Saturday, September 17, 2011

1... 2... SQUEEE!!

Nuff said? XD

I was woken up at around 5ish this morning by a dream of Lark finding and taming him. I almost got up then to log on and see if he was up, but since my brain at that point was the only part of me that was awake... yea, didn't get to it. Funny thing is, when I went back to sleep I dreamed it all over again... and again, until my alarm went off and I had to get up. I thought again of turning the PC on and logging in real fast to check, but I didn't quite leave myself enough time before I had to leave for work.

Fast forward. I had almost forgotten all about it by the time I was home again. Wound up taking a nap (no dreams this time) then logged into Runes of Magic for a bit. Dinked around, leveled my druid there, then remembered that I needed to check for Lark's last Lieutenant of Flame* before bed. Started WoW, logged on Lark and headed to Hyjal.

As she flew I started thinking about my dream, and thought it'd be funny if I got to Malorne's shrine and he was actually there. I headed there, just to check, instead of going straight to Molten Front.

Then NPC_Scan went off. It was Ban'thalos.

I was sure it was a tamed pet, but clicked the portrait anyway, and saw a yellow portrait pop up. I think my heart stopped right there. I frantically headed over to the tree while calling to my sis to bring one of her toons, in case I needed her to sacrifice-pull him into range, but Lark landed on the tree after just a couple tries. Dropped the trap, then flew back up and waited for him to fly back into range.

A dwarf pally was flying around him up in the air, and I started thinking the "Oh please don't" mantra. He didn't touch Banthy, thank goodness, and in a few seconds he was in range. One arcane shot, then popped haste pot/deterrence/tame once she landed, and Banthy obligingly chased her into the trap. Tame went off without a hitch. The only damage she took was a bit from the fall.

I'd thought of a name ages ago, so that was no problem. I'm not sure yet whether the name means that "he" is a "she", and I might just leave it as an "it" since, you know, spirit and all that.

My hands are finally starting to stop shaking. That was definately the biggest high I've gotten off a tame for a long while- even when she found King Krush it was less an "Omygolly I got him!" and more of a "Welcome home."

My only regret is she has to wait almost a week for her next raid, to show him off. I may go leather-farming with him for some bonding time, since Rheugan will need some new gear soon (he's up to 79 already!). And after this, all she needs to finish her stable is Skarr, and I'm not in a rush for him, so she can take her time looking, and enjoy her new buddy.

*Hugs spirit owl*

* The last thing Lark needs for her achievement and title is this one, and the only lieutenant she has left for that is the Ancient Charscale. She's kept the quest for it in her log, and I checked every day to see if the charscale is up. She has seen, at a minimum, 3 Firelords, 3 Cinderweb Queens, 5 Smoldering Behemoths, and at least one Harbinger. No Charscale. I'm beginning to think it's borked.

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