Saturday, November 6, 2010

Cataclysm is coming... (picture heavy!)(spoilers!)

(This may sound like a sad post, but it's not really, just very introspective.)

Cataclysm is coming. Azeroth will be torn apart forever. Are you prepared? Are your characters?

Been thinking a bit on this the last few days. It's only a month til the expansion comes out, and then everything my characters have known will be irrevocably changed. How are they going to feel about that, while they're running around dodging Deathwing attacks and trying to stop elemental invasions?

The Plaguelands are slowly being redeemed. How much progress will be made come Release Day? Will Arvoss ever be able to live on his farm again?

What about the zones that haven't been spoken of much? Will the Wetlands still be... well, wet?

What about the Burning Steppes? Badlands?

What about Mulgore and the Tauren? Most of us have heard about the Barrens changes, but nothing about it's neighboring zones. Will the war in the Barrens spill over into the Rolling Plains? Or will it cross the Southfury River into Durotar?

What about Arathi? Hillsbrad? Silithus and Un'goro?

Will Hammerfall still stand after Deathwing comes?

Will the dinosaurs still roam Un'goro?

The Thousand Needles will be no more, except in name.

How will Azshara look after the goblins move in with their new "designs"?

My Night Elves, except for Shaurria, have lived in Ashenvale for most of their considerable lives (Lark included!). So what will happen when their home is torn apart by a volcano? What will they do about the Orcs' incursions?

What will Pitch and Alanon, who have spent most of their lives here nurturing and defending the land, do?

Will their house even still be standing when it's over?

Lark has spent over a quarter of her life in and around the Barrens. Some of the biggest events of her life have been focused here. What will it mean to her when it becomes a warzone?

Equally important to her is Darkshore, where she's spent more time than anywhere except Ashenvale and the Barrens. If the cinematic is any indication, Deathwing will be making one of his fly-bys directly over it.

Lark will be in Darkshore when he does. Will she even survive? What about her pets?

What about your characters? Have you thought about what their reactions will be?

(This post brought to you mostly by my penchant for taking pretty screenshots of the zones while on flight paths. >.>)

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