Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Shaurria: Lonely

I did mention that Shaur was having a hard time. Poor kitty. :(

Shaurria prowled around the Park, moping. Windstar had gone to join Arvoss, Tadrith and Frazle in Outlands. Shaur had walked with her to the portal that would take her most of the way, then sat back and put on her best brave face as Star said goodbye and stepped through. Now Shaur was alone, and she didn't like it at all. She soon grew too restless to stay in the Park and went to go see if she could find any of her other friends.

Shaurria stepped out of the empty Pig & Whistle tavern, whining softly under her breath. She looked around; Old Town seemed deserted, and she was still alone. Well, not quite alone, she corrected herself as her orange kitten ran up to her. He mewed to her loudly, telling her how proud he was to have found her like he always did. She licked his head, then changed out of cat form and picked him up. Cuddling him with one hand, she pulled her buzzbox out with the other and stared at it, as if that would magically cause voices to start coming from it. It stayed silent, however, and she sighed and put it away.

Her kitten started struggling, so she put him down, watching him scamper off after the rats he no doubt had smelled. Shaur stood there for several minutes, feeling like her loneliness might crush her. Finally she couldn't stand it anymore, and began casting the teleport spell that would take her to the Moonglade. Her kitten came running and jumped onto her leg, clinging as they both vanished.

Shaur blinked as the Moonglade materialized around her. Her kitten mewed, then hopped down and set off to explore. She watched him go- he would be fine, there was nothing here to hurt him- then shifted to cat and headed off toward the Barrow Dens.

She passed them quickly, but slowed as she approached his clearing. She stopped at the entrance, suddenly unsure of her welcome. The Cat Spirit was there, like always, and she stood out in plain view and waited for him to notice her.

First an ear twitched, then the big head turned toward her. He studied her dispassionately for a moment, then his eyes softened and he sat down. Shaurria dashed across the clearing and dove into the "cave" created by his forelegs and body. She felt as much as heard when he began purring, and started an answering purr of her own.


Shaur is depressed, if you can't tell. I don't know why, and she's not letting me into her head right now either. She may go feral again for awhile (meaning go wild, not talking about spec), but I don't know if that's a good idea or not. I think she's just gotten kind of dependent on her friends, and when she can't be around them so often it gets her down. Just a theory, mind you.

Yeesh, what do you do when your character gets a mind of her own?

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