Saturday, October 30, 2010

Lark and Rill

I'm not really 100% happy with this one, but didn't want to delay it any longer. I blame writer's block.

Poor Lark is not in the best frame of mind right now. Neither is Pitch, really. This is the beginning of setting up some RP between the two of them that will happen closer to Cata.

I really need to do an "about" post of Rill, just to get a better feel for his character if nothing else.

Anywho, this would have happened early last week, a couple days after the last post about these two. Enjoy!

It was very, very late. And dark, for that matter. Lark knew she ought to be in bed, but she felt restless. She tried not to think about how she usually got rid of these moods- with a night spent with Pitch- as she made her way to the Docks. He was gone for the night, out in Northrend with Shaur for some reason she couldn't remember now. He wouldn't be back until the following evening, so she would have to deal with it.

She avoided the guards with ease, her Kal'dorei night vision allowing her to see them well before they saw her. A shadowed nook made a perfect place to sit without being disturbed, and Komah was nosing around as well. He would let her know if anyone approached.

No sooner had that thought crossed her mind when she "heard" him. Your friend is heading straight for you. Lark looked up just as Rillian dropped down at her side. He looked over at her with a cheeky grin. "Heya, lass. Nice spot, but what'cha doin' here alone?" Lark snorted, then waved a hand to one side. The soft blue glow from Komah's markings could be seen in the darkness. "Not alone, babe," she told him dryly, and it was his turn to snort. "Ayeh, keep forgetting 'bout your critters."

He kept watching her, and after a moment his expression turned curious. “So why ain’t ya in bed? Gettin’ back t’ your roots?” He snickered, but Lark just rolled her eyes. “Just… couldn’t sleep yet,” she answered. His head tilted as he regarded her. "Where's your fella?" he asked after a pause. Lark gave him an irritated look. "Gone. He'll be back in a couple days," she told him, not quite snapping at him. Rill spread his hands in a placating gesture. "Easy lass. What've I done t' make ya snippy?"

She looked at him, her irritation suddenly draining away. "Sorry, Rill," she said quietly. "It's nothing. Just in a mood." He chuckled, shifting a bit closer. "No worries, lass, though I think y' found the reason ya can't sleep." One hand touched her shoulder cautiously, then when she made no objection he ran it along the back of her neck. "'Lune, Lark, you're stiff as an old board," he commented. She just grunted as his fingers began kneading her neck and shoulders. Neither of them said anything else for several minutes, as he worked at getting the knots out.

Lark was almost falling asleep despite herself when she felt Rill shift behind her. His breath tickled her ear. "Maybe we can put you in a better mood, eh?" he whispered, a little hoarsely, then he gently kissed her cheek. She made no move to stop him, and after a moment he kissed her again, his hands lightly caressing her shoulders. Almost unconsciously, she leaned back against him, and his arms went around her as he nuzzled into her. Her eyes closed as he went from her ear down her neck, his hands moving to her belt and starting to loosen it.

Unbidden, an image of Pitch suddenly came up in her mind. She opened her eyes again with a start, torn by sudden confusion.

She and Pitch had made no promises to each other. She was free to do what she wanted; she was even pretty sure that if she did spend the night with Rill and he found out about it, he wouldn't care. So why did she feel like she was cheating on him?

She couldn't do it. Her hands covered Rill's, stilling them. "Wait, Rill." He seemed to pick up on her change of mood immediately- he was moving his hands away almost before she touched him. He scooted himself back to his original spot, looking her over with a rather regretful smile on his face. "S'alright, lo- lass," he said. "Though I thought we might actually get somewhere this time." Lark couldn't quite meet his eyes. "I'm sorry," she started, but Rill waved a hand, cutting her off as he stood.

Looking down at her for a moment, the rogue reached down and lightly squeezed her shoulder- a casual gesture between friends, no more. "Go on back t' your druid, girl," he told her, not unkindly. As he turned to leave he hesitated, then added, "I'll be in town for a couple days yet, finishing things up, then I'm back t' home. Might go hang around Dalaran for a bit after that, not sure yet. G'night, lass." Lark nodded, but he was already gone.

Komah came up to her, and she absently scratched around his ears before getting to her own feet. She made her way back to her room on the University grounds, then dug out the small bottle she kept for "emergencies". Pouring out a glass of the mead, she downed it quickly, then made herself get into bed.

