Sunday, September 25, 2011

Just more pictures...

Because I'm really tired and need to go to bed. Enjoy.

Where's the controls for this thing?!?

Why hello there!

Where did Kel go?! (lol)

Yes, this makes 3 new spirit beasts in 2 days. Grats sis!

At last, now I can sleep.


I still want to finish up his story before he goes back to Stormwind for real. This will give him time to rest up again, at least.

Friday, September 23, 2011

What Is This I Don't Even....

Not even sure where to start with this one. From the beginning, I guess?

Sis got home late today, when I just happened to be logging on Lark to check for her lieutenant (STILL no Charscale, btw). As she was flying past Avianna's shrine toward the Firelands portal, I noticed a yellow dot moving below her on the minimap. I moused over it, had to read it twice, then called to my sis "Did you want to tame Ankha?"

Turns out she did, except her computer wasn't even turned on yet. I logged off Lark to let her use mine, and she got on Kel and went to see if the spirit-kitty was still up. She was!

Tame went perfectly. She let me get back to Lark and continue on my way. However, I had just gone through the portal when my brain belatedly registered another yellow dot that had been near the shrine when I went through....

It was Ban'thalos, up again and not 5 minutes after Ankha had been tamed. We did the character switch thing, then I had to get Kel onto the tree for her. Once that was done, she took over, and BOOM...

So now Kel has TWO new spirit beasts, yay!

For no particular reason I decided to go check Therazane for the Pebble daily. No luck, but then I decided to see if Jadefang was up. I'm sure you can see where this is going.

Jadefang was there, but Booggah was parked in Uldum waiting for Madexx. I logged off Lark and on Boo, then did a divebomb for the ground to hearth. NPC_Scan started blaring at me before he even touched the ground.

Funny story- Madexx had been showing up in green a lot for both me and my sister. She finally tamed him, and after that he stopped. We saw him in black twice and brown once, then kinda lost track of him until now. This time? Green again. I figured he was trying to tell me something.

Now maybe he'll show up in BLUE!

So, on to Deepholm. By this time my sis was on her own PC, so she was going to try to help Boo get his green squee spider. This is where we ran into difficulties. Boo didn't have the bombing daily, and the goblin that offered it was nowhere in sight. Kel tried using her bomb to blow him up to the ledge, but it doesn't work for cross-faction. (And now we know.)

There were other people running around, and an AFK druid up in her cave as well, so I was getting pretty anxious. Kel tried aggroing her to pull her down off the ledge, which didn't work but it did give me an idea. We found out he could stand on the nearby pillar and shoot her from there, so Kel pulled Jadefang to the edge and held her there so Boo could hit her with an arcane shot. It was enough to pull aggro, but she evaded when he tried to tame. A couple other attempts went the same way.

By this time the aforementioned druid had figured out what we were trying to do and offered to help. First he tried his bombs again- sis had to explain that they didn't work- then they both went up on the ledge. We found out Jadefang is immune to traps (Boo launched one up there) and hibernate, so there went those ideas. Finally I lost patience and just started spamming the tame button, and it took. I waited for the cast to count down, then she evaded at the last possible instant.

It was encouraging, though, and we tried it again. One try was pretty hairy, with Kel, the druid, and Kel's pet all juggling aggro at one point, but Jadefang finally focused back on Boo. He hit her with a couple more arcane shots, just to keep her on him, then started tame-spamming again.

And for whatever reason, this time it worked. Boo got his shale spider!

It was definitely the strangest tame I'd ever done, but so long as it worked, right? Jadefang is renamed Tak'ki, and his scorpid still needs a name. I'll have to think on that now. Boo is smitten with them both.

So that was today's crazy. After that my goblin finding and taming Gorefang earlier in the day seems like nothing. Taiglin is now 19, up from 14, and is still questing her way through Silverpine. I meant to get on Rheu, but he'll get his turn probably tomorrow, and then he'll hopefully be 80! He'll have some RP stuff still after I finish his story, but that can wait for a bit. I think when it's done he'll be ready to head back to civilization.

Still boggling a bit though. Gone so long without seeing any rares, and now between my sis and me that's 6 tames in... 5 days? Wow.

That's about it for now. Til next time, Happy Hunting!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

And Again!

Apparently my luck hasn't quite run out yet.

Spent most of the day on LOTRO instead of WoW, but I did pop on to check for some of Booggah's hopeful tames. Madexx wasn't up, but when I went to Twilight Highlands, he found a certain someone hiding in the bushes...

(Including this one because she's cute)


That's 2 tames down in 2 days. I'm still hoping mostly for a blue Madexx to be next, but Boo does still want Karkin (and then Lark's Bashtin will most likely be going bye-bye :( ) and Magria, and Lark needs Skarr. We'll see what the next few days might bring.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

1... 2... SQUEEE!!

