had most of the next Quae & Barraccus story worked out in my head, but I can't focus long enough to write it out because I keep thinking about my little druid. I think I'm finally figuring out her personality, what makes her "tick" and stuff. See, she's never talked to anyone about her parents or what happened to her, because it bothers her so much that she tries to avoid it totally. But I wasn't sure why it bothered her until recently. So, if she can get up her nerve I think she may be ready to talk to someone soon.

There's a lot more I'd like to say about Shaur, but that needs a post of its own. For now I'm gonna wrap this one up. Til next time- Happy Hunting!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Quae and Barraccus: Honor Hold

Barraccus arrived at Honor Hold earlier than usual. Quae's first hint was when the lieutenant she was speaking to suddenly started to grin knowingly. She turned to see a very familiar bronze dragon waiting patiently behind her, and its equally familiar rider watching her with a little smile. She barely heard the lieutenant's "Dismissed, priestess. Go enjoy yourself," as she went over.

Krallormu nodded to her as he rumbled, "Good evening, Quae." She absently patted his scaly head as she walked up to Barraccus, who had hopped off the drake at her approach. "Heya," he said, grinning. She grinned back before stepping into his arms, hugging him back as hard as he hugged her. "All set here?" he asked into her ear, and she nodded. Stepping back reluctantly, she headed to the stable master to get Thoribas, and they were off soon after.

They returned to Honor Hold soon after night fell, though it was always hard to tell when that was here in Hellfire Peninsula. Quae slept fitfully that night, finally giving up after the fifth time she found herself awake. She propped herself up a bit on the pillow and watched Barraccus sleep next to her. He looked peaceful, and she wished, not for the first time, that he could look that relaxed while he was awake.

She gently placed her hand against his chest, feeling his heart beat under her fingers. His skin was surprisingly warm. Everything about him was so unlike any of the few undead- death knights or Forsaken- that she had known. She hoped desperately that her hunches were right. After her talk with Arien the day before, she felt more encouraged. The paladin hadn't discounted her idea at all, in fact she seemed to think it might be possible. Quae vowed to do more research the next time she was in Stormwind. Barraccus never asked why she spent so much time in the library, but then, he was usually busy keeping an eye out for any threats from the Temple until they left.

She began slowly tracing the scars on his chest with her fingers, careful not to wake him. All the while she thought to herself, he did deserve to know. Alanon was right; she shouldn't keep this secret, especially when she might need his cooperation soon. She focused on the scars, studying them. When he had told all of them about his captivity, back when he had rescued Rhokk, he hadn't mentioned how he had gotten these ones. Later, though, she had asked him about them, and he had told her what he remembered. He told her everything; it was only fair that she was honest with him.

She was startled when Barraccus' hand suddenly came up and covered her own. She looked up as he opened his eyes and smiled at her. "Tickles," he whispered, and she smiled back. "Sorry, love. Didn't mean to wake you," she whispered in reply, then leaned over and kissed him. After she pulled back, she studied him for a minute, until his eyebrow quirked questioningly. "I need to tell you something tomorrow," she finally said, and the other eyebrow came up. She smiled reassuringly. "It's not important," -she winced inwardly at the lie- "but don't let me forget, okay?" He looked at her curiously, but nodded. Satisfied, she snuggled back into his arms and willed herself to sleep once again.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Taurros goes to Violet Hold

I dinged him to 74 last time I played him, so when a guild mate asked for a tank for Azjol-Nerub I volunteered. I would have had to respec him since he is kitty at the moment, but I didn't really care. Turned out he got to dps as my guildie found a tank, but we couldn't find a healer til my sister logged on her level 71 priest, Caderlly. He was a little low for AN so we did Nexus instead, which was good 'cause Taurros still hadn't done all the quests for it.

We did so good in there that we went ahead and did AN after, and had no problems. We were on a roll, and everyone wanted to do one more. But what instance? We decided on Violet Hold.

T was almost 75 by then so I ran through a few quests while we were getting Caderlly to Dalaran (no Cold Weather Flying for him yet). Then I took him and got the VH quest and in we went.

We had no problems, aside from a little scare on the last boss. Cad died and I was a little slow with the battle res cause I wasn't paying attention, so our tank went down. I popped a res on Cad and went bear, and tanked the boss for the last little bit. /flex

So now we have a level 71 toon with the Violet Hold achievement. If my sister doesn't brag about this, I think I will.

And the heirloom shoulders + chest is insane. T was getting 5-6k xp for most mobs, around 8k for bosses, and almost 50k for each quest turn in (51k for the VH quest O.O).

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Internet Fails

First some background: My parents are out of town vacationing, so my sister & I went to their house to stay, so we can house-sit and be chauffeurs to our aunt and cousin, neither of whom can drive right now. Mom & Dad left last Friday, we moved our stuff over, including computers, and everything was hunky-dory.

