Sunday, February 28, 2010

Pitch and Shaurria: Some Trouble in Borean

The rime-coated walls surrounding the Nerubian temple of En'kilah loomed above the tundra. Overhead, the ziggurat of Naxxanar floated, keeping an ominous watch over things below. Leading up to the gateway in the wall was a trail of mangled corpses and scattered body parts. Inside the wall, the Scourge went about their business, unaware of the fact they were being invaded.

Pitch knew that the undead they had killed would only stay dead for so long before they were raised again, or before others would take their place. Still, this place was good practice, and there were no truly powerful Scourge there, so it was relatively safe. He stood back and watched as Shaurria methodically took apart a ghoul, the now-armless thing standing and staring at her before she knocked it down and tore its legs off at the knees. She left it lying helpless in the filthy snow and came to stand beside Pitch, breathing heavily but easily. He nudged her shoulder with his nose. "Good job. You're still using more brute force than really necessary, but you're a lot better," he told her in his Teacher Voice. She purred happily, then looked at him expectantly; it was his turn now.

Pitch surveyed their surroundings, then fastened his attention on an abomination wandering nearby. He hadn't let Shaur tackle one of them yet, they were too dangerous still, and he had been putting them down himself. Besides, he was showing Shaur his hook-riding trick. Target selected, he moved into the shadows and homed in on the abom. Shaur followed closely enough to watch, but not so close as to draw attention.

Pitch waited until the huge mass of stitched-together parts paused in its patrol, then he unshifted- hands were better for this than paws- and looked around carefully. No other Scourge in sight, perfect. He stepped around the broken-down Scourge-wagon and waited for the abomination to notice him.

The ugly hulk looked up in short order and spotted the Night elf standing there, a cocky expression on his face. It roared, then one arm hefted back and threw, flinging its scourgehook straight at Pitch. That was what the druid had been waiting for, and he watched the hook flying towards him carefully, then reached out and grabbed it with both hands before it hit him. The rotting behemoth at the other end pulled hard, and Pitch let the yank send him flying through the air, straight at the abom. Letting go at just the right time, Pitch changed to cat as he sailed right into the undead's face.

He had done this many, many times and considered himself a pro at it. This time, however, something was off, and he didn't realize it until the abom had snatched him right out of the air. Pitch snarled savagely and set to mauling the arm holding him, but the abom only made a noise that might have been laughter, then clubbed him with its other arm. Pitch's head rang, but he held onto consciousness. Therefore, he was still aware when he saw the ground come rushing up to meet him, at a speed that appeared to be extremely unhealthy. This will hurt in the morning, he thought briefly, then the abom smashed him into the ground and his world exploded into pain, then blackness.

* * * * * *

The world was shaking. Pitch wished it would stop. he felt like he would be sick shortly. Then he gradually realized that the only thing shaking was his torso, and there was a familiar, tear-filled voice urgently calling his name.

"Pitch, wake up please. Don't be dead, I healed ya th' best I could. Please, Pitch, open yer eyes an' look at me." He was able to crack one eye open, but the stab of pain that the daylight sent through his head made him groan. The shaking stopped, and then his face was being held by two warm hands. "Pitch? Are y'alright?" Shaurria asked anxiously. He groaned again, then opened his eye again and managed to keep it open. "Wha happened?" he mumbled. The dark shape above him, which slowly resolved itself into Shaur, gestured to the side. "Th' abom flung ya t' the ground, an' I killed it," she said matter-of-factly, and he turned his head to see the rotted heap lying not very far away. "Smashed ya up somethin' fierce, though. I healed what I could, but..." She trailed off, looking at him fearfully. "Are y'alright?" Pitch grunted. "Think so, or at least I will be." He tried to sit up, and his ribs creaked ominously. "Maybe."

Shaurria helped him up, wincing at every gasp of pain he made. He was finally standing, unsteadily maybe, but on his own feet. "It's alright, kitty," he said. "Let's get back to town, then I'll have my brother look at me. You did fine, though, don't worry." He managed a grin at her, she just frowned worriedly, taking his arm and tugging gently. "Let's go," she said. "Th' cats're over here."