It was still a long time before she fell asleep.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Lark has the stupidest luck ever...

Remember back when I found Loque? When I wasn't expecting to find him but decided to do a quick fly-by, "just in case"?

I had decided to go look for Araga on Booggah, but at the last second I changed my mind and Lark went instead. I flew up to Hillsbrad, trekked up to the headlands in Alterac, and started looking.

20 seconds later.....

Yup, took about 20 seconds. Half of that was the tame itself. :P

Just... nobody tell Boo, okay?

He(or she, haven't decided yet) took awhile to name, but I finally settled on Keshu. So now when I talk about him it sounds like I'm sneezing. No, this was not intentional.

He's nearly to 80 already, then I'm leveling Shalka before I go find any more pets. Her pets will not be neglected! (Even the OOC ones. >.>)

And yes, Lark is rocking out some T10 shoulders there. All this instancing to level pets is good for at least one thing.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Additions to the "Gang"

The patch brought newly designed stables for hunters as well as the new talent/spell changes and stuff. I haven't only been testing out my toons' specs and abilities, I've also been running around on my hunters, reclaiming old friends and finding new ones. Fun stuff!

I rerolled Andrano again, poor guy. Why? Because I've wanted one of these ever since I discovered the one in Darnassuss:

Meet Dumaris, who will be joining Sangha at Andrano's side from now on. In case I ever write about him again, you know. >.> And yes, I totally got him to pose up there on purpose.

Booggah has been extra busy. Not only does he have a fuller stable, he also got a new mount!

I got the Horseman's mount on the character I hardly play anymore. The RNG loves me, I swear.

Boo has 3 additions to play with, plus a couple more he hasn't found yet. First off is his silithid- I tamed one of these briefly before but never got attached to it. Now, however, I love it. The web ability also is great for runners in instances. Skitterbug was the first newbie to get to 80, too.

Next was Samahe the rhino. I missed him so much, it's great to have him back (poor Karda may be neglected for now). He was already 79 when tamed, so Boo just had to get him up 1 level. Yay.

And finally the one that I missed the most out of all of them. BlackHide the raptor had to go to make room for Mageddon the devilsaur. Getting him back was just... awesome. He's not leveled yet, but he's the only one left so it'll be quick.

I've made a few passes through Sholazar looking for Loque, but no luck so far. I'm not pushing it, however. If I find him, then I find him. I'm also toying with the idea of camping a few other rares with him, notably Araga and Old Cliff Jumper. We'll see.

I wasn't going to get any new pets on Lark, but then I started thinking about the pets I've wanted to try out but never did. So eventually I talked myself into making a few trips with her.

The Scarlet Tracking Hound will be changed to the mastiff model in Cata. I have no idea if Shalka here will also change now that he's tamed, but if he does then I'll just retame him. And Lark will have a bonus dog that she didn't have to go get! (sort of.) He hasn't been leveled yet for lack of motivation, but I'll get around to it soon.

I didn't want a corehound before, but after my sis tamed the Beast, I started thinking. Then I took a trip to Azuremyst....

The pet emotes for corehounds are vastly amusing. Fauth is now 80, so I'll have to get him in a raid or something to see what numbers he can put out.

Both of Lark's new pets are OOC; poor Lark is struggling to make sure her current 3 all get the attention they deserve, if I threw any more into the mix she'd probably disown me. >.>

Final note- not all the new additions have been pets. Rillian's Borean ear-farming and Steam Vault-running have finally come to an end. And he'll finally be able to show off his "girl" to anyone he cares to. Shar'adore- "Brightwing" in Darnassian- is finally official.

So, that's about it for them. I've been doing other stuff naturally- Shaur is 77 now and Rill is nearly 76- but it's late and I need sleep. I also need to kick this writer's block, I haven't had one in so long that I'm going a little crazy at the moment. Hopefully I'll be done with my current story soon, it's long overdue now.

Til next time Happy Hunting!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Patch 4.0- Priest, Shaman, Warrior and Feral Druid

I've played around with several of my previously-neglected toons and feel like I have a good feel for them now, so on to the next bunch!

First, feral druids. Pitch tanked a Patchwerk run earlier in the week, and it looks like my bear-tanking fears have been unnecessary. He had a little bit of the DPS jumping the gun before he really had the mob, and large groups gave him a bit of trouble with swipe having a CD now, but overall I'm content. Bears are still fun.

