Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Lark: Mending

Lark was sitting on the edge of the Canal, feet hanging down just above the water level, and Quiloe curled up at her back. She didn't look up as the druid approached, but she spoke up when he drew near. "They cleaned the canal up pretty well. I'd almost consider eating the fish from it." Alanon chuckled as he sat down next to her. "Pitch does on occasion. He doesn't do it often, but you know how he is where food is concerned." She eyed him. "Mhmm. So long as he doesn't do it regularly. I may have to stop kissing him if he does."

That brought a laugh from the druid. "I'll pass the warning along," he told her, then grew more serious. "How are you doing?" Lark shrugged. "I'm managing," she said. "It's hard. Getting older doesn't make it any easier, either." "I know," he replied gently.

Lark looked over at him. "How do you manage it?" Alanon raised an eyebrow at her. "Seeing the ones you come to care for dying all around you? How do you do it?" He frowned in thought, staring down into the Canal. "I suppose it's a matter of balance," he said finally. She snorted. "That's not a real answer." He shrugged, still thoughtful. "Druids are balance, no matter what path they follow. I suppose it might be easier for us to understand."

Lark cut in. "Please don't start that mysticism stuff with me right now. I'm not sure if I can handle it." He looked at her for a moment. "I apologize," he said, then hesitated. "Lark..." "Don't." She cut that off too. "I know what you're going to say. Just don't." "You do realize that he loves you," the druid stated softly. She looked away. "I know," she whispered, then shook her head. "It's not any easier on me, I promise you that. It's too soon after Tuah. I can't right now." "I understand," he said.

Quiloe shifted slightly behind Lark, making herself more comfortable. Alanon watched the wolf for a bit, then reached over to scratch her ears. "Would you mind if I told a story?" he asked suddenly. Lark gave him a curious look. "Sure, why not?" He leaned back and closed his eyes, looking thoughtful, then opened them again and began.

"I met my best friend when I was six and she was four," he said. "We literally grew up together, Her name was Jaryla." He paused to look at her sideways. "I thought for the longest time that you and Pitch would wind up like we were." Lark blinked at him. "And that way was...?" He grinned. "Like I said, we were best friends. We shared nearly everything. We were never more than friends, however," He shook his head with a chuckle. "We tried to pair up once, and had to call it off. We were too alike in some ways, and too different in others." "Mhmm," she responded. "So you thought Pitch and I would end up like that?" "Yes," he said. "I should have known my brother better than that, though."

Lark smiled faintly. "He doesn't do things by halves, does he?" Alanon shook his head, then gave her a piercing look. "I know how he feels about you. But do you love him back?"

She stared down into the water. "Yes, I do," she replied quietly. "And it scares me to death." "Why?" he asked. "Because I've seen so many of them die," she told him. "I'm sick of it. If anything happened to him because he's with me..." "And why do you think something will happen? I haven't discovered any curses on you." Lark ignored his attempt at humor; she seemed to be struggling now to keep her composure. "The last time I felt like this about someone, we had two wonderful months together," she said. "Then I had to bury him and watch his pet die slowly, wasting away on his grave."

Alanon gave her a minute to collect herself, then asked her gently, "And it wasn't worth it? Would you have given up on that time you had together, just to have him live?" "Yes!" she cried, her face so full of pain that he very nearly regretted prodding her this way. "I would have, if it meant that he was still alive. And I can do the same for Pitch if I have to." "But he wouldn't settle for that," he said softly. "You know that."

Lark looked away, blinking rapidly several times. Alanon waited a minute before speaking again. "It's rare that we can love someone without getting hurt, whether it happens sooner or later." She looked back at him, her mouth twisting wryly. "Then why love at all?" He actually smiled. "That is something that each person has to answer for themselves. But for me? I would rather love and be hurt, than to never love at all. Not loving is not living. It's one of the things that shows we're alive."

She stared at him, then gave a very faint smile. "I think you would have gotten along famously with Lath. I can't even count the number of times he told me something similar." He cocked his head. "Who is Lath?" Her smile grew a fraction. "Lathenil Skywing, a Claw druid. He was my.. my first real partner. It's been almost five centuries since he died." Alanon frowned slightly. "I think I knew him." She blinked at him. "You knew him?" "Well, knew of him," he corrected. "He was with Jaryla once, briefly, probably right before he met you if I remember correctly." She stared, then dropped her gaze to her hands. "... I never knew what his life was like before we met. I never asked him." She looked back up. "Alanon?" "Hmm?" She hesitated a moment. "Where is Jaryla now?"

