Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Taming Spree?

You had to know the first thing I'd do once MoP dropped is go tame new pets, right? Although technically the first thing I did was log on all my toons and train their professions up... but you know. ;)

Booggah got his turn first. I haven't really planned a lot of pets for him, although he is interested in Bloodtooth, the rare dragon turtle. That will have to wait until Boo's leveled a bit, but for now, he's keeping content with just one new buddy, a porcupine.

I really didn't expect the little bugger to shrink that much. I even had to take a screenie of him next to a wild porcupine, just for a size comparison. Wow.

I really hope they stay this small, too. He's adorable, and it kind of makes up for Blizz taking away the mini-beetle from Naxx.

Lark and Pitch went next, although I got distracted by questing for a bit. But eventually they wound up by the fish-people's village, where Lark finally had her reunion with Finnegan.

He was sitting on a rock at the water's edge right where I came up. It was just like he was waiting for her, I swear, so of course that was the one I tamed. :D

After that I just puttered around with pet battle stuff (not much, didn't even leave Stormwind) and with monk!Pitch. Then I randomly decided to go see if I might find Savage's tracks...

I really wasn't expecting to find anything. He's a brand-new rare, it's the first day of the new expansion, and plus there were people everywhere. I figured he must've been found and tamed by at least 2-3 other hunters already, so he wouldn't even be up, right? I'd just follow his patrol route, get myself familiar with it, and then probably log for the night.

There is an awesome blog post with maps for all the MoP rares right here, so I looked that up and got tracking. I'd followed it for over half-way, and had just passed a worgen hunter that was standing around flaring everywhere, when I suddenly saw... a track.

I don't even know how I got so flipping lucky. I was even at the end of his trail, because I only found 2 more tracks before I had to wait for the next to show up. A quick flare, arcane shot to tag and tame, and....

Askfdgahw I don't even know. I just hope this doesn't mean Booggah will be camping Bloodtooth for weeks, like his blue Madexx hunt. Even if he does... omygolly wow.

His name is Savage, because I really couldn't think of anything better and Tuah just didn't quite fit. And now, I think Lark is done with pet-taming until she's capped, then I'll figure out which others she might be interested in.

Tomorrow, more leveling! Til next time, Happy Hunting!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Just in Time!

I've been working on Taurros the last couple days, and when I logged off last night he was about 83% through level 84. So today after work I got back on the old boy and...

This was another of my pre-Mists goals, one that I didn't think I'd be able to get done. Needless to say, it feels really good to have finished him in time. I'm not worried about gearing him at all, he'll just pick up a set of vendor gear before he starts his Pandaria questing.

I had a bit of amusement while he was questing in the Highlands- a pvp-flagged pally found him and decided to "play"...

He was so busy trying to kill my mobs for me, I don't even know if he noticed when I flew off. >.>

I think I forgot to mention that I finally got this guy. Taurros helped- when I took him back to Nagrand to help Sis' mage with Ring of Blood, I stopped him by Garadar and bought a few more talbuks. XD

Still have a number of mounts I can grab if I decide I want a dragonhawk, though I'm still more concerned with mini-pet collecting. Kael'thas still refuses to give up his phoenix hatchling, and Pebble seems to be behaving himself in Deepholme. Hoping that I'll finally get lucky and nab them both before too much longer!

I'm getting really excited for Mists now. Only a bit over 24 hours! Tomorrow I am off work, so I'm planning to just tinker with stuff and make sure everyone is ready, then it'll be just waiting on the clock. Right now, though, I need sleep so I can focus on stuff tomorrow.

Til next time, Happy Hunting and I'll see you in Pandaria!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Adventures in Undead-Controlling...

Okay, so that's a lousy title. But anyways.

Bear had a post a few days ago about his son's adventures while playing with the DK's Control Undead spell. He had so much fun, in fact, that I got rather inspired to try this out myself. Turns out Northrend has a lot of undead (go figure, right?), and... well, here are the results of my (and Barraccus'!) little trip.

He's even smiling for the camera!


He comes with a mount!

The chicken-face makes him look cuter, imo.

He um, has nice axes?

This is perhaps the fugliest thing I've ever seen.

My own personal banshee! Although I like Booggah's Banshee better...

This one didn't cost any runic power!

Ok, this guy? Level 80 elite. Bring it, suckers.

Does being undead make him a Varghoul? >_>

I though this guy would be more impressive than the slayer. He wasn't-- a wet blanket hits harder.

Would this be a new form of teabagging? >_>

"Ok, I like this guy."

"Guys, I have a confession to make. I... I have a Disturbed Soul...."

I want one of these for a perma-pet so bad. Whaddaya say, Blizzard?

Or one of these. I won't be picky. >_>

"I think I rescued this guy a little too late."

My own personal banner-bearer!

Comes with bombs.

"Hey Drakuru I'm stealing one of your servants, kay?"

I think-- I think-- that I found all the controllable undead in Northrend. I may make another trip sometime to make sure, though. XD

And final note? Thrym, sadly, is immune to control. But I can still dream!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Catching Up: Feeling Blue...

... which is just a cheesy way of saying that Booggah can finally leave Uldum.

This is probably a really bad time to realize I don't really like the scorpid combat noises, but for him I don't care. And he seems so "right" running around next to Booggah, it gives me warm fuzzies every time. And now I am done pet-camping. Done, DONE I SAY. At least until Lark can start tracking down Savage....