Taurros has hit the Headless Horseman a couple times, and while that's not the best fight to judge DPS and performance, he still did pretty nice. Not outstanding, but his gear is still awful so I wasn't expecting too much. I'm planning on hitting some heroics with him and/or Pitch to get a better idea of how kitties are doing.

Priests- firstly, keep in mind that Quae is shadow, and will remain shadow for the foreseeable future, so no healing opinions here. Shadow DPS is still fun, but I haven't seen much of the goodness that is Shadowy Apparition yet. Numbers-wise, she's still doing about the same as she was pre-patch, but that's been the norm for most of my toons so that's fine. I still haven't gotten her her dual-spec, but I may try it out once she hits 80, just to see what priest-healing is really like.

Shaman- Dear Blizzard, I miss my spirit wolves! That's my only gripe about Rajast, really. I got him up to level 60 so he could get them, then had them just long enough to get used to them. On the plus side, he's now 66, so he'll get them back pretty soon.

Enhancement shaman has been interesting, but in a fun way. His rotation stayed pretty much the same, and his numbers haven't changed much, but it somehow seems more.. interactive? I dunno. Also, holy flip mana bar! I ran him through 3 dungeons, and he didn't have to drink once. Whatever they did to shammies' mana regen, I love it.

I saved my warrior for last for a reason. Turron is a tank first, DPS second- that's why I've been spending his badges getting his prot gear instead of upgrading his DPS set. But his experiences with tanking have left me irritated and frustrated. According to the Panzercow, the new Vengeance ability is supposed to be a major part of our threat generation, but as he points out it takes some time to build up. Meanwhile the DPS is laying into the mob/boss/whatever with impunity, leaving poor Turron running around trying to regain aggro that is hopelessly out of reach. Now granted this has been against the Horseman? But if this is how tanking is going to be, then I'm scared to death of trying to tank a heroic with him, in his current gear.

Take, as an example, the last Horseman kill I did with him. The top DPSer was a shadow priest that did over 4k. He tanked the boss. The entire time. I think the Horseman might have glanced at Turron at some point while I was madly taunting and shield-slamming? But that was about it. And looking at Recount afterwards and seeing my little warrior sitting at 500 DPS for the fight just made me want to find a hole and curl up in it. Seriously, Blizz? DPSers? Could you give him a bit of a break?

Or I could just leave him as DPS and lol-Mortal Strike my way to his gear. Right now, Arms is making up for Prot's failings. Chain-critting for 6k+ in his wimpy DPS gear? Yes please.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Lark: Rillian

So I mentioned that Rill had gotten some RP time already. His first night went pretty well, but the second time he visited the Pig he managed to get on Seylon's bad side, by making a rather... improper comment about her son. Lark felt obliged to track him down and try to straighten him out a bit afterward. This would be the following afternoon.

Lark found Rill sitting on a stack of crates at the docks. He was half-hidden in the shadows, and she wondered briefly if he did that on purpose or if it was just unconscious instinct by now. She wandered over casually, then hopped up to a crate just below him and sat. Tuah curled up on a pile of sacks below her.

Rill's eyes flicked over to her immediately. "'Lo, lass." His tone was perfectly neutral, and she wondered if he was angry over last night. "Heya," she greeted him back. "Everything alright?" he asked. "Yes," she replied. "I just wanted to talk to you." He gave her a crooked grin at that. "S'at so?"

Lark held back her sigh. He definitely wasn't going to make this easy on her. "Look, Rill?" she began. "I know you're used to doing what you want around the goblins and people of Winterspring, but you can't really do that stuff here." He made a sour face at her. "Is'at all ya came t' say, love?" he asked, his tone now matching his expression. "Please don't call me that," she said. Rill gave her a searching look, then abruptly shrugged and looked away, out over the ocean. "A'right then," was all he said.

Lark followed his gaze, just as the boat that went to and from Northrend pulled in to dock. She glanced back at Rill; he was staring at the boat, but she couldn't tell if he was really looking at it, or if he saw something else. "Wanting to be gone already?" she asked him softly. He grinned crookedly at her again. "One thing ya got right, lass, is that this ain't home," he told her. "I won't ever argue that with ya. But my business here ain't done yet." He sighed. "But aye, I miss my girl." He paused and looked at her sideways. "...s'kinda nice t' get away from the 'Lune-blasted snow, though," he added, and Lark snickered.