Ursoc seemed to know something was wrong with his master, because he moved out as smoothly as he could. Shaurria's Finnall kept even with the bigger saber as they headed for Valiance Keep and the boat to Stormwind. Pitch just hoped Alanon hadn't gone back to Icecrown yet.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Shaurria meets D.E.H.T.A.

"Where we going now, Pitch?"
"Gonna have you meet some other druids."
"These guys are a little odd, so just remember one thing."
"'Kay, what's that?"
"Whatever they say, just smile and nod."

"What's 'humane treatment of animals'?"
"It means not hurting them."
"... so we're not supposed to hunt them?"
"Nah, hunting's fine. Just kill them quickly."
"... Okay!"

"Why are we trapping the trappers again?"
"Uh, because they told us too?"
".... Y'don't really know why, do you?"
"Not a clue, kitty."

"Okay, so it's wrong to cut parts off of animals?"
"Apparently yes."
"... then why do they want me to bring them ears?"

"Why did we kill the guy on the rhino?"
"Uh, because you aren't supposed to ride rhinos?"
".... I don't think we should tell them about Ursoc and Finn then."

"Those druids are weird."
*chuckles* "Like me?"
"No, you're just weird. They were weird."
".... Nice clarification there, Shaur."

Friday, February 26, 2010

Storming the Citadel

My guild on Gilneas went into ICC tonight to try some bosses. We've been doing rep runs for a couple weeks now, just killing trash, but this time we were looking specifically to kill bosses, just to see how far we'd get. Apparently the first boss, Morrowgar, is the hardest of the lot. We had tried to kill him before with no luck, but tonight we knew what to expect from him, and in short order...

We got him! Thus encouraged by our victory, we went on to the rest of the first wing. Lady Deathwhisper was a bit hectic, but we actually did pretty well with it, and she joined Morrowgar on the floor on our first try.

The gunship battle was a blast. Barraccus was on a cannon the whole fight, except when he had to go beat down on the Horde's mage. And I finally got to see the legendary druid-bear rocket pack...

I felt kinda bad laughing at poor Drac, but OhmygollySILLY!

Deathbringer Saurfang was after that. He gave us a hard time, but we got him closer to defeated on each attempt, until finally he was down as well!

At that point it was late and a few people had to go, so we stopped there. It was a fun run, and the PUG healers that came along all did a great job. Barraccus lost the rolls on Morrowgar's sword and a nice helm, but he got a dps chestplate from Saurfang, so I'm happy.

And now I need some sleep. Later!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Arvoss and Shaurria: Worries (part 2)

This would have been last Tuesday, so it's over a week late. >.< Sorry!

He found her in the Park, her druid friend close by. Pitch eyed him warily as he approached, so Arvoss tried to keep his expression friendly. "Kitten," he said, and she looked up quickly, a huge grin spreading across her face."Can Ah talk t' ye a bit?" She nodded, patting the ground next to her. Arvoss paused before sitting down, giving Pitch a look, and the druid-cat stood up. "I think I have something I need to do, and I should go do it before I forget again," he told Shaur, then he padded off. She watched him go, then turned back as Arvoss settled down on the grass next to her. "Sorry Ah've nae been around much, lass," he said. She just shrugged as she snuggled in for a hug. "S'fine," she said, then sat back and looked at him expectantly. "What did you want to talk about?"

Arvoss looked at her, sitting there and watching him brightly, and found he couldn't say it. "Ahhh, 'ow's yer trainin' comin'?" he asked instead. "Ye kill anneh more cleft'oofs?" She grinned. "Nah, we're up to ogres," she said, then frowned. "They smell alot worse, though." He chuckled despite himself. "Aye, tha' they do." Shaur suddenly sobered and looked at him searchingly. "Arvoss? Is... something wrong?"