He sighed, deeply. "She fell at Hyjal. She and our daughter both." Lark looked down again. "I'm sorry." "It is long past," he said. "The pain is still there, but it's a good pain." That brought a raised eyebrow, and he smiled. "It means that I still remember her. So long as I do, a part of her still lives." Lark gave him a crooked grin. "Definitely sounds like Lath."

His smile faded. "Lark, I try not to ever tell people what to do. But before you decide what to do about your relationship with Pitch, perhaps you should think about what he'd be happy with." She looked down again, then answered, quietly, "I-.. I will." He nodded, then reached over to squeeze her shoulder. "Goodnight Lark," he said, then stood up and left her.

* * * * * *

Pitch brought his new bike to a stop near the fountain. In the sidecar, Lark looked out over the Harbor. "You can't see much of the damage from here," she commented. Pitch grunted, then looked down at her. "So," he said as he broke into a grin. "What do you think of it?" Lark had to grin back; his excitement was contagious. "It's nice, Pitch. But did you let me be the first to ride in it just to get me back into your bed?" He blinked at her. "Uh, no. Really, that wasn't what I was thinking." She laughed at him and he blushed, then grinned. "Although you know, if you'd like to...." She suddenly sobered. "Except that you don't have a bed anymore." He shrugged. "I'll find something. Until I do, the trees aren't all knocked down."

Lark looked down at her hands. "Um, Pitch? Would you... want to move in with me? You can always move out again if you find something better." He stared down at her for a minute; she could feel his eyes. "That'd actually be great," he said finally. "If you're okay with it." She nodded, glancing back up to grin at him crookedly. "I wouldn't have offered if I wasn't, you knucklehead." He chuckled.

They sat in companionable silence for a bit, then Pitch cleared his throat. "Uh, Lark?" "Pitch," she said immediately. "Please don't, babe. Not tonight." He looked at her, then away, out over the Harbor. "All right," was all he said.

He was hurt, though; she knew him well enough to tell. After a moment, she reached up and found his hand, giving it a gentle squeeze. He looked down, then grinned and squeezed back. "Want to go see if anyone's at the Pig?" he asked her. She considered, then shrugged. "Why not?" He kicked the bike into gear again, then they headed back into the city.

Friday, November 26, 2010

The Shattering: Lark

Lark grabbed at the bench she was sitting on as another quake started. Nearby, the hippogryphs shrieked and flapped their wings in agitation. Lark silently cursed the temperamental creatures; they were the reason she was stuck in Auberdine, waiting for the ship to come back from Stormwind, instead of on her way to visit Rill at his Winterspring home as she'd promised.

The bird-like creatures were so skittish that they were refusing to fly. All air traffic entering or leaving the village had stopped, and Lark had had to turn back toward home. She knew Rill wouldn't mind once she explained, but she still felt irritated. She couldn't see what he saw in them.

She looked around for her pets, catching a flash of blue light as Komah prowled around a building. Tuah was somewhere close by as well, although she had left Quiloe back at the University under Pitch's care. Rill didn't care for wolves.

Satisfied, Lark returned to watching the dock for the ship to arrive. She paid no attention to the three men until they stopped several feet away, and she realized they were staring at her. She looked up with one eyebrow raised inquiringly. "Can I help you fellows?"

The biggest of the three humans glanced at his companions, then faced her. "Would you happen to be Lark?" he asked. She stared at them, noticing that two of them looked vaguely familiar, although she was certain she hadn't met them before. "Depends on why you're asking," she said flippantly, watching them warily now. The man next to him cleared his throat. "That's her," he told the other two gruffly. "I seen her with Darik a few times, and I recognize her."

The name sent a chill through Lark. "I don't know who that is, and I think you're mistaken," she told them firmly. The big man, who seemed to be the leader, took a step forward. "You knew my brother all right," he said, his tone turning threatening. "You're the one that killed him. Now we're gonna see justice done."

