Friday, November 12, 2010

Rill and Lark at the Pig

Just because they're cute. And because everything I've written between these two so far has been awkward. >.>

Rillìan eyes Wildlark up and down.

Rillìan says: Y'gonna drink that're stare at it?

Wildlark shrugs.

Rillìan says: How's yer fella doing?

Wildlark says: He's fine, just out until late

Wildlark eyes Rillìan up and down.

Wildlark says: So don't get any ideas

Rillìan holds his hands up with a snicker. "I ain't."

Rillìan lets out a long, drawn-out sigh.

Rillìan says: Been a day, ain't it?

Wildlark says: Always is

Wildlark says: Rill?

Rillìan says: Mmph?

Wildlark says: Do you remember that first job?

Rillìan says: Course I do. Y'bloody got me t' sneak int' your room t' rob ya

Wildlark snickers.

Wildlark says: You made it easy. At least you've learned to be more cautious

Rillìan says: Woulda gotten away 'cept for that wolf o' yours, ya know

Wildlark grins.

Wildlark says: No you wouldn't. I knew you were there. Nether, why do you think it took Vei so long to attack?

Rillìan grunts. "Yer spoiling all my delusions, lass."

Wildlark laughs.

Wildlark says: You were younger

Rillìan says: Not so much

Rillìan says: Only been two hundred years, lass

Wildlark says: Still, I'm sure you're a lot better at your business now than you were then

Rillìan smirks slyly at Wildlark.

Rillìan says: Y'want me t' show ya?

Wildlark gives Rill a mock-glare.

Wildlark says: I have another wolf now, don't forget

Wildlark glances down at Komah as he growls.

Wildlark says: And two others as backup

Rillìan waves his hands. "Alright, alright."

Wildlark yawns sleepily.

Wildlark says: Maybe we ought to call it a day

Rillìan grunts again.

Rillìan says: Mind if I walk ya out?

Wildlark says: Nope

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