Monday, July 5, 2010

Stuff and Things

I am being a bad neglectful blogger again. >.>

It occurred to me that I haven't mentioned two fairly important additions to Lark's "family" yet. Meet Baast and Seyvo.

Baast is the current baby, she just tamed him recently so he's not even 80 yet. I haven't been able to hang on to a chimera yet on any of my hunters, even though I love them, so I figured since Lark is BM 90% of the time now (or more!), heck why not? Seyvo was tamed a good while ago, after I realized doing the Argent tourney dailies without a tank pet was Way Too Hard. Killing off the Converted Heroes has gotten a lot simpler now. They're both male, and they are both, sadly, strictly out-of-character pets. Lark just is not a multi-pet person, even though her player is, so she'll just be bringing these guys out for random dungeon runs, farming/questing, and such.

Shaurria is going slowly but surely. She's finished the Ursoc chain now, with some help from Pitch, and next will be the Amphitheatre of Anguish and Har'koa's chain. Those should get her to 76 easily (she's 75 1/2 now), and then she'll be at the point where I fly through the levels. 80 won't be far off.

My job decided to screw with me this past week, changing my schedule so I'm going in at 7 most mornings, instead of 8. It's only an hour's difference, but know what? That one hour makes a ton of difference. Most days I wound up crashing as soon as I got home, then waking up to spend a few hours on WoW, then back to bed. This has not helped my playing or writing at all, and most of this week I've felt a little bit out of things. I'm hoping either I will get used to the earlier schedule, or management will go back to what was normal.

Meanwhile, I've been spending a bit of time away from WoW. Lord of the Rings Online, specifically. I hadn't played a warden yet, so I figured today was as good a time as any to try it. Meet Ilfariel.

She's from Gondor, is absolutely fearless, and has a thing for horses, which you can probably see. I've never really tried to seriously roleplay in LOTRO before, although a couple of my characters do have personalities, but for whatever reason Ilfariel has stuck herself in my head like Lark has. I got her to level 9 in one day, and really didn't want to quit playing her when I did. So I may be spending a bit more time away from WoW for the foreseeable future. Just a bit, though!

Honestly, WoW hasn't been as exciting lately. I definitely don't want to quit or anything, but there's a lot of stuff going on that I don't want, and the stuff I do want to happen, isn't. Things on Gilneas are still irritatingly uncertain. There's been some discussion about a couple of my guildies taking over the guild there and starting up raiding again, but I'm not sure when/if that will happen. And I realize now that I miss raiding. I'm not hardcore in any way, shape, or form, but I like beating up bosses and getting shiny loot as much as anyone else. I have tried getting Lark or Pitch into raids a couple times, but so far nothing has happened. It's.... actually getting to the point that I don't really want to play on my 80s anymore, and I wind up on one of my alts. There's simply not much for them to do except raid, and that's been proving frustrating. It's also making it very hard to not transfer Barraccus and Quae to Feathermoon.

RP has been my escape lately, and that's been winding down as well. Seems like most people are doing their own private stuff, leaving my guys out in the dust. Right now, I would love to have more Pitch/Skyborne RP, but Sky's player is as much an altoholic as I am, so her other toons have been taking priority. Aely's player has been alting as well, so Shaur still doesn't see her much. My sister is usually on Kal, her warrior, and Kal is usually with her own friends, so that cuts her out.

I'm missing the group RP that we've had in the past. Not even the big stuff like chasing down Maggie Maunt, but just a large group sitting around and swapping tales, or something similar. I'm finding myself on my own too often, and there's only so many ways I can occupy myself. Frankly, I've just been bored lately, and being tired from work doesn't help.

To put it as bluntly and simply as I can, I want more of this.

But this is what I've been finding most often.

So now I'm just not really sure what to do. Leveling alts still has some entertainment value, and I'm excited at the thought of getting some of my characters to 80 that aren't druids, death knights, or hunters, but to be honest?

WoW just isn't as much fun alone.

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