Nuff said? XD

I was woken up at around 5ish this morning by a dream of Lark finding and taming him. I almost got up then to log on and see if he was up, but since my brain at that point was the only part of me that was awake... yea, didn't get to it. Funny thing is, when I went back to sleep I dreamed it all over again... and again, until my alarm went off and I had to get up. I thought again of turning the PC on and logging in real fast to check, but I didn't quite leave myself enough time before I had to leave for work.

Fast forward. I had almost forgotten all about it by the time I was home again. Wound up taking a nap (no dreams this time) then logged into Runes of Magic for a bit. Dinked around, leveled my druid there, then remembered that I needed to check for Lark's last Lieutenant of Flame* before bed. Started WoW, logged on Lark and headed to Hyjal.

As she flew I started thinking about my dream, and thought it'd be funny if I got to Malorne's shrine and he was actually there. I headed there, just to check, instead of going straight to Molten Front.

Then NPC_Scan went off. It was Ban'thalos.

I was sure it was a tamed pet, but clicked the portrait anyway, and saw a yellow portrait pop up. I think my heart stopped right there. I frantically headed over to the tree while calling to my sis to bring one of her toons, in case I needed her to sacrifice-pull him into range, but Lark landed on the tree after just a couple tries. Dropped the trap, then flew back up and waited for him to fly back into range.

A dwarf pally was flying around him up in the air, and I started thinking the "Oh please don't" mantra. He didn't touch Banthy, thank goodness, and in a few seconds he was in range. One arcane shot, then popped haste pot/deterrence/tame once she landed, and Banthy obligingly chased her into the trap. Tame went off without a hitch. The only damage she took was a bit from the fall.

I'd thought of a name ages ago, so that was no problem. I'm not sure yet whether the name means that "he" is a "she", and I might just leave it as an "it" since, you know, spirit and all that.

My hands are finally starting to stop shaking. That was definately the biggest high I've gotten off a tame for a long while- even when she found King Krush it was less an "Omygolly I got him!" and more of a "Welcome home."

My only regret is she has to wait almost a week for her next raid, to show him off. I may go leather-farming with him for some bonding time, since Rheugan will need some new gear soon (he's up to 79 already!). And after this, all she needs to finish her stable is Skarr, and I'm not in a rush for him, so she can take her time looking, and enjoy her new buddy.

*Hugs spirit owl*

* The last thing Lark needs for her achievement and title is this one, and the only lieutenant she has left for that is the Ancient Charscale. She's kept the quest for it in her log, and I checked every day to see if the charscale is up. She has seen, at a minimum, 3 Firelords, 3 Cinderweb Queens, 5 Smoldering Behemoths, and at least one Harbinger. No Charscale. I'm beginning to think it's borked.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Rheugan: Dragonblight

Again, this took longer than I'd thought it would. BUT, the biggest reason it did is that my brain keeps wanting to skip ahead in the storyline, so hopefully the rest of it won't take so long. Maybe. >.>

Poor Rheu. Inside his head just isn't the nicest place to be right now.

When faced with a problem that has no apparent solution, almost any man would turn to a higher power for help. That’s what Rheugan told himself, at least, as he winged his way over the Dragonblight.

The other dragons at Wyrmrest had told him where to go, so it wasn’t long before Angra’thar loomed into view. He soared in to land at the feet of the huge creature sitting before the gates, shifting from bird to human as he did. Alexstrasza nodded to him but said nothing, clearly waiting for him to speak first.

Rheugan looked around as he collected his thoughts, then waved a hand outward at the devastation. “Bit of a mess, isn’t it?”

“It is,” she agreed, then cocked her head slightly. “I can show you what happened if you’d like.” “No thanks,” he said with a shiver. “I’ve heard the stories.” He heard her chuckle quietly. “What can I help you with, youngling?” she asked him.

Rheugan hesitated, suddenly wondering if this had been a good idea after all. “I.. I’m not human,” he finally said. “I know,” she replied simply. He blinked, then went on. “My, ah, other side, it’s...” “Difficult?” she supplied. He nodded. “And now my cat is proving to be the same way.”

She peered at him. “So what did you want from me, druid? Advice? I’m afraid I’m the wrong one to ask for that.” Rheugan shook his head. “I... I know, it’s just...” He trailed off, no longer sure what he was trying to say. “I think the wolf makes it harder,” he admitted. Alexstrasza remained silent, simply watching him, and after a few minutes he looked up at her, a hint of desperation touching his expression.

