Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Ficlet Challenge - Midsummer Sun

Last Friday, Anna posted a ficlet challenge: How would your character(s) respond to a record-breaking heat wave? Finally got mine done. Enjoy!

As she sprawled bonelessly in a chair in her room, Lark wondered if it was possible to melt. Komah and Tuah lay on either side of her, panting. She eyed the big spirit-cat curiously. "You never got heat like this in the Basin?" she asked him. He looked up at her. Not like this. And there were ways to cool off, there. This is just...

He trailed off, but she knew what he meant. A glance out the window showed heat rising off the cobblestones in a shimmering haze. No one was out in the streets; the smart or rich ones were shut up in their homes, and the rest would be out in the Forest or swimming at the docks. Lark didn't care for either option at the moment, but she still wished for some way to cool off.

Sudden inspiration struck. She peered down at Komah. "Have you ever seen snow?"

He looked back at her, slightly affronted. Of course. There is plenty of snow in Zul'Drak, and other places as well. Lark waved her hands at him. "All right, I meant no offense. Come on, let's go find Pitch."

They found the druid in the Park, sprawled on the edge of the moonwell, his fur soaked and ruff standing up in spikes. Once she explained her plan, he seemed agreeable to a little traveling, and the four of them headed for the boat to Kalimdor.

* * * * * *

As their hippogryphs landed in Winterspring, both Night elves took a deep breath of the cold, clean air. Komah jumped off the saddlepad behind Lark, looking around with interest. Oh yes, this is much better, he practically purred, and Lark grinned. The grin turned into a laugh as Tuah jumped down from behind Pitch and dove for the nearest snowbank, burying himself completely. He peered out at her, as if to say What do you expect?

Komah pawed at the snow, then lay down with a contented sigh. Lark watched her pets with a grin, not even noticing when Pitch snuck off to the side.

The snowball caught her by surprise, splattering across the back of her neck. "Oh, you..." She grabbed up a handful of snow herself, but he had ducked behind a tree, laughing.

Komah watched them with alarm. Is that normal behavior? he asked her, but she was too busy to answer him. She ducked another snowball, then charged at Pitch's hiding place.

He stepped out to throw again, only to catch her snowball directly in his face. Spluttering, he tried to clear his eyes as she bombarded him, throwing snowballs as fast as she could pack them. He finally lunged toward her, making a blind tackle, and they thunked down in the snow.

Tuah left the snowbank and came over, stretching out at her side. Lark patted the moonstalker's flank, as Pitch shook the snow out of his eyes. "Wonder if we could stay out here til the heat wave is over," he said, still blinking as he peered at her.

Lark smiled, but shook her head. "I think the Professor might have a problem with that." Pitch sighed as he flopped flat on the snow. Then he raised his head and grinned at her.

"Still, we don't have to rush back, do we?" Lark eyed him back, an answering grin stretching across her face.

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