Yesterday morning when I got up, I found that we had no internet. Had to call my dad to see what was up and he told me that he had activated the wireless network down in Florida, where they are now. Apparently when he did that, Comcast routed the entire internet service to down there, so we lost it completely.

We are still waiting for them to fix it, so for the moment sis & I are back at our house, where the internet still works. I'm not about to be moving my nice new computer back and forth, when there's a chance I'd drop it at some point, so I am back on my freshly-fixed laptop, installing WoW. Again. Ugh. At least it's going fairly quickly.

But, man, I hope this doesn't last long. Come on, Comcast!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Alanon and Quae have another talk

So this one is long overdue. I've been stuck on it for awhile, just because I've been too tired lately to kick my writer's block. But it's finally finished!

I've been playing with a new story idea for Quae and Barraccus for a while now, and figured I'd kinda start it off now, so that's what the second part is about. I'll do more on it later.

Alanon stepped through the door into his room at the Hero's Welcome, and set his pack down with a sigh. A sigh that was quickly cut off when he saw who was waiting for him. "Hello, big brother," Quae said innocently from her seat on the edge of his bed, a mischievous grin on her face. "...Hello, Quae," he replied warily. "And how did you get here?" The grin grew wider. "Barraccus of course," she told him, and he sighed. "Well, what did you want, little sister?" he asked.

She didn't answer at first, instead gesturing at the door casually. A tendril of shadow detached itself from the darkened corner of the room, and nudged the door closed. Then Quae stood up, becoming much more businesslike. "I'm here about a certain paladin, and you," she said bluntly, and he blinked. "Arien and me? What has that got to do with you?" he asked rather testily. "Dear brother," she said. "How long are you two going to dance around each other? Do you even know how you feel about her yet? Whether you love her, or are content to be simply friends?"

Alanon blinked again, then stood up straighter, crossing his arms over his chest. "Why are you so concerned about it, Quae?" he asked. "Alanon," she answered. "Look at yourself. You've always been there for the rest of us. You practically raised Pitch and I. Light, I pretty much owe you my life now. Isn't it time you did something for yourself? You obviously care about her or you wouldn't be spending so much time out here with her, but then you worry that you're not doing your family duty. Give yourself a break."

He glared at her for just a few seconds longer, then gave up with another sigh. Moving to the edge of the bed, he sat down, and she settled back down next to him. "I can't help it, Quae," he said quietly. "For so long you all were my only concerns, and it's hard to just let it go." "I know, but you ought to try harder," she told him. "Let's start with the biggest question- do you love her?" He looked at her steadily for a bit before answering, "Yes." She smiled. "Good. Now we're getting somewhere. Anything in particular about her that attracts you?"

Alanon looked away, staring into space for several minutes before answering quietly, "After all the darkness I've seen, the wasted lives, and the horrors of this war, she's become my bright spot. When she's near I can forget all my problems for a little while, or at least I have someone to share them with. We fight so well together. She is fearless; she doesn't back down from anything. And, Quae, she understands! I explained everything I could think of to her, about being a druid and an elf, and she understood it. She even feels the same way. After so long, to finally find someone that accepts it... " He trailed off, his feelings plain on his face, and Quae smiled to herself.

"Well then, have you told her?" she asked him. He frowned slightly. "No, not yet." "And why not?" she pressed. "Are you going to stand by and wait for her to realize you're not a lost puppy, following her around? Have you even kissed her yet?" Alanon's hand went up to his cheek for a moment, seemingly of its own volition, before he stopped and blushed a little. "Well..." Quae's grin became suddenly all too knowing, and he returned to glaring at her. "Alright, brother. Peace," she said. "But why haven't you told her?" "Because I don't want her to just think she feels the same for me," he replied, with a stubborn set to his jaw. "Because I don't want to force her into anything more before she's ready. It has to be what she wants." "And how will you know that, unless you ask her?" Quae retorted, and he sighed. Again. "I don't know, Quae," he said quietly. "I just don't feel it's the right time yet."

Quae snorted softly, then patted his knee. "Well, I talked to her a bit when we were all at Scholomance. Maybe it will be the 'right time' soon." Alanon went perfectly still, though Quae didn't realize anything was wrong until he said, in a flat voice, "You did what?" Alarmed, she looked at him. He was staring straight ahead, not even looking at her, and the anger on his face was enough to make her glad he wasn't. She had forgotten why it was a bad idea to make a druid mad, especially one as old as he was. "I, uh, talked to her. Just a bit. You know, a little, um, girl talk. Nothing serious." She realized she was babbling and made herself stop, waiting rather anxiously for his next response.