Lark stood up slowly, then froze as the third man, the one that hadn't spoken yet, pulled out a hand crossbow and pointed it at her. "This wouldn't be justice," she said softly, stalling for time. "This is murder, and you'll just be sent off to the gallows in my place." The leader gave a wicked grin. "Who's to say it's murder, when the only one to call it so is dead?" He nodded to the crossbowman, then all four of them had to catch their balance as the earth lurched again. Good, Lark thought. Maybe the quake would give her a chance to get away. And where were her pets?

We're here. Lark managed to keep her sudden relief from showing as she heard Komah's "voice." The huge cat leaped up onto the deck railing behind her, then jumped down to her side, growling loudly. Tuah appeared at the ramp, cutting off the men's escape route, and stared at them balefully.

The ground lurched again, the sky darkening rapidly. Komah didn't move, but his voice had an edge of worry. We have to get out of here, and not because of these scum, he said urgently. "Trying to," she replied quietly. Something was up in the sky, still in the distance but coming fast, bringing roiling black clouds with it. Lark felt a touch of fear, then forced her attention back to the men.

The other two men were watching the cats worriedly, but the leader was staring at the clouds too, and when he looked back she could see he was frightened. "Just shoot her and get it over with!" he snapped. Komah flattened his ears and roared, Tuah echoing an instant later. The startled crossbowman raised his weapon and Tuah hit him from the side. The moonstalker bowled the human over, knocking him into the other two.

Komah rounded on Lark and pushed her toward the edge of the deck. Run, he sent. Now! Lark obeyed without thinking, diving off the deck to the ground. She rolled to break her fall, then sat up as her eyes were pulled upward. Time seemed to stop.

Racing toward Auberdine was a creature so huge that it took Lark a moment to realize it was a dragon. It was misshapen, as if covered in armor plating. Rents crossed its hide in several places, flames leaking out to form a fiery trail behind. The clouds, she now realized, were smoke from the flames.

The ground bucked beneath her, and Lark scrambled to get to her feet. She started off into the forest as the roar of the dragon's flight sounded overhead. The trees around her shook and tossed, a few of them breaking free from the earth to smash into their neighbors. The ground was shaking so badly Lark could hardly keep her footing. Dimly, she felt Komah press against her side, helping her keep her balance as he pushed her even faster.

Then the world exploded.

* * * * * *

Lark woke up to a warm feeling spreading through her body. Komah was sitting next to her, eyes closed, glowing. She stared at him for a moment, then tried to sit up. Careful, she heard, and she stopped to blink at him. "You're healing me," she said incredulously. Yes, he replied. She shook her head, then winced as a stab of pain went through it. "Didn't know you could do that," she muttered at him, and the big cat rumbled in amusement as his eyes opened and the glow around him died down. I wasn't sure if I could either, he admitted. Good to know that I can.

Lark tested her limbs carefully, to find everything stiff and sore, but no broken bones. Most of her exposed skin had been burned from the dragon's flames, but nothing looked serious. Komah's healing hadn't healed her fully, but it had helped. She sat up more slowly, then looked around. Her good humor vanished.

"Oh, dear sweet Elune."

The trees immediately around her were still standing, but she could see others nearby that were now leaning crazily, their roots barely holding onto the earth. Shattered remains of other trees were scattered through the forest. Nearby she could hear the rush of water coming from a rift in the ground. And beyond that lay Auberdine...or at least, what was left of it. The buildings she could see were in ruins, the flightmaster's deck toppled to its side. Flames flickered here and there. The only living things she could see were a few elementals scattered throughout the ruins.

Lark felt numb. She slowly got to her feet, then looked over at Komah. He interpreted the look. There's no one alive in the town. But there is a small settlement farther up. A rescue party, I suppose. Lark looked back out to the village. "How long was I out, here?" she asked him. Little over a day, he replied. But they have buildings up already. You should go there to rest. Lark swallowed hard, then asked the question she dreaded. "Tuah?"

Komah was silent for a long minute. He held back those men while I got you to safety, he finally said. When the dragon hit, however, everything happened too fast. No one got out. I'm sorry, Lark.

Lark nodded without speaking. Tuah... Suddenly she found herself back on the ground, though she didn't remember sitting. Komah was at her side in an instant, nudging under her arm, helping her to stand back up. Come, he said gently. Let's get to shelter.