Boo's also gotten up to Timeroic ilevel, and on his first run there he picked up another new friend. Sigh...

I like this guy a lot, actually. And Boo has a couple more pets I could release if I had to, so maybe he'll get to keep him.

Zuuluu the troll is up to level 20, though I've been taking a break with him since. Possibly just waiting until I can move Kaledain and Khaotic over, so he'll have shoulder heirlooms to go with his helm and cloak, I don't know. Those 2 are the last ones I'll be moving, so I'm going to try and get it done soon and get it over with.

*   *   *   *   *   *

And now, my take on the scenario.....

Firstly, I did manage to read Tides of War all the way through before the scenario went live. It was... well, rather wrenching, to be honest. A story like that, combined with the general moodiness I've been going through lately... well, it didn't quite make me cry? But it came pretty darn close.

And then the in-game scenario dropped, and Booggah was the first one to run it. It went pretty well (despite the ret pally in the group trying to pull the whole courtyard and nearly wiping us- Booggah managed to Feign Death in time), up until we got to the blood elf we were supposed to rescue. I don't really remember what he said- I've only run Horde-side that one time- but it was kinda like "Wait, what?"

And then Boo got his letter...

That just seemed a bit like a slap in the face, especially the "poor humor" bit. I'm probably reading way too much into it, but seriously, if this is the way the Horde is going to go now? I'm... just not sure I want to keep playing Horde-side.

Although it is creating all kinds of delicious RP.

The Alliance-side version is a bit better, although I had a moment the first time I ran up to Jaina standing at the bomb. I've run through on all my eligible characters now, though Pitch was the only one to get in the Riders' IC run Tuesday night. That... was amazing.

Mists is getting me really excited about the potential RP happening. I'm fairly sure my "mains" in Mists are going to be Pitch and Rheugan, just because they are getting so much character development out of it so far. Rheugan is still figuring out where he fits in the world now, and I think that maybe having to get back into war again will really get things moving as far as that is concerned. Especially if he does get into the Riders.

.... Or maybe it will just break him completely. Who knows? XD

Pitch's development was not so much of a surprise for me, but it will be for anyone that doesn't know him. He's always seemed to be such a generally care-free, happy-go-lucky fellow that you may not realize he does have buttons to be pushed. And trying to tear down his homeland (Ashenvale), threatening war at what was supposed to be a Peace Summit, and then actually starting that war, by using a weapon of such destruction that it wipes out an entire city?

Yea, that definitely pushed some buttons.

Which gives me a perfect excuse to start actually writing things again, doesn't it? I better get busy!

Til next time, Happy Hunting!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Collaborative Fic: Forgebreaking

How do you reintroduce a character after taking a break for nearly a year? If you're a member of the Wildfire Riders, apparently you get a massive story written about you! Beltar's story "begins" here, on his player's blog (I'd advise reading it first so you know what's going on).

Done? Okay then, read on!

Over the past weekend, a bunch of us have put a huge amount of effort into one big fic, where the Riders go to find our buddy and bring him home. Led by Tarquin, it has parts written by every single character involved in the story-- including yours truly! (I didn't really do much, but I helped edit at least!) It ended up being about 27k words, and every bit of it is amazing. And you can read it on a public Google doc here!

And now I'm totally going to steal Anna's idea and post the foreword here. Enjoy!

*   *   *   *   *   *   *

They came at sundown, fifteen armed and armored, when the color was leeching from the dun hillsides and the few hardy pines that straggled up the crags. There were wings to be had, of gryphon and dragon and things yet stranger, but the Horde contested the skies here, so they marched on foot like soldiers of a past age. Twice they had to duck into the scrub as wyverns flew overhead, flattening themselves like rabbits under a hawk. They shook the dust from their boots and marched on, with good-humored complaints.

    At the top of Windshear Crag, in the high hills, they met their spy, the fox-faced little sprite of a woman their chief had sent ahead. The work went on in the mines; the garrison slouched about the fortress, enjoying their leisure but eager for a fight. They made their camp, sixteen now, and waited for the last of the light to fade. Mage-bread and dried meat, served cold. None of them, even the lean young woman at her first real battle, thought to ask for a fire. They knew the answer.

    When their creased and smiling tracker judged the sky dark enough, it was back on their feet. Packs were slung, laces were tightened, blades were checked and checked again. Their chief made his last instructions, salting the air with lilting curses and burring imprecations, and they all clasped hands, traded jokes, and said a few hundred words with only one meaning. Don’t get killed.

    Then they split. Six to the mine, the vulpine scout guiding them; seven to the base of the crag, bristling with weaponry; three to the high road between mine and fortress, swallowed by the night. They spread through Windshear Crag like splinters of bone from a bad wound, drifting through blood to find the heart. Sixteen scum of the earth, come to strike a blow in the war that a week ago they’d been working to stop.

    Come to bring their brother home.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

More Madexx Camping...

Got up early this morning specifically so I could check for Madexx again before I had to leave for work. And...

This is also not blue!


How do I get myself into these things?

I'm leaning toward either Crimson or Ember... which seems kinda weird, cause he looks more purple than red. I'd just cleaned out Boo's stable a bit, so he has space now if I decide to keep him for good. The blue is the only one left that I want now.

No sign of him so far tonight; I'm starting to think maybe he's hiding from me now. But I refuse to give up!