Tuah grumbled as he shifted around, trying to get comfortable. The rogue glanced at him, then back at her. "Lass, that last big trip we went on..." he began, and Lark felt her throat tighten. Was he going to bring it up again? But his next words were a bit of a surprise. "I, uh," he said hesitantly, then blurted the rest in a rush. "Y'said I couldn't understand, what I put ya through. Well, I've seen a mite more since then, and.... you're right, it's not something I could ever understand." Now he looked at her, as if begging her to understand. "But I think I've got a better idea of what ya went through, and I'm sorry for what I did and said."

Lark just blinked at him at first, unsure if she'd heard him correctly. Rill never apologized for anything he could get away with, and to hear him do so now, with no obligation, was a bit of a shock. "It's... I didn't mean everything I said, Rill," she finally said. "It was a long time ago. Time heals." He gave her a faint smile. "Maybe. But maybe it doesn't heal everything."

Lark looked away, suddenly uncomfortable with the direction the conversation was going. Rill shifted around on the crate, making it creak ominously. "So," he said, his tone switching to the casual banter that they had always used with each other. "Why don't ya give me a few pointers on how t' avoid getting someone's blade stuck in me?"

Lark snickered a bit, then again as his expression turned hurt. "Well, for starters, don't insult anyone else's kids. Or else I'll not only not defend you, I'll hold you down so they can beat you." She shot him a glare for emphasis, which faded somewhat as he chuckled. "Think I can manage that well enough. Anythin' else?" She thought for a moment. "Stop tweaking Pitch's ears, while you're at it. He hates it." Rill cocked his head. "Pitch." He didn't quite make it a question.

Lark hesitated for just a second. "The druid. Big black kitty-cat?" "Ahh," he said. "That yer new man, then?" She hesitated again, and he looked at her curiously. "He's my... my current partner, yes. But we're not more than friends, really." His raised eyebrow spoke volumes, but he didn't press it, which she was grateful for. "Also, if you meet a human named Bricu, try to be polite? He can be a bit... touchy sometimes."

Rill's grin returned as he nodded. "Think I can remember that." He suddenly looked past her, toward the nearby dock, his eyes narrowing intently. Lark turned to look too, and caught a flash of movement as someone stepped behind a pile of crates there. Human, she thought. She looked back at Rill with a raised eyebrow, and he gave her his crooked grin. "My contact," he explained. "Best be off. I'll catch ya later, lass."

Lark nodded and stood, hopping down off the crate without further comment. Tuah got up immediately and fell in at her heel, as if glad to be going. She looked back once at her friend, who gave her a little wave, then made a shooing motion. Smiling to herself, Lark left him to his "work".

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Patch 4.0- Hunters, Druids and Rogues

Okay, I've had time to play with a few of my guys now, so let's try this again, shall we?

Hunters first off, because duh, hunters! Lark was my first to get specced/glyphed, though I only did her BM spec. Her second spec is remaining blank until I decide to go MM again or else give Surv a try. BM.... well, first thing is I MISS MY LAZERKITTY DANGIT! The heal that spirit beasts have now is... kinda useful? Maybe? But I haven't had an occasion where I needed it yet. Komah's dps is still up there, however, so I'm fairly happy with it anyway.

I ran Lark in a couple heroics and then the weekly raid (Patchwerk) so I could get a feel for it right away. Her dps on trash.... was sad. That's all I can say. She went from little over 3k dps to maybe 2.5k. Bosses were better, and other bloggers have said that it's just because hunters need time to "rev up" a bit now and trash just dies too fast. I think I agree. Patchwerk was the real test, after all, and since we were, uh, kind of 5-manning it (>.>) I had an excellent opportunity to test it.

Lark's final DPS for Patchwerk was about 4.5k. Yea, ain't complaining about that.

So! Hunters- seem pretty cool. I did a little bit with Kaled and Khaotic too, and I'm still pretty happy. Khaotic went back to Surv, all I did was pound on a training dummy for a bit, but she managed a bit over 1k DPS even with being focus-starved most of the time. Kaled went through some quests, no training dummy for him yet, and he and Vysaka the worm did very well. Stuff died super fast, no low-health problems, and worms are Best Tanks Ever. (Ok, maybe not but I still love them.)

Booggah did nothing but run around collecting old friends. I'll try to get him into a heroic or something some time, because he has to level BlackHide the raptor now. Samahe the rhino, being a tank pet, will get leveled up the hard way I think. He just needs 1 level anyway, so shouldn't take long.