The Kal'dorei at the outpost made a fuss over her as soon as she stumbled into view. She let them do what they wanted, not resisting as first the healer checked her over, then she was escorted to a hastily-constructed hut. It was quiet and had a cot in it- that was all she cared about at the moment. Once the other elves had left her to rest, she sat down on the cot, staring at her boots. In her mind, she was seeing a young moonstalker batting at them.

Komah stood by her, watching but not speaking. After a long while, she pulled her boots off, then curled up on her side on the cot. Komah lay down on the floor next to her, and she let one hand trail over the cot's edge to rest on his head as she let the tears come.

That was how Pitch found her, shortly before dark.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


It's Tuesday, and I'm sitting here waiting for the servers to go back up. Well, actually I'm writing a blog post, but you get the idea.

Reading a few other blogs while I wait has really brought home the feeling that this is it. Azeroth as we knew it is gone for good. And now I have to make decisions and choices for my characters that I thought I would have more time for.

Arvoss and Davoss never got reunited like I wanted. With everything going on with my other toons, I never got around to it, always telling myself "I had time." Now I don't, and now? I don't really know what to do with that storyline. I haven't touched Arvoss in... well, months, and with Barraccus coming to Feathermoon, will I even want to play him anymore? Or will he wind up on a back burner, like what almost happened to Zuuluu? Right now I just don't know.

I don't like having one of my two original Feathermoon toons in a position like this. But on the other hand, it kinda feels like Arvoss has run his course. He was created mostly for Shaurria, who I still consider one of my RP mains, but now she has Pitch, and Alanon, not to mention Windstar and Tadrith who are still around, so she no longer needs him. A part of me says that I could just let him fade into the background. He likely wouldn't even be missed for long.

Except I don't want to. I've loved Arvoss' character since I started with him. A paladin of the Light, turned to serve the Scourge, then freed to seek redemption and peace, he's been through just about everything you could throw at him and come through with the same solid faith and steadfastness that he's had all his (virtual) life. (Not to mention how much I love his accent.) I feel like he deserves better than to be simply forgotten, I just don't know what that "better" is right now.

Even if I do take him down that path, however, I won't be deleting him. I could always use a banker, and maybe someday, something will come up where he can shine again. But until that day comes, I'm afraid that Arvoss will be in limbo.

* * * *

Pitch and Lark are another source of frustration right now. They've been "just friends" ever since they met, but recently it's been turning into something more. My last few story posts about them should be a good indication of that. But they've been setting the pace for their relationship and I haven't been able to hurry them with it. I do have a story written up for when the time comes, but I really wanted more time (isn't that starting to sound repetitive >.>) before having it happen in-game. I also need to do Lark's story of when the Shattering actually happens, which I've been going through in my head but haven't written yet. It will be a fairly traumatic event for her, but I'm not totally sure how much it will affect/change her yet. Again, I thought I'd have more time.

I'm more worried about her Cataclysm tale, to be honest. Pitch and Lark will wind up giving in and becoming "official" (whoo, spoilers!), and it really doesn't matter when it actually happens. So really it could have happened last night, or it could happen next year, and it won't make much of a difference. So I think I will be putting that story on hold for now, and finishing up the other stuff first.

Anyway, enough of my grumpy rambling, I have stuff to work on. Til next time, Happy Hunting!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Pre-Cata Roundup

A while back I did a post on the things I'd like to do before Cataclysm is released. Since it looks like the Big Patch is dropping tomorrow, I thought I'd take a minute to see how far I've gotten.

Taurros has been moved. I haven't done much with him since (or any of my poor Horde guys), but it's good to have him "home" on Feathermoon. I will likely be moving Barraccus and Quae sometime this week as well, even have their IC "appearance" all figured out.

Quae and Shaurria are probably not going to make it to 80, unless I do some pretty major grinding. Quae is up to 76 now and Shaur is 77, but that's about it. I might just finish leveling them anyways, since the new 80+ leveling zones are likely to be CRAZY at first, but I don't know yet.

Rillian is 80 now and has been farming up points for his gear. He's got some t9 and other badge gear, plus the elemental invasion bosses coughed up some goodies for him, so he's doing pretty good.