He just sat there for a few long minutes; she could almost see him counting to ten in his head. Finally he took a deep breath, letting it out slowly, then turned to her, calmer now. "And what, exactly, did you 'talk' about?" he asked. "Well, I asked her what her interest in you was," she said slowly. "And I... uh, told her a story." "A story," he said, the flat tone returning. "And what story was that, little sister?" Now it was her turn for a deep breath. "Nothing about you," she said. "I told her about a foolish priestess who fell in love with a death knight, but waited to tell him until it was almost too late." Alanon blinked in surprise and stared at her; he knew very well who she was talking about. After a moment, however, his eyes narrowed. "Her interest in me? How is that your business, Quae?" "Oh, get over it, brother," she said, exasperated. "You may be perfectly happy avoiding the topic until the end of the world comes, but a few of us would like to see you actually happy before then." She paused and looked at him from the corner of her eyes. "Besides, aren't you at least a little curious?"

He continued staring at her for several more minutes before he finally glanced away. Taking a deep breath, then letting it out slowly, he turned back to Quae, one eyebrow raised. She couldn't quite keep a small smile from her face. "She's pretty well smitten, I think," she told him. "I believe if you did say something, it would be quite gladly received." Alanon did not reply, but it seemed that a weight had lifted; he suddenly seemed much more relaxed. "Well then," he said. "If you're done prying into my business, maybe it's my turn now." He looked at her again, pinning her with his gaze. "When are you going to tell Barraccus what you've been up to?"

Quae's face was carefully expressionless. "Whatever are you talking about, dear brother?" she said, but he snorted. "Come on, Quae. I know exactly what you're doing, and it shouldn't be kept a secret. I'm not going to tell you to stop; in fact I'm willing to help you if I can. But he needs to know, too. You two are growing too close for a secret like this."

Quae held out for a second longer, then her face fell. "I know that," she said quietly. "But I'm not quite ready to tell him yet. I need more information; it's bad enough I'm getting my own hopes up, I can't let him start hoping too if it turns out I'm wrong." She sighed. "I will tell him soon, I promise- but not yet, please." Alanon studied her carefully, then nodded. "So long as you do it soon. And remember, Quae, if you don't tell him, I will." She nodded back, reluctantly, before standing up.

"I have to get back now, he's waiting for me," she said, and he nodded again. "Just remember, little sister," he said softly. She bent down to hug him quickly, then with a final glance, she left.

Quae found Barraccus near the portals. He turned quickly at her approach, relief obvious in his face and voice. "All set now?" he asked her, and she nodded. "Ready to get back," she said as she took his hand and started toward their portal. "Are you ever going to tell me what you two always talk about?" he asked teasingly. He was startled when she suddenly stopped and looked at him searchingly. After a moment she grinned at him. "Maybe," she replied, teasing back, then pulled him onward. Together they stepped through the portal back to Outland.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Into the Wild Blue Yonder!!!

Yes I did title my post after the achievement. Three guesses why.

Blizzard recently dropped the prices for flying mount training, from 600g to 212g. I had several characters that hadn't gotten it yet, because I'm too lazy/ADD/tired to farm up the gold... BUT they all did have over 200g saved, so that's pretty much all I did today.

First up was Taurron, my neglected warrior. He is level 72 but I never got him his training because he went to Northrend right at 68, so he was never actually able to train it til he'd been there for awhile. As the highest level toon on that account, he had noone to buy him the heirloom book, so there wasn't much point since he couldn't use it until 77 anyway. I figured I was bound to have the money by then. But, I figured what the heck, and got it for him today. Then I celebrated by flying a full lap around Hellfire Peninsula mining. Hopefully he won't be broke for much longer.

His wyvern's name is Tobar, for absolutely no reason except that it popped into my head while I was flying around. And it sounds suitably tauren-ish.

Kaled & Khaotic were next. They had the most money saved between the two of them, so they're not quite broke. And it's a TON easier flying them around together rather than riding. They celebrated by doing their Ravasaur daily. The ravasaur hatchling is adorable, btw.

Kaled's is named Aroth after the hawkstrider he'll probably never use anymore. Khaotic's is named Vene. The names mean "blue" and "tan", respectively. Ain't I creative? >.>

Arvoss actually got his a couple days ago. My sister's hunter hit 58 so we went to Outland together, and got a few levels between them. His gryphon is named Falla, means Shade.

And finally, Quae got another run thru Ramparts, which dinged her to 60. Now that she can fly behind Barraccus, I'm gonna quest for awhile, then run thru both dungeons to actually get the quests done. He isn't named yet, I'm still thinking on it.

Edit: I've named him Thoribas, means Moonbeam. ^_^

Not going to worry about epic flyers for any of them until 80, just cause I don't wanna farm up that much gold. :P

Working on my littlest druid Furrealz too, I want to see what his kitty shape looks like. He is 19 right now, so I may get him the last level before bed tonight. Heirloom shoulders+ heirloom chest= CRAZY xp. ^_^