There was his opening, if he decided to take it. He looked back at her, studying her for a few minutes. She just waited, her expression serious. Finally he took a deep breath. "Ye ken tha' we're nearly knockin' oan Arthas' door, aye?" he asked her. "Yea," she answered, voice quiet. "Aely an' the others've said as much." He nodded, choosing his next words carefully. "None o' us ken wha'll 'appen when 'e falls," he said. "Some o' th' Ebons're worried. Feared tha' may'ap we'll be lost again. Ah dinnae think tha'll 'appen," he added quickly. "But ye kennit naow, if ye 'ear annehthin'." She nodded, and he went on. "S'another thing, when 'e falls th' Scourge willnae 'ave a leader. Some say they migh' jes' run wild then. Ye'll be safe enou' 'ere, lass, but th' rest o' us..." He paused, seeing the worry creep into her eyes. "...we'll be righ' in th' thick o' it," he finished.

Shaurria simply stared at him for a long while. When she finally spoke, it was in a whisper barely loud enough to be heard. "You think you're gonna die." He shifted uncomfortably. "Ah dinnae ken, lass. Jes'.... wanted t' prepare ye fer th' possibility." She shook her head in denial. "You're just worried 'cause of the fightin'. Nothing's gonna happen, you'll see. Th' war's gonna end, and you'll come back home." Arvoss reached over and put an arm around her, pulling her into a hug. "Ah 'ope sae, kitten," he said. "Ah really do." She pulled back, just a bit, and tapped his head with her knuckles. "Don't hope," she told him, her voice full of determination. "Know." Then she hugged him back fiercely.

He held her for a few minutes, then gently nudged her. "Ah've go' t' be gettin' back, kitten," he told her, and she nodded as she let him go. Arvoss stood up, a little stiffly, then paused. "Ye be good, eh lass? Take care o' yerself, an' listen t' tha' Pitch feller." Another pause, then he cleared his throat roughly. "Ah love ye, lass," he said softly. "Wha'eveh else comes, remembah tha'." Then he left, walking back toward the harbor.

Shaur watched him go, not taking her eyes off him. Even when he passed out of sight, she still stared in the direction he had gone. She heard Pitch come back, but still didn't move until he said quietly, "Shaur? Is something wrong?" She finally pulled her gaze away from where Arvoss had gone, looking at Pitch for a few minutes before answering. "No. S'fine." He looked at her curiously, then moved closer and sat down. Shaur reached over to dig her fingers through his ruff, her eyes wandering back to the last spot she had seen Arvoss.

After a bit Shaur scooted to Pitch's side, burying her face in his scruff as she hugged him tightly. Pitch sat still, saying nothing. A low, soothing purr started up deep in his chest.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Arvoss and Windstar: Worries

Okay, I'm cheating. Still working on the story for this, but between work, sleep, writer's block, and actually playing the game, it's taking much longer than I thought. So,today you get a chat log, to help speed up the process a bit.

Arvoss has been a bit out of the picture lately. This is intentional- I haven't forgotten about him. He's been distancing himself from everyone else lately, and he finally tracked down Windstar at the Argent Tournament grounds to explain why.