Rajast is now 69. I spent all day today on him and got him up 3 levels. Thank goodness for heirlooms! He'll probably just sit for now, but he'll get finished sooner or later.

Arvoss' jewelcrafting hasn't been touched. I am a tad mad at myself, but hey, there's only so much time in each day. Can't get it all done, you know. On a plus side, Turron's JCing is nearly maxed.

Speaking of Turron, I've been neglecting him in favor of my others, but he has gotten another piece of t9 tanky goodness, and his dps set has seen some upgrades. He won't be finished come Cata, but I think I'll be happy.

My pet-craziness has wound down. I'm quite proud of my latest additions, most notably Booggah's new wolf and Lark's latest cat (she has 3 now, I think it's safe to call her a cat person).

Firstly, the wolf!

I took Lark out to Hinterlands on a whim, and there he was. Unfortunately I'd taken Boo back out to Sholazar. It was a long trip, but the old fella was still there, waiting for him.

Curious about the name? Well, Lark's mount is named Wynd. And this cat, Shadowclaw, is going to have a skin change in Cataclysm, to the riding-saber model. So, yea.

And finally, the last member of the gang, just so he's not left out...

The only pet left for Lark now is her fox, once I decide which color I want (the black one is tempting, but I'll probably go for the red/brown one). I'd still like to get Loque'nahak on Booggah, but I'm not rushing it. And he'll get more than his fill of the new stuff as well. *Starts thinking of what Cataclysm pets to tame....*

So that's about it so far. I have a ton of writing to do still, which annoys me. -_- Hopefully I'll get it done quickly. Til next time, Happy Hunting!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Shaurria: Goodbyes

I started thinking this one up, and then I wondered when it would actually occur. Then it hit me- I don't know what might happen with Teldrassil in Cataclysm, so it might be better to do this sooner rather than later. So, when Lark mentioned that Pitch was out of town a couple nights ago? This is what he was doing.

And Shaurria really needed the closure from this anyway. Poor baby.


Alanon looked up with some surprise as Shaurria came up to where he sat, kneeling in the grass beside him. "C-could we go on a trip?" she asked hesitantly. "We could," he replied, raising a questioning eyebrow at her. "Where would we be going?" Her answer was a whisper, just loud enough to hear. "T-Teldrassil?" Alanon blinked, then set down his notebook and the herb he had been examining. "Shaur," he said gently. "Why do you want to go to Teldrassil?"

She wouldn't meet his eyes; her voice was still soft. "Cause I used t' live there. In Starbreeze." Alanon reached over and gently tilted her chin up, making her finally look at him. "What is it?" he asked her simply. Shaur took a deep breath, seeming to find some courage in the process. Her voice steadied, and she met his eyes squarely. "Long time ago Arvoss asked me if I wanted t' go back home'n say goodbye," she said. "I-.. I think 'm ready." He looked back at her searchingly, then nodded. "I'll get Pitch," he said, then stood up. Shaur reached out to touch his arm. "Just us three," she whispered, and he nodded again.

Pitch met them at the boat to Auberdine. The trip was accomplished in silence, for the most part. Shaurria assumed that Alanon had told Pitch where they were going and why, because the normally garrulous druid didn't say a word. Soon enough they were facing the path that would take them to Starbreeze. They left their mounts there- Shaurria had been adamant about taking Finnall; the white saber could only offer her so much comfort, but he was a comfort all the same.

Shaur stood and stared down the path toward the village for a long time before starting off. A small part of her couldn't believe that she was here, that she was even thinking of going back to her old home, but the rest of her held steady. Thanks to Pitch and his furbolg friends, she no longer thought of the furbolgs as monsters. She knew now that they were simply sick, corrupted, and not truly evil. She still felt a bit surprised each time she realized that she wasn't afraid of them anymore.

Alanon, who was also in his cat form now, touched her shoulder with his nose. Shaur shook herself out of her reverie and started down the path.

She led the way to her old house unerringly, only stopping to make sure the furbolgs were a safe distance away before slipping through the door. Pitch and Alanon waited outside, guarding the door and also giving her some privacy if she needed it.The smallish blue-gray cat stepped through the doorway- and the Night elf entered the house.

