Saturday, June 5, 2010

More Musical Inclinations

It is super late (or super early, depending on how you look at it) but I wanted to get this out of my head while I was thinking about it. Lark has been developing her own playlist while I've been playing her, and I just added a new one.

Faraway, by Apocalyptica

The reason? There's a couple, actually. First off, because she's traveled a lot, and this song (especially this video) just makes me think of far-off places. Second, because I've recently realized that Lark is kind of distant. She has a hard time letting people get close to her, especially those she grows to care about. (And yes, there's a reason behind that. >.>) Not to say that she doesn't have friends. Pitch, for example, has gotten a lot closer to her than anyone has for a long time, and she's slowly finding other friends as well.

Another song I've found that fits her is Better, by Plumb, mostly because of this line at the end of the chorus-

But in the end, what leaves you broken
In the end, makes you better

This is Lark's motto. She's been through some rough stuff in her life, both physically and emotionally, and is still going strong. And she has no plans to break down and quit anytime soon, either.

So that's about it for my thoughts. Yay for rambling about my character, hehe. And now I need sleep, so Happy Hunting!

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