Arvoss says: 'ey, lass, ye got a bit?
Windstar cocks her head curiously at Arvoss.
Windstar nods at you.
Arvoss says: Ye migh' ken tha' Ah've been... avoidin' Shaur a bit?
Windstar looks at you.
Windstar says: I have noticed.
Windstar says: She's not very happy about it
Arvoss says: Well, Ah'm a bit worried 'bout sommat
Windstar says: ... Really?
Arvoss says: An' if Ah dinnae speak o' it t' sommun Ah think Ah'll go wonky
Windstar raises her eyebrow inquisitively at you.
Arvoss says: We're at Arthas' door naow, ye ken?
Windstar says: Mhmm
Arvoss says: We migh' actually get th' bugger
Windstar glances over her shouder with a small frown.
Windstar says: I hope so
Arvoss says: Well, some o' th' Ebons an Ah've been wonderin'
Arvoss says: wha's goin' t' 'appen when 'e falls?
Arvoss says: Lot o' us, well we oughta be dead
Windstar blinks. She looks thoughtfully down at the snow in front of her.
Windstar says: Hm
Arvoss says: Wi'out th' Lich King aroun', wha's t' keep us... alive?
Windstar says: Uh ... Well?
Windstar says: You may have been raised by him
Arvoss nods at Windstar.
Windstar says: But he no longer controls your thoughts or actions
Arvoss says: S'righ', an' Ah'm nae sure 'ow much tha part worries me
Windstar says: So, perhaps nothing
Arvoss says: S'sommat else though
Windstar raises her eyebrow inquisitively at you.
Arvoss says: 'ave ye been inside th' 'alls?
Windstar gives a short nod.
Arvoss says: Did ye see when Jaina spoke t' Uther?
Windstar nods again.
Arvoss says: An' wha' 'e said t' 'er?
Windstar says: ...... Yes
Windstar gazes off into the distance.
Arvoss says: Sae we kill off th' Lich King, th' one tha's 'oldin' th' Scourge in check, an' wha' d'ye s'pose th' undead'll do when they're free o' 'im?
Arvoss says: We migh' off Arthas jes' t' be smothered by them
Windstar looks down at the ground, frowning in thought.
Arvoss says: Sae, well?
Windstar says: That is a possibility
Arvoss says: Ah dinnae ken righ' naow if Ah'll survive th' war
You look at Windstar.
Windstar blinks at you.
Arvoss says: If Ah'm nae inside th' walls, lass, Ah'm goin' t' be righ' outside wi' th' support
Windstar nods at you.
Arvoss says: An' in easy reach o' th' Scourge
Windstar says: So will I, Arvoss
Arvoss says: Sae, jes' if annehthin' 'appens t' me, Ah dinnae wan' it t' 'urt Shaur anneh more'n it 'as t'
Arvoss says: Been tryin' t'... get 'er used t' me nae bein' 'round
Windstar raises an eyebrow, sudden realization on her face.
Windstar says: Soooo.....
Arvoss says: Least she's got 'er druid feller t' look after 'er
Windstar says: You think being away from her will make it hurt less
Arvoss looks down, and nods.
Windstar says: If something happens to you
Arvoss says: Aye
Windstar rubs her forehead with one hand, sighing quietly.
Windstar says: Arvoss ...
Arvoss looks over.
Windstar says: What do you think will happen if she suddenly hears that you're .... dead
Windstar almost chokes on the last word.
Windstar says: Have you ever lost someone, without even having said a proper goodbye?
Arvoss looks back down.
Arvoss says: 'ow can Ah say goodbye t' 'er, when Ah dinnae even ken wha'll 'appen?
Windstar says: Well, talk to her
Arvoss says: an' Ah cannae.... do tha' t' 'er
Windstar snorts.
Windstar says: She is stronger than you seem to think
Windstar says: -AND-
Windstar says: She deserves to know
Windstar emphasizes each word carefully.
Arvoss grimaces down at his boots.
Windstar peers at you searchingly.
Arvoss says: ..... a'righ'
Arvoss says: Ah'll try t' talk t' 'er before th' final push
Windstar nods.
Windstar says: Please do
Windstar says: She is so worried about you
Arvoss says: Ah kennit
Arvoss says: S'nae makin' me anneh 'appier, believe it
Windstar looks at Arvoss and quietly says, "It might make her happier."
Arvoss says: Lass? One last thing?
Windstar says: Hm?
Arvoss says: If sommat does 'appen t' me, an' ye get out a'righ'
Windstar says: You know I'll always take care of her
Arvoss says: Make sure she's taken care of, eh?
Windstar gives a brief quiet chuckle.
Arvoss says: Dinnae tell either o' them, but Ah'm kinda glad tha' Pitch feller's aroun'
Windstar hmphs.
Arvoss says: Got a feelin' 'e'll take care o' 'er a'righ'
Windstar says: I think so too

Yes, he does go talk to Shaurria. This all happened last week, so if any of her friends have noticed she's been a bit more moody this past week, well, that's why. I'm writing out the story for it still, will post it soon as it's done (hopefully won't be much longer).

And Shaur is now 70 and playing around in Northrend with Pitch. /boggle. I might get her up to 80 yet!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Happy Birthday to... Me?

Yup, my sister and I dinged another level today IRL. To be honest, however, I've found that the older I get, the less I really care about it. Maybe I'm getting old. >.>

Not a whole lot going on in-game. RP has seemed a bit slow lately (or maybe I'm just a bit out of the loop) and my work schedule has been flip-flopping around the last couple weeks, which I think has been contributing to my tiredness lately. Seriously, I've worked the exact same schedule for over a year, if I haven't complained about it yet obviously I'd like it to continue that way.