She paused to look around. There were no bodies, at least- apparently the local Night elves had found time to clean the village up, although they hadn't done much to chase away the furbolgs. The interior was still a mess, with wrecked furniture, torn books, and broken dishes littering the floor. Suddenly unsure of what to do, Shaur hesitated, then went to the hearth and knelt down.

It had been so long, with so much happening since she had last been here, that she had trouble remembering what the house had looked like while she had lived here. While her parents had been alive. Now there were just dim flickers, half-remembered visions of a happy home with people who loved her.

Finally she just shrugged to herself and started talking, saying whatever came to mind. "I don't know if you can hear me," she began hesitantly. "But I just wanted t' let you know that I'm okay. I... I have people to look out for me now. I'm not alone, so y'don't need to worry about me.

"You'd probably like Pitch and Alanon, and Arvoss, even if he is a death knight. But I guess you wouldn't know what that is, would you? He.. He's real nice. He still looks out for me, even though I live mostly with Alanon now. He's taught me t' be a druid. A real druid, with healing skills'n stuff. He says I'm pretty good at it, though I'll always be a feral first, whatever that means.

"I... I miss you both." Now the tears started, falling fast and thick. She went on with hardly a tremor, though, determined to say what she had to. "I love you, and I'll never, ever forget you. I guess that's what I was afraid of- that if I said m'goodbyes, I'd just forget about you, and I don't want t' do that. But.. You're a part of me, right? So you're always with me in a way. That's how Alanon described it, anyway, and I think he's right.

"I don't know if I'll ever see you again. No one seems t' know what happens when we Night elves die. Th' humans think that they go to be with their "Light", whatever that is, but I don't know if it's th' same for us, or if we just kinda... disappear? But I wanted you t' know that I'm fine, and that I l-love y-you..." Now she finally broke down, burying her face in her arms and sobbing brokenheartedly.

A gentle touch on her shoulder told her she was no longer alone, and she turned to lean into Alanon's arms. He simply held her, making quiet shhing sounds and rocking her gently.

After what seemed like hours, though it was really less than one, Shaur's sobs quieted. She sat up straight, sniffling and rubbing at her nose. Alanon gave her a few minutes more, then lightly squeezed her shoulder. "All done here?" he asked her, and she nodded. They left the house to find Pitch still on guard, and all three druids made their way back to their mounts.

Shaurria was silent as she pulled herself up on Finn's back, then nudged him down the road. Pitch watched her with concern, finally breaking the silence. "You alright, Fuzzy?" It was Alanon who answered. "Yes, little brother," he said quietly. "She's all right." And Shaurria, feeling truly peaceful for the first time in a long, long time, saw no reason to disagree.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Rill and Lark at the Pig

Just because they're cute. And because everything I've written between these two so far has been awkward. >.>

Rillìan eyes Wildlark up and down.

Rillìan says: Y'gonna drink that're stare at it?

Wildlark shrugs.

Rillìan says: How's yer fella doing?

Wildlark says: He's fine, just out until late

Wildlark eyes Rillìan up and down.

Wildlark says: So don't get any ideas

Rillìan holds his hands up with a snicker. "I ain't."

Rillìan lets out a long, drawn-out sigh.

Rillìan says: Been a day, ain't it?

Wildlark says: Always is

Wildlark says: Rill?

Rillìan says: Mmph?

Wildlark says: Do you remember that first job?

Rillìan says: Course I do. Y'bloody got me t' sneak int' your room t' rob ya

Wildlark snickers.

Wildlark says: You made it easy. At least you've learned to be more cautious

Rillìan says: Woulda gotten away 'cept for that wolf o' yours, ya know

Wildlark grins.

Wildlark says: No you wouldn't. I knew you were there. Nether, why do you think it took Vei so long to attack?

Rillìan grunts. "Yer spoiling all my delusions, lass."

Wildlark laughs.

Wildlark says: You were younger

Rillìan says: Not so much

Rillìan says: Only been two hundred years, lass

Wildlark says: Still, I'm sure you're a lot better at your business now than you were then

Rillìan smirks slyly at Wildlark.

Rillìan says: Y'want me t' show ya?

Wildlark gives Rill a mock-glare.

