Tuesday, November 23, 2010


It's Tuesday, and I'm sitting here waiting for the servers to go back up. Well, actually I'm writing a blog post, but you get the idea.

Reading a few other blogs while I wait has really brought home the feeling that this is it. Azeroth as we knew it is gone for good. And now I have to make decisions and choices for my characters that I thought I would have more time for.

Arvoss and Davoss never got reunited like I wanted. With everything going on with my other toons, I never got around to it, always telling myself "I had time." Now I don't, and now? I don't really know what to do with that storyline. I haven't touched Arvoss in... well, months, and with Barraccus coming to Feathermoon, will I even want to play him anymore? Or will he wind up on a back burner, like what almost happened to Zuuluu? Right now I just don't know.

I don't like having one of my two original Feathermoon toons in a position like this. But on the other hand, it kinda feels like Arvoss has run his course. He was created mostly for Shaurria, who I still consider one of my RP mains, but now she has Pitch, and Alanon, not to mention Windstar and Tadrith who are still around, so she no longer needs him. A part of me says that I could just let him fade into the background. He likely wouldn't even be missed for long.

Except I don't want to. I've loved Arvoss' character since I started with him. A paladin of the Light, turned to serve the Scourge, then freed to seek redemption and peace, he's been through just about everything you could throw at him and come through with the same solid faith and steadfastness that he's had all his (virtual) life. (Not to mention how much I love his accent.) I feel like he deserves better than to be simply forgotten, I just don't know what that "better" is right now.

Even if I do take him down that path, however, I won't be deleting him. I could always use a banker, and maybe someday, something will come up where he can shine again. But until that day comes, I'm afraid that Arvoss will be in limbo.

* * * *

Pitch and Lark are another source of frustration right now. They've been "just friends" ever since they met, but recently it's been turning into something more. My last few story posts about them should be a good indication of that. But they've been setting the pace for their relationship and I haven't been able to hurry them with it. I do have a story written up for when the time comes, but I really wanted more time (isn't that starting to sound repetitive >.>) before having it happen in-game. I also need to do Lark's story of when the Shattering actually happens, which I've been going through in my head but haven't written yet. It will be a fairly traumatic event for her, but I'm not totally sure how much it will affect/change her yet. Again, I thought I'd have more time.

I'm more worried about her Cataclysm tale, to be honest. Pitch and Lark will wind up giving in and becoming "official" (whoo, spoilers!), and it really doesn't matter when it actually happens. So really it could have happened last night, or it could happen next year, and it won't make much of a difference. So I think I will be putting that story on hold for now, and finishing up the other stuff first.

Anyway, enough of my grumpy rambling, I have stuff to work on. Til next time, Happy Hunting!

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