That was about it for my hunters, so next up is druids. First off, I uh, haven't really done anything on any of my ferals yet. I'm a baddie. Alanon, however, got enough attention to make up for it. And Shaur will get some leveling attention at some point, so I'll see how she does then.

Boomkins are fun. Not that they weren't before, but still. Alanon's DPS seems to have gone up, even without any gem changes or reforging attempts. I may play around with reforging a bit, haven't decided yet.

Resto was what had me worried the most, to be honest. I shouldn't have worried at all. He healed with a holydin for another weekly-raid run, with no deaths and lots of big green numbers. Efflorescence is too much fun. I have to confess that I spammed Regrowth most of the time- I felt like I was back in vanilla, in a way. I really need to learn the rotation and stuff for it. Nourish.... isn't as much fun as before. The cast time seems really long, about the same as Healing Touch, for a lot less mana but much smaller heals too. So yea, a lot of Regrowth spam with Rejuvs and Swiftmends thrown in.

Now on to the last one for this post- Rogues!

I went ahead and did the faction-switch a few days before the patch, so Zuluu is gone and Rillian is in his place. I've RP'ed him some already, and he's fun if you don't mind the slightly-jerky-type. *ahem* But more on that later.

I specced Rill Assassination after a lot of "stare at the talent page and wonder what the heck I'm doing". Now I wish I'd done it before. Assassination is fun, rogues are fun, sheesh, I think I love the patch for that reason alone. I've gone from thinking about deleting him to wanting to play him all the time.

His rotation? Cheap shot, backstab, mutilate, eviscerate. If the mob isn't dead then, it is after a couple more hits. Throw in some lucky crits, and sometimes he doesn't even get the evis off. I ran a random dungeon with him too, and while he wasn't super-DPSer, he didn't do badly considering I was still learning what stuff did. And the fact that he's geared in all quest greens. I, uh, really ought to do something about that. >.>

This is what I wanted in a rogue- a sneaky toon that Kills Things Fast. When Zuluu got to Northrend, leveling turned into "Take 30 seconds or more to kill one mob, repeat 3x, then stop to eat/bandage." It was, frankly, a grind in every sense. Now, Rill can kill 20 mobs or so without taking much damage, so long as I'm careful with what I'm doing. He's still squishy- he wound up vs. 3 mobs at once and barely came out alive- but most of the time things are dead before the stun wears off.

So to sum up rogues? Thank you Blizzard, I needed that.

And I know they'll probably get nerfed eventually, but for now I'm going to level up Rill as much as I can, and enjoy it in the process. Also? He got to revered with Cenarion Expedition already, and between farming ears in Borean and duoing Coilfang instances with Alanon, he'll have his hippogryph very soon.

That's about all I can think of. I'll try out Turron, Davoss, and at least one of my ferals in the next week or so and do a post for them. And Rill is inspiring some RP posts (finally!) so I'll probably have one of those up soonish. So til next time, Happy Hunting!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Patch 4.0- Initial Response


More to come once I've picked up my jaw from the floor. And relearned what all my buttons do. And figured out my spellbook/talents/all that stuff.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Waiting Game

No, no new RP posts (although if you want to read something non-WoW I have one up on my other blog >.>). But since I can't think of anything better, why not a to-do/wish list?

Cataclysm is officially coming out Dec. 7th, according to Blizzard. So now what do I do while I wait?

To start with, I still want to get Quae and Shaurria to 80. I know that I probably won't have time to get them geared up and all, but since Quae will be duo-leveling with Barraccus anyway, I doubt she'll feel the gear-pinch. Shaur... I don't know, but I'll figure it out.

Taurros needs to get to Feathermoon, he's still chillin' out on Durotan. This is still mostly dependent on my sister being able to move her shammy, but things have been looking better for her financially, so hopefully that'll be soon.

I have a solution for Zuluu- I will be faction-changing him to Alliance. To a Night elf, to be precise. A Night elf named Rill, who has a penchant for trouble, picking pockets, and running his mouth. Also worships his hippogryph, which means I'll need to farm up the Cenarion Expedition rep for him to get it. Ugh.

Rill is a character concept that I've held on to for a couple months now. He's an old friend of Lark's; back when I went on vacation with my family, Pitch and his family took a vacation too. Lark went with them for a couple days, and then went on to Winterspring to track Rill down. There will be a story for it. Eventually.