Wildlark says: I have another wolf now, don't forget

Wildlark glances down at Komah as he growls.

Wildlark says: And two others as backup

Rillìan waves his hands. "Alright, alright."

Wildlark yawns sleepily.

Wildlark says: Maybe we ought to call it a day

Rillìan grunts again.

Rillìan says: Mind if I walk ya out?

Wildlark says: Nope

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Pitch: Another Night At The Pig

I really want to write about Pitch more than I do, but he can be so stubborn about letting me into his head that it's difficult. This time it was so easy, it was rather a surprise. So anyway, here's how things look from Pitch's viewpoint. This actually occurred in between my last 2 Lark posts, for reference.

Poor, poor Pitch. He's so clueless about girls. *pats him in sympathy*


The Pig was crowded. Too crowded.

Pitch watched Skyborne as unobtrusively as he could. After the talks he had had with his brother, he really wanted to talk to her. But there were so many people around, and besides, Taius was never far from her side. And Pitch didn't know Taius well at all, and definitely didn't want to make the human feel jealous. Especially when there was no reason to.

He thought of just coming out and asking her, but the memory of the first (and last) time he had done that was still strong. He didn't want the attention that would create; he was nervous enough already. So he waited for a good opportunity to ask her, just for a couple minutes of her time.

Pitch's own experience was very limited, he knew, but he also knew that people who liked each other spent time together. Like Alanon and Arien. Or his parents. Or any of the other myriad couples he saw nearly every week at the Pig. And he had hardly seen Sky since they had returned from Ashenvale. He knew it was mostly his fault- he had been so busy doing other stuff, and naturally Sky would turn to someone that could give her the attention that she needed. It looked pretty certain now that that someone wasn't Pitch.

He wanted to tell her it was okay. That he was fine with them remaining just friends, that if she wanted to be with Taius instead he wouldn't get in the way. They certainly looked happy enough together, he thought, as she playfully reached- again- for the human's ponytail.

He didn't mind. He and Lark were spending all the time he could want together, so he wasn't lonely. And while he wished he knew why Lark refused to go beyond "just friends" when they obviously got along so well, he wasn't willing to risk their friendship by pushing too hard for anything more.

Pitch watched as Sky turned to a stranger that had shown up, another Kal'dorei. He kept watching, sure that he would get his chance sooner or later. But the Pig was crowded and he was distracted by the others soon enough. He still hadn't said anything to her by the time he realized that she had left.

Monday, November 8, 2010

A Chat With A Spirit-Cat

Lark sat up, only to discover her hand captured when she tried to stand. She looked back with a raised eyebrow, but Pitch only kissed the inside of her wrist before releasing her with a sleepy smile. She returned the smile as she stood and began gathering her clothes.

Slipping out of Pitch's room and closing the door behind her, she turned to see Komah stretched out on the floor of the shop below. She peered through the darkness for her other cat, then looked at him. "Tuah?" Home, he replied. He got tired of waiting. Lark chuckled as she let herself and the big spirit-cat out of the shop.

She felt a flash of surprise from Komah when she turned for the Harbor instead of the Mage District, but he said nothing. She led the way to the fountain and sat; when he hopped up and settled next to her she started stroking his back absently.

Lark finally broke the silence. "Do you miss Har'koa?" Komah blinked at her, then turned his head away, a gesture she had come to recognize as his version of a shrug. A little. I miss being with my own kind. But it's not bad, I was never the most... "popular." Lark digested that for a bit. "Did you love her?" she asked, and he turned back to blink at her again. She felt his surprise.

He was silent for a few minutes, and Lark started wondering if she had offended him somehow. Finally, however, he answered. We don't understand "love" as your kind do, he said. But, she was my mate, and I would have died for her. As I would for you, if it ever becomes necessary.

Now it was Lark's turn to blink. Before she could form a reply to that, he surprised her again. Lark, why don't you take Pitch as your mate? She frowned. "I would have thought you'd know by now. I don't want to get him killed." But why are you so sure it will happen? She looked away without answering. He gently butted his broad head against her arm. You can't be sure of the future, he said. It might be that you and he could have a long life together. She looked back at him, then gave a crooked grin. "I didn't know you were paying attention so closely when I spoke to Arvoss." He blinked again, and she felt his amusement.