Also I've been sketching again, and here's the latest results. I don't feel that either of these are finished yet, per se, but I don't know when they will be, so figured I'd put them up anyway. Here's Pitch and Shaur, being cute together-

And Pitch's cat form. I can see a number of things wrong with this, but most of them are because the paper was too small for the finished project, so this will probably be a complete redo. For now, however, this is roughly what he looks like-

I'm almost ready to finish moving my characters around, so that will be my main focus for the next few days. And I have the money ready and waiting thanks to tax returns, so that's one worry gone. So, yea, my character list will be changing quite a bit soon.

I think I had some other stuff to say but I can't remember it now. I'll try to have a real post in the next couple days, maybe even another story done (/looks at Shaur and Arvoss). So til next time, Happy Hunting!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Pitch: Indecision

(Warning on this one for mature content.)

Posting this one kinda late, it actually would have happened the beginning of the week. I was hemming and hawing about actually posting it, since it's rather more adult than I usually write. I blame outside influences. >.>

Pitch needed some time away from everyone, so he slipped off to some nameless inn/tavern to think. Please don't think badly of Pitch. He is a guy after all, and he really doesn't do this very often.


Pitch was startled from his reverie when a glass thunked down on the table next to his own. He looked up as the glass' owner slipped into the seat across from him, to see another Kal'dorei, a female in leather and chain mail. Hunter, his mind supplied automatically as he studied her. She looked back at him with eyes that reminded him of his sister Kel, although he would judge the stranger to be closer to his own age. Armor kept repaired and clean despite the wear, and a world-weary look behind the friendly expression reinforced the resemblance. He nodded to her, just once, and she nodded back. "I hope you don't mind," she said, her voice low and not at all unpleasant. "But you don't seem to be here for the drinks, unless I miss my guess." She looked pointedly at his untouched glass, and he chuckled faintly even as he was surprised at her forwardness. She continued, "You look like you have a lot on your mind. Care to share any of it? Maybe an outsider's opinion will help."

Pitch gave a half-shrug. "Girl trouble," he said noncommittally, and heard her chuckle. "Isn't it always," she replied. "Just one, or is there more to it?" He eyed her, wondering how much to say. "Sort of both," he finally admitted. "There's a youngster I've been coaching, and she's kinda gotten a crush on me. Can't just leave her half-trained, so we're dealing with it. But she's too young for me, and I'm not sure what else to do." She raised one eyebrow, then gave a slight nod. "And the other? Or is it others?" "Just one," he corrected. "She's.... well, I like her. She likes me. But I'm not sure where we're going. And, well, she just had her previous mate run off without a word, and I don't want to push her. And just to make things worse, I'm kinda afraid to start anything with her, in case her fellow comes back. I mean, what if she'd rather be with him after all? I don't want to be a fill-in, you know?"

The other elf nodded, a hint of compassion in her eyes. "I can see why you were worlds away. That's a lot to be thinking about." She glanced away, then back again. "I don't know if I can help much with that, I'm afraid." Pitch shrugged again. "I can figure it out. Just, I don't know, need more time." Neither spoke for several minutes after that, until she finally cleared her throat, breaking the silence. He looked up to find her studying him, and she offered a warm, if slight, smile. "I can understand if it would complicate things more, and you can say no," she said quietly. "But if you'd like a temporary distraction, I think I can help with that. Hells, I'll even pay for the room, since you're cute."

Pitch eyed her, considering. She was pretty good-looking, and it had been a while. And it wasn't like anyone had a hold on him yet. He looked away, thinking, then turned back and gave her a half-mocking grin. "How are you at ear rubs?" he asked, and her smile turned sly. "I can show you," she said mischievously, then stretched one hand across the table. "I'm Lark," she told him. He looked at the hand for a moment before reaching over and taking it. "Pitch." She grinned at him. "Well then, Pitch, shall we?" she said, and he allowed her to pull him to his feet and toward the stairs.