Rajast the shammy needs to be leveled. With the other two, and Rill to boot, taking up my time, I'm not sure if I can get him to 80 before Cata rolls out. But I'll be happy if I can get him to 70 and Northrend. He's at 65 now, so shouldn't be too hard.

Level. Arvoss'. Jewelcrafting. For cryin' out loud. *kicks self into gear*

Turron needs to finish up his t9 tank gear so he can be all set for Cata. He has 2 pieces now, and just got the frosty cloak, so if I can, yanno, do stuff, it shouldn't take long.

I'd like to do stuff with Davoss too, but I don't know if I'll have enough time after all the rest to do anything. So he's a "we'll see."

Now, wish list! What do I want to do when Cata makes the world explode?

First, get on someone, anyone really, and go exploring. I want to see at least some of the changes that will happen before I decide what to do next.

Make a worgen hunter. And druid. And human hunter. And.... wait, I think that was it. *scratch head*

Zuluu the troll will not be gone for good. He will be coming back as a troll druid (because I don't have enough druids >.>). I didn't like the neon tigers at first, really, but I think they've grown on me. And I like his character concept, and think it might work better on a big feral kitty-druid better anyway.

Turron will be getting the leveling love first, so he's ready to go when my guild is. He'll be my only toon still on Gilneas by then, so he'll be my only raider. Unless something really crazy happens and I get in with some of the Feathermoon raiders. (Would love for that to happen, but... not really seeing it. >.>)

Transfer Quae and Barraccus to Feathermoon and hope they don't fill the server. That's where my human hunter is hopefully going, so gotta make room for him. Even have his name saved already.

Edit cause my brain is working now: If I have his name saved, I also have a spot saved for him. All set then!

Caelan my loooong-neglected dwarf hunter will be rerolled as a shaman. I might level her once I do. Maybe.

Once hunter Caelan is gone, that's where my 2 worgens will go. Heck, if I level them, Turron might not be my only raider after all..... *thinking*

Final thing(I think)-- AHMAHGOLLY HUNTER PETS! Lots of new pets, new models, new skins, etc. Lark is definitely getting a fox. I will be rerolling Andrano (for the bazillionth time, poor dude) so he can have the white stripey sabercat. And my human is getting a mastiff for his RP pet. Human+dog. It's perfect!

Wow, that was a lot longer than I thought it'd be. Umm, that's all I can think of right now, so til next time... Happy Hunting!

Friday, October 1, 2010


I feel like I should apologize. I don't mean to let so much time go between posts, but I've been so tired lately that once I get home, even if I've thought of something to write about at work, I lose it the moment I get in my car to head home. I am still working on my Shaurria-furbolg story, but it.. may be a while yet. >.>

Other than writing, I haven't had much interest in WoW lately. RP is still fun, but that's about it. And RP only really happens when other people are online, so... yea. Everyone seems to be in pre-Cata limbo, which is kinda expected since we finally have a tentative release date.

I haven't done anything as far as Cata goes- no beta, no PTR, nothing. It's a change from last expansion, when I actually was in the beta, but eh. And to be honest, some of the changes I've heard about have me less than enthusiastic (like bear-tanking, QQ). I'm hoping hunters will still be fun, because I'm thinking I will be spending a LOT of time on them. Good thing I have so many?

Most of my time has been spent on LOTRO. Remember Ilfariel, my warden? She's level 31 now. I now have 4 other toons at level 20 or above, as well. And they're all fun to play, so favoritism has been pretty small.

The best thing about reaching level 20? At that level you get a mount. And the LOTRO mounts are so pretty.

(Aaaaugh, screenshot spam!! >.>)

In order from the top, that is Vanyell the lore-master on his horse Corbin, my hunter Solanthe on Celeg, Ilfariel on Villox, Elgo the champion on his horse Dagger, and finally Durek the dwarf guardian on his pony Copper. Unfortunately I don't have a screenshot of my rune-keeper Aran on his horse Thalas yet.

Have I mentioned yet that you can name your mounts in the game? Well, you can.

That's about all I've been up to this past week or so. Lark did get exalted with the Silver Covenant finally, but other than that my WoW time has been pretty brief. Maybe it'll pick up again before the expansion, I dunno.

Til next time (which hopefully won't be so long as this time), Happy Hunting!