Her own humor was short-lived. She hugged her knees, resting her chin on them and staring out over the Harbor. "He's asked me about it a few times, you know," she said. "He never presses it, though, just lets it drop when I say no." But then he asks again another time, Komah replied. I know. If he's so persistent, though, why do you keep turning him down? Lark shrugged. "You know why. I just.... I'm not sure how much longer I can keep telling him no." The cat's only response was another slow blink.

Lark sighed to herself, then dropped one hand to his head, rubbing gently. After a few minutes of silence, she looked down at him again. "So you don't have any regrets about joining up with me?" she asked him. Komah seemed unfazed by the change of subject. None, he said. This has been as interesting as I ever could have asked for. I'm content. Lark smiled at the affection he sent through their bond. "Think I'm ready to head to bed," she said. "How about you?" He replied by standing up and hopping off the fountain. After you, he told her. Side-by-side, they headed back to the University grounds.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Cataclysm is coming... (picture heavy!)(spoilers!)

(This may sound like a sad post, but it's not really, just very introspective.)

Cataclysm is coming. Azeroth will be torn apart forever. Are you prepared? Are your characters?

Been thinking a bit on this the last few days. It's only a month til the expansion comes out, and then everything my characters have known will be irrevocably changed. How are they going to feel about that, while they're running around dodging Deathwing attacks and trying to stop elemental invasions?

The Plaguelands are slowly being redeemed. How much progress will be made come Release Day? Will Arvoss ever be able to live on his farm again?

What about the zones that haven't been spoken of much? Will the Wetlands still be... well, wet?

What about the Burning Steppes? Badlands?

What about Mulgore and the Tauren? Most of us have heard about the Barrens changes, but nothing about it's neighboring zones. Will the war in the Barrens spill over into the Rolling Plains? Or will it cross the Southfury River into Durotar?

What about Arathi? Hillsbrad? Silithus and Un'goro?

Will Hammerfall still stand after Deathwing comes?

Will the dinosaurs still roam Un'goro?

The Thousand Needles will be no more, except in name.

How will Azshara look after the goblins move in with their new "designs"?

My Night Elves, except for Shaurria, have lived in Ashenvale for most of their considerable lives (Lark included!). So what will happen when their home is torn apart by a volcano? What will they do about the Orcs' incursions?

What will Pitch and Alanon, who have spent most of their lives here nurturing and defending the land, do?

Will their house even still be standing when it's over?

Lark has spent over a quarter of her life in and around the Barrens. Some of the biggest events of her life have been focused here. What will it mean to her when it becomes a warzone?

Equally important to her is Darkshore, where she's spent more time than anywhere except Ashenvale and the Barrens. If the cinematic is any indication, Deathwing will be making one of his fly-bys directly over it.

Lark will be in Darkshore when he does. Will she even survive? What about her pets?

What about your characters? Have you thought about what their reactions will be?

(This post brought to you mostly by my penchant for taking pretty screenshots of the zones while on flight paths. >.>)

Monday, November 1, 2010

"Here with you..."

She heads to bed ahead of him as he puts Riptik down for the night. He joins her there in short order. She turns to face him as he settles at her side. "Barraccus," she asks softly. "Do you ever have any regrets about what happened to you?"

He looks at her curiously. "You mean being a death knight, and everything that came with it," he states, and she nods. He frowns slightly in thought, rolling to his back and staring at the ceiling. "No," he says finally, then looks at her again. "I wouldn't change a thing, no matter what I went through to get here. If anything did change, I most likely wouldn't have met you, Quae."

She frowns now, looking uncertain. "So your family dying, all the torture you went through.... You wouldn't change any of that?"

He shakes his head. "I know it sounds terrible, but Quae... I would go through it all again, so long as I knew that in the end I would be here with you."

She looks at him without answering for a minute, then she reaches over to gently stroke his cheek. His hand comes up to cover hers as it comes to rest on his chest. She can feel his heart beating under her arm, and she smiles.


This is basically what was going through my mind when I did this picture. (So everyone get your minds out of the gutter! >.>) Haven't done anything RP-wise with these two for ages, and I miss them. I'm still not sure exactly when I'll move them to Feathermoon, but it'll probably be soon. Anyways, enjoy zee artz!