She did indeed know a thing or two about ears, confirming in Pitch's mind his suspicion about her being a hunter. Pitch had trouble concentrating on what he was doing, however. Even with Lark panting beneath him, her nails digging into his skin, his thoughts kept wandering back to Shaurria and Skyborne. Lark finally grew tired of his fumbling, and with a surprising show of strength she pushed him to his back and took over. She quickly had him focusing back on the present, and he managed to stay focused for the rest of their time.

As they caught their breath afterward, he wondered if he should apologize to her. Before he could make up his mind, however, she sat up so she could look at his face. "Don't worry about it," she told him, making him blink. Did she read minds or something? She gave him a soft smile, then reached over and patted his cheek. "I can't stay, but here's what I think," she said. "You need to either make her yours, or let her go. And you need to decide soon, this indecision isn't fair to either of you." With that, she slipped off the bed and dressed quickly. Pausing with her hand on the doorknob, she turned back, once more looking mischievous. "And I have to say," she added. "If you do decide to take her, I think I'll be just a little bit jealous." She grinned back at him, then left.

Pitch lay on the bed for a little while longer, then finally got himself up. He pulled on his own clothes, then left the inn, heading back toward Stormwind and Shaurria. As he walked along the road, he decided he would look for Sky as soon as he could. Lark was right; he did need to talk to her.

It took a while, but Pitch finally found Sky last night, and they had their talk. Summary: they are staying friends for now, nothing more. Pitch is fine with it (it was actually his suggestion), and Sky seems to be too, so all's well.

And now I'm thinking about actually rolling Lark as a character, since I don't have any Alliance-side hunters on Feathermoon. Trying to resist, though, because I HAVE TOO MANY ALTS ALREADY, DANGIT. >.>

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Randomness may be lag-induced

I'm beginning to think Blizzard broke something when they last did maintenance, because it's become almost impossible to do anything. Also I've been alt-hopping, so not much is going on with my Feathermoon crew.

I came to a rather startling realization at work one day. It took me a couple days to think it through, but anyways, here it is:

Shaurria is happy.

I don't mean to say that her life right now is all roses, far from it. RP-wise, Arrens is missing, and Aely is pretty upset because of it. So not only is Shaur worried about Arrens, but she's also trying to help make Aely feel better until he's found and/or rescued. She misses Windstar, who is still in Northrend (though she's hopefully coming back to Stormwind soon). And she's really worried about Arvoss, who has been, well, avoiding her for reasons of his own (more on that later, I promise!). There's still a mess going on between SI:7 and her friends, and that has her worried. So why is she happy?

Mostly, it's because of Pitch. And it's not just because she likes him, either. The one thing she hates the most is being alone, and for one reason or another, she keeps winding up by herself. I'm not trying to blame people for it, far from it. It's just the way she is (and the one thing that makes it hard to RP her sometimes). But since he arrived and befriended her, Pitch has been almost always nearby.

For his part, Pitch is taking his role as mentor/protector very seriously. And he does care about her, and knows how much she depends on those around her. He may not hold her and cuddle her (like she would kinda like him to >.>), but he's there for her, and that's all she really needs.

It's pretty much summed up in this little conversation they had after Windstar had told Shaur she was leaving:
Shaurria says: P-Pitch?
Shaurria says: y' won't ever go away, will you?
Pitchblàck says: ummm
Pitchblàck says: I don't want to make promises that I won't keep, kitty
Pitchblàck says: but I'll promise you this
Pitchblàck says: if I do go, I'll always come back, okay?
The reassurance is what she really wants; just knowing that there's someone she knows and trusts that will be there when she needs it. Pitch is her security blanket, her safe place. It's why she's happy despite all the crazy going on. And for that reason alone, I'm happy that I brought him over to Feathermoon.

And for anyone that's wondering, Shaur is actually pretty okay with Skyborne and Pitch. She just isn''t the jealous type, for one thing, and Pitch's talk did help some. I don't think her crush on him is going to go away anytime soon, especially with the amount of time they spend together, but since he doesn't treat her romantically at all, she's adjusting to just being friends just fine.

