Saturday, October 31, 2009

Home Again Soon, Yay

Parents are on their way back from vacation, so I'll get to go home tomorrow! This has been a very... interesting month. I'm gonna be glad once I don't have to run around everywhere anymore, my sleep's been messed up some days and it's been frustrating to not be able to sit down and stay put until 6-7 o'clock some nights. That means I don't get on the computer til after 8 sometimes, and yea, that's annoying. But anywho, it'll be done with soon and I'll be home again. /happy

Buster is back at home already. I need to clean the bedroom up a bit, you'd be amazed at the amount of litter he kicks out of the box. >.>

Most of my stuff is back home too, just got a few things for tonight/tomorrow morning. I'll probably wait til I get off work tomorrow night to pack up my PC and move it, so I'm not feeling rushed or anything. Definitely don't want to drop it or something. And, um, this gives me some playtime before I go in to work, too. /shifty

Got Arvoss up to 69 already, working on 70 before I try tanking Northrend stuff. He's also getting a respec at 70, to a real tanking spec (or at least as much as he can get before 80). I'm feeling an urge to get him up to 80 ASAP, then he can power-level Shaurria, like I've been doing with Quae and Barraccus. Fun stuff. And his armor looks so much better. I know a lot of people complain that all the Northrend stuff looks the same, but I'd rather have that than have him looking like a clown. :P

Frazle the gnome just hit 68, and Windstar is 67 now. Once all 3 of us are out here, we're gonna start blazing through some quest chains, i.e. Last Rites, the D.E.H.T.A. stuff, and probably Wrathgate when we get there. Can't wait. :D

And now I get to set the clocks back before bed, for Daylight Savings. Hurray for an extra hour of sleep!

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