“Can you... take it away? The curse?” he blurted, and she blinked. “Why?” was all she said. Rheugan found he couldn’t stop the words tumbling from his mouth. “I’ve killed people. Cursed others to live the same life I did. Some of them were my friends. I.. I don’t want any part of it anymore.” He looked up again. “You’re the Aspect of life, aren’t you? Is that in your power?”

“No, little one,” she answered, then regarded him for a moment. “I can’t give you absolution,” she finally told him. “But tell me, would it be feasible to find each person you’ve cursed, the family of each you’ve killed, and ask forgiveness from them?” Rheugan looked down. “No, m’lady, not really,” he said. “Then perhaps you should work on forgiving yourself,” she said gently, as she stood and moved away. “I need to be off, but think on what I’ve told you, druid.” Then she gave a mighty flap of her wings before lifting off, leaving him standing there.

Rheugan stared after her until she was out of sight, then turned his thoughts inward. Are you there? he asked the cat. It was, he could feel it, but it didn’t answer. It felt... uncertain, as if surprised at what he had suggested, and he wondered if it was possible to relieve himself of the cat, if it came to that. That thought made him even more unsettled, and he shivered. Not yet, he told the cat; it seemed to relax slightly. I’d still like to work with you, rather than that. But you’re not making it easy, you know. The cat had nothing to say to that, and kept silent and still as he changed to a bird and took off again, heading toward the Grizzly Hills.

There was still one more opinion he wanted to get.

(Bonus points for anyone that can guess where he's heading. >.>)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Say wha?

Me: Random question. Which is worse, greasy whale milk or pungent seal whey?

Sis: Two words: Fungus squeezings.

Me: ...Darnit, how did I forget that one?

.... Yea, I don't really know the point of that either. But it was silly.

(Also I get really weird when I'm sleep-deprived. >.>)

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Rheugan: Borean

I'm not totally happy with this, but I'm tired of being stumped with it. So here's Rheugan's next chapter. The rest will be better, I promise.

The Lich King was dead, the war officially over, yet people still flocked to the North to find glory or riches against the remaining undead. No one paid much attention to the gray stormcrow sitting on a pile of lumber near the recruiter’s desk, so Rheugan was free to people-watch to his heart’s content. He listened to them idly. Masons, tailors, carpenters, smiths.... He had no skills to offer, just an unpredictable cat that could turn on its allies if it wished, and little he could do to stop it.

He would find no answers here. Before a full day had passed, he took off into the air and flapped his way still further north.

Are you there? he asked his cat silently as he flew. His surprise when it responded was almost enough to send him tumbling from the sky. It was just a slight stirring in the back of his mind, but it was enough. His biggest fear had been that he would be practically helpless once he’d gotten here, as most of his fighting skills depended on the cat’s instincts, but it looked like he might not have to worry after all.

* * * * *

Rheugan lay in a sheltered nook in the rock, idly licking a mostly-healed wound on his foreleg as he thought. He’d been here in Northrend for a week now, but while he felt he had made some progress, he still wasn’t certain at all about the cat. It certainly had a strong self-preservation instinct- that was obvious, since he was still alive- but its methods seemed to consist of taking over Rheugan’s mind and doing what it wanted until he tired, then leaving him to recover so it could repeat the process. Rheugan had the uncomfortable thought that if the Cenarion Circle druids could see him now, they definitely wouldn’t let him out of their sight. He needed to try something different.

* * * * *

He lurked around the Nexus for several hours before he spotted a small group heading inside. It was easy enough to fall in at their heels, though he stuck to the shadows at first, listening to them talk and plan.

As they progressed further in and found the first groups of enemies, he held back and watched, getting a feel for their fighting style. The first time he joined in, striking from the edges of the fight, they were obviously startled, but no one challenged him. A little further in one of the dragonkin landed a lucky blow on Rheugan’s shoulder, which the shaman in the group healed without hesitation.

The others soon began including him in their battle plans, and he listened carefully, then did as instructed the best he could. He was beginning to thoroughly enjoy himself- and was exulting at the cat’s cooperation- when suddenly their mission seemed to be over and they found themselves back near the entrance. Satisfied with his “experiment,” he slipped away while the others were still saying their goodbyes.

Before he slept that night he thought long and hard about the cat. It didn’t seem to be interested in attacking people, preferring to be simply left alone. Perhaps it would be safe enough to stay among civilization after all- Light knew he had had enough of camping out already.

That thought received a derisive mental snort from the cat, and abruptly it was gone again, back to whatever hiding place it had found in his mind. Rheugan was left blinking in his bed, wondering what he had done wrong.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Yes, I know it'll get "fixed"

And I don't really care. He's fun while it lasts.

(For info on this little bugger, go here. Yes, I'm lazy.)