* * * * * *

Okay, enough sentimental stuff. I mentioned that I've been alt-ing alot. Alanon is just about ready for his transfer, whenever it happens. I'm thinking up a storyline for when he does get to Feathermoon as well. Right now I'm letting him sit except for occasional heroic runs to collect badges (Kaled needs a bow!). I really don't think I'll be RPing him much, but it'll be nice to have an 80 to help "take care" of Shaur, as far as heirlooms & stuff goes.

Kaled and Khaotic are both 65, and their pets are mostly caught up with them. I took some time to profession-level, and then they took a trip out to Northrend to train them up, so that's taken care of. Next up, they're hitting Nagrand.

Speaking of Nagrand, Shaur is just about ready to leave there. She got level 67, so I'm thinking of taking her to Blade's Edge or Shadowmoon next and cranking out that last level. Then she'll probably sit for a bit til Alanon comes over and gets her a CWF book. Yea, I'm spoiled. >.>

I'm trying to figure out who I want to level next. Taurron is my next closest at 74, but I'm starting to want to go huntering again, so maybe I'll work on Kaled and Khaotic. There's also Quae, who I want to level in case my guildies there need another healer (since I'm kinda taking Alanon away). And I still have Khlar patiently waiting over on Wyrmrest. So I don't know who to work on next. :P

My lowbie alts are probably going to level through random instances for awhile, whenever I need a break from one of these guys. Rajast got 2 levels on 2 dungeon runs, which brings him up to 42. I'm starting to think about respeccing him resto and getting him some gear for it, just to see if the queue times are shorter. And also learning to shammy-heal while leveling will probably be easier on me than just jumping into it at 80.

Can't think of anything else right now, so til next time Happy Hunting!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Dear Puggers...

Please go read this. It will help everyone. Thank you.

And thank you Anna for writing it in the first place. Kudos!

(Okay, first I'm doing one or two posts a week, now I'm double-posting in one day, what gives? Hehe)

Quae and Barraccus: Heading North

Quae gently traced the scars zigzagging across Barraccus' chest. He lay still, eyes closed, though she knew he was awake. She said nothing, however. She was thinking.

He had arrived in Telaar earlier that afternoon, and she had immediately noticed how worn out he looked. He had brushed off her concerns, so she had let it drop. All through that afternoon, however, she had watched him closely. He was tired, it showed in everything he did. She had cut their time out short, pretending to be tired herself, and after a supper that he only picked at, they had retired early.

She knew that his work up north kept him busy, yet he managed to get back to her every weekend so they could spend time together. But the constant traveling was exhausting him. Quae knew it had to stop. Barraccus would argue, she knew he would. She was also pretty sure of what he would say, and carefully thought out her own arguments accordingly.

Finally she leaned over, laying her hand on his cheek as she kissed him. He returned the kiss, then as she sat back again he opened his eyes and gave her a faint smile. "I love you," he said softly, and she smiled back. "I love you too," she said, then paused before continuing, "but... you should be up north." He blinked at her, first in surprise, then confusion. "I should-I need to be with you," he started, but she laid a finger on his lips, silencing him. "Hear me out, love," she asked him, and after a moment he nodded slowly.

"You need to be up north," she said bluntly. "You need to be there, when he falls. You need the closure, love. You can't be whole without it, and I need you whole." He blinked at her, then when she took her finger away he asked, "And how can I be sure you're safe, if I can't see you?" She gave him a faintly mocking grin. "Simple, love. I'm coming with you." "What?!" he exclaimed, sitting up partway on the bed, then he winced and lowered his voice. "But... Northrend, Quae. It's bad enough with you here, but what makes you think being with me will make it easier to keep you safe?"

She frowned, and he knew he had probably said at least two things he shouldn't have. Instead of answering sharply, however, she merely said, "It will be easier because you won't have to worry about us being apart. I'll be right under your eye. The Temple doesn't have any more of a presence there than they do here. And if you don't think you can protect me from anything up there, you're not giving yourself enough credit."

He looked at her for a bit, finally cracking a small smile. Then his gaze sharpened. "But what about your work here? Are you just going to pack up and leave?" She shook her head at him. "Barraccus, there is no work left. Everything I've been doing the past few weeks has been repetitive chores, things to keep me busy and out of their hair. And there are still younger adventurers coming in, looking to prove themselves before they head north. Love, trust me. I will not be missed."

