Monday, June 14, 2010

So What's Happening?

Lark had so many Stone Keeper Shards from heroics that she splurged a bit. Then I found out she gets stuck riding this thing through the entryways in Stormwind. Fail.

Lark, Takani, and Windstar killed a dragon. Gotta bring Alanon next time, the quest-thingy item that drops gives TWO THOUSAND Cenarion Circle rep! O.o

Someone in a random PUG told me that BM hunters don't do good dps. I beg to differ. (Although this was from a different run.)

The gold farmers are slowly taking over Azeroth. But at least they're doing it creatively! (Also haxxing, but we'll overlook that just this once. >.>)

I've finished the lines for this sketch. Coloring is underway and going well so far. I'm just beginning to realize what a job it's going to be doing all of Komah's spots/markings, though. >.>

Lark has all the gear I wanted for her except the t9 chest, which she is working towards now, and some better trinkets. I've been running H Forge of Souls every day for the scorpion, but no luck so far (it's dropped twice but she lost the roll both times >.<). After that she'll be "finished", and then? Who knows. I'd like to get her in some raids, but not sure if that'll ever happen. Guess I'll start leveling my next alt, which will be either Quae or Shaurria. Or maybe both, if I can avoid the leveling burnout.

RP has been scarce lately, which is driving me slightly crazy. The consequence of that is I'm getting tons of writing ideas, if I can only get some of them out and finished. Mostly it's just been bits and pieces of random story ideas. Lark is taking up most of my RP time, although I have a storyline waiting for Arvoss and Davoss, once the Lich King death is official.

Speaking of Davoss, he's now 26. I've been wanting to play him lately, so he may get a leveling binge soon. Rajast is up to 52, and thinking of having him in Outlands is getting me excited. Shaur has been getting some random dungeon runs, even if I haven't been playing her a lot, and she's halfway to 73. And Turron my warrior needs some attention too, I think. Hmm, looks like I'll be busy for a while.

I'm moving Rajast and Zuuluu to Feathermoon, actually did the transfer this morning and now I'm just waiting for it to be finalized. Taurros will have to wait til my sister can move her shaman, cause I don't want to leave her alone. Wyrmrest was okay as a server, but I saw next to no RP, and not knowing anyone over there made it harder. So, no hard feelings toward the server, but I think I'd be happier sticking with Feathermoon.

On Gilneas, raiding has been at a stand-still. Our GM just moved, so he was out of the game for a couple weeks. He's back now, supposedly, but nothing's been scheduled so far. This is making it extremely tempting to just move Quae and Barraccus to Feathermoon as well, and just leave my warrior there. Can't make myself do it yet, though. I'll see what the next few weeks brings.

Can't think of anything else, so see you in Azeroth and Happy Hunting!

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