Saturday, March 23, 2013

Just a Picture...

He dinged on a discover, right after a pet battle. XD

All I'm gonna say for now is... It's about time!

Friday, March 15, 2013

5.2 Updates!!

One month since my last post, I know, I know...

First off, the patch broke all my addons, so I couldn't even play for very long, since my game would freeze up and I'd have to close it and restart manually. Ugh. I think that's been fixed now (mostly) so I'm getting back into things.

First thing - Sis and I took our hunters (Lark and Kelesaria) out to Dino Island and killed Dinomancers. A lot of Dinomancers. It did take a while, but it was well worth it!


I love him. Holy flip, I love him. Even his noisy footsteps (and they are pretty loud) don't bug me. Kel tamed a white one, though I was a bum and didn't get any screenshots of hers. And we both managed to get one of each baby raptor, though it took Lark forever to get her last.

I now have an even better excuse for pet battles. Rheugan's become my main battler, and he's since hit 89 and is working steadily towards 90. He even dinged from a battle. XD

Leveling pets is going even faster than Rheu, partly in thanks to the safari hat that everyone now has. I've finished Rookie Pet Mob, and gotten 51 now to 25. The Pandaren spirit tamers are done, and at the moment I'm down to 1 last elite for the Beasts of Fable (which I'll probably track down tonight >.>). The elite battles have been surprisingly fun, and I've been discovering just how strong some of my pets are. For example- my nether faerie dragon soloed Dos-Ryga the fish, and Bash the Kun-Lai runt soloed Lucky Yi the cricket. Some of the rest have been tricky, and some have been pushovers. Overall I'm really happy with how Blizzard designed them all.

An added bonus to the elites is that many of them have normal battle pets congregating around them. I've upgraded several of my current pets to rare this way, so now I can level them, without having to worry about it being "wasted" if I stumble on a rare after.

I've captured all 4 of the Isle of Thunder pets, so now all I need is the drop pets. My snake and thundertail are both rare (and 25 \o/) already, though my croaker and razortooth are still just green-quality. It feels almost a waste to be pet-farming there, cause Pitch and Lark don't need the battle xp. I doubt they'd let Rheugan out there yet though, so I'll just deal with it. XD

Isle of Thunder is... well, it's kinda meh, for me at least. I just can't get myself excited over more dailies, and the zone itself is kinda dull and dreary looking. Hopefully it'll get better after I learn my way around and aren't getting lost constantly.  >.>

Pitch has run through the LFR version of the raid already, along with a bunch of fellow Feathermoonies. It's fun enough, although some of the fights were confusing at first. They're not hard to learn, however, and next time I'll probably know what I'm doing. XD

That's about all in WoW. Still playing Rift a lot, although my month there is about to run out, so I need to decide if I want to pay for another one or not. I've become addicted to their player housing, dimensions- enough so that I farmed up the money to buy Kirit something bigger than the newbie one they give you, and I'm currently building her a house in the middle of a forest. :D

House! Still a WIP.

Kirit is closing in on level 30, and my cleric Shaurria is up to 35! I also made some new alts (like I really needed them >.>) so if I do decide to let my sub run out I can still play now and then.

Can't think of anything else to add, so have one last shot of Lark and Devil. Til next time, Happy Hunting!

Guard-dino. Rawr.