Barraccus was silent for a few minutes, then finally he gave her a crooked grin. "You thought up an argument for anything I might say, didn't you?" he asked wryly. She smiled back. "Pretty much. You are rather predictable, love." He chuckled, then pulled her closer for another kiss. "Alright," he said when they parted. "We'll head out first thing. To Northrend." The twist of his mouth when he said it showed he still didn't approve, but she knew he wouldn't argue anymore; she had won. She snuggled down at his side, allowing herself a small triumphant grin. "To Northrend," she repeated softly. "Together."

Monday, February 8, 2010

Khaotic-An Old Friend (picture-heavy)

I mentioned before that I was wanting to retame Khaotic's ghost saber, Gulhalrathn. Well, I decided to go do it today. And just for kicks, I took screenies of the whole thing. Enjoy!

Arrived at Zoram'gar, now for the long ride through Ashenvale and Darkshore.
Gee, I wonder who lives there? (>.>)

In Darkshore at last.

Oh, look! There's a white bear at the side of the road. Let's take a look, shall we?
Well, it was worth a shot.

Hello, Auberdine. For some reason I don't think I should go any closer.

Hmm, wonder what this is?

At the Ruins of Mathystra finally! Here is what we're looking for, and I just so happened to find it right away.

There's only a chance the cat will spawn when you open the figurine, so we might be in for a long stay. But luck's on our side, because he jumps out on the first try! Trap, tame, go!

And he's ours! Wheee!

Hey, fella. I've missed you.

So now she has a level 59 cat. Instances seem to be the way to go for pet-leveling, so I queue her up and it pops shortly after. One rather challenging Slave Pens run later, and he is caught up to her at 64. Yay!

The run left Khaotic just short of 65, so when the group I was in wanted to run another, I stayed. Khaotic traded Gul for Maelthra, since she was falling a bit behind. We got Blood Furnace, where Khaotic got her level and Maelthra caught up to her. Didn't finish the instance as the group was not very..... umm, nevermind, we won't go there. But I'm happy anyway, despite the repair bills.

Tomorrow I'll hop on Kaled and run instances to catch him up, then they'll be off questing together again. Nagrand, ho!

Monday, February 1, 2010


Blog silence, wow. Just haven't had much to write about lately, been mostly farming heroics and that's about it. Also been really tired lately, and we've just had a huge snowfall, so there really hasn't been much going on.

I've been thinking alot about Pitch and Shaur lately. Shaur still really likes Pitch, and I'm not sure anymore if it's gonna go away. The thing is, Pitch likes her too, but she's still too young for a relationship like that. And he likes Skyborne to boot. Poor Pitch is rather confused right now and doesn't know what he wants. He's trying to do what's right, but it hasn't been easy on him.

Part of Shaur's problem right now is she's feeling a little abandoned. She hasn't seen Arvoss regularly for a while, Aely and Feliche have been MIA lately, most of her other friends are involved with their own storylines, and now Windstar has joined the crowd, heading off to Icecrown for a "break." So Pitch is the only one around for her, and he feels sorry for her, so he's been spending as much time as possible with her. This... hasn't been helping his attempt to keep some distance between them. Shaur is becoming as dependent on him as she is with anyone else, including Arvoss and Star.

As far as Skyborne goes, Pitch likes her. He likes being friends with her. But he doesn't know if she wants anything more, and is hesitant to ask because of her last relationship (the other half of which went and disappeared without a word some time ago). But he'll probably have to have a serious talk with her at some point, just to try and straighten things out.

Triangles like this are confusing. <.<

So anyway, I'm trying to write up a story for Quae & Barraccus, which is coming along slowly. I'm thinking of doing another bit for Shaur, mostly to help me figure out what's going through her head. Arvoss needs to talk to someone, probably Windstar if he can run across her in Icecrown. And I have a kinda major project going, which will be Pitch's life story- his growing up, druid training, and the trouble he's gotten into over his 600-some years. I haven't decided yet how much of it I might post, but right now I just want to get it written. I also need to think up some RP to help cheer Shaur up, as she's been Depressed Kitty a lot lately. And depressed kitties aren't much fun. >.>