Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Arvoss and Windstar: Worries

Okay, I'm cheating. Still working on the story for this, but between work, sleep, writer's block, and actually playing the game, it's taking much longer than I thought. So,today you get a chat log, to help speed up the process a bit.

Arvoss has been a bit out of the picture lately. This is intentional- I haven't forgotten about him. He's been distancing himself from everyone else lately, and he finally tracked down Windstar at the Argent Tournament grounds to explain why.


Arvoss says: 'ey, lass, ye got a bit?
Windstar cocks her head curiously at Arvoss.
Windstar nods at you.
Arvoss says: Ye migh' ken tha' Ah've been... avoidin' Shaur a bit?
Windstar looks at you.
Windstar says: I have noticed.
Windstar says: She's not very happy about it
Arvoss says: Well, Ah'm a bit worried 'bout sommat
Windstar says: ... Really?
Arvoss says: An' if Ah dinnae speak o' it t' sommun Ah think Ah'll go wonky
Windstar raises her eyebrow inquisitively at you.
Arvoss says: We're at Arthas' door naow, ye ken?
Windstar says: Mhmm
Arvoss says: We migh' actually get th' bugger
Windstar glances over her shouder with a small frown.
Windstar says: I hope so
Arvoss says: Well, some o' th' Ebons an Ah've been wonderin'
Arvoss says: wha's goin' t' 'appen when 'e falls?
Arvoss says: Lot o' us, well we oughta be dead
Windstar blinks. She looks thoughtfully down at the snow in front of her.
Windstar says: Hm
Arvoss says: Wi'out th' Lich King aroun', wha's t' keep us... alive?
Windstar says: Uh ... Well?
Windstar says: You may have been raised by him
Arvoss nods at Windstar.
Windstar says: But he no longer controls your thoughts or actions
Arvoss says: S'righ', an' Ah'm nae sure 'ow much tha part worries me
Windstar says: So, perhaps nothing
Arvoss says: S'sommat else though
Windstar raises her eyebrow inquisitively at you.
Arvoss says: 'ave ye been inside th' 'alls?
Windstar gives a short nod.
Arvoss says: Did ye see when Jaina spoke t' Uther?
Windstar nods again.
Arvoss says: An' wha' 'e said t' 'er?
Windstar says: ...... Yes
Windstar gazes off into the distance.
Arvoss says: Sae we kill off th' Lich King, th' one tha's 'oldin' th' Scourge in check, an' wha' d'ye s'pose th' undead'll do when they're free o' 'im?
Arvoss says: We migh' off Arthas jes' t' be smothered by them
Windstar looks down at the ground, frowning in thought.
Arvoss says: Sae, well?
Windstar says: That is a possibility
Arvoss says: Ah dinnae ken righ' naow if Ah'll survive th' war
You look at Windstar.
Windstar blinks at you.
Arvoss says: If Ah'm nae inside th' walls, lass, Ah'm goin' t' be righ' outside wi' th' support
Windstar nods at you.
Arvoss says: An' in easy reach o' th' Scourge
Windstar says: So will I, Arvoss
Arvoss says: Sae, jes' if annehthin' 'appens t' me, Ah dinnae wan' it t' 'urt Shaur anneh more'n it 'as t'
Arvoss says: Been tryin' t'... get 'er used t' me nae bein' 'round
Windstar raises an eyebrow, sudden realization on her face.
Windstar says: Soooo.....
Arvoss says: Least she's got 'er druid feller t' look after 'er
Windstar says: You think being away from her will make it hurt less
Arvoss looks down, and nods.
Windstar says: If something happens to you
Arvoss says: Aye
Windstar rubs her forehead with one hand, sighing quietly.
Windstar says: Arvoss ...
Arvoss looks over.
Windstar says: What do you think will happen if she suddenly hears that you're .... dead
Windstar almost chokes on the last word.
Windstar says: Have you ever lost someone, without even having said a proper goodbye?
Arvoss looks back down.
Arvoss says: 'ow can Ah say goodbye t' 'er, when Ah dinnae even ken wha'll 'appen?
Windstar says: Well, talk to her
Arvoss says: an' Ah cannae.... do tha' t' 'er
Windstar snorts.
Windstar says: She is stronger than you seem to think
Windstar says: -AND-
Windstar says: She deserves to know
Windstar emphasizes each word carefully.
Arvoss grimaces down at his boots.
Windstar peers at you searchingly.
Arvoss says: ..... a'righ'
Arvoss says: Ah'll try t' talk t' 'er before th' final push
Windstar nods.
Windstar says: Please do
Windstar says: She is so worried about you
Arvoss says: Ah kennit
Arvoss says: S'nae makin' me anneh 'appier, believe it
Windstar looks at Arvoss and quietly says, "It might make her happier."
Arvoss says: Lass? One last thing?
Windstar says: Hm?
Arvoss says: If sommat does 'appen t' me, an' ye get out a'righ'
Windstar says: You know I'll always take care of her
Arvoss says: Make sure she's taken care of, eh?
Windstar gives a brief quiet chuckle.
Arvoss says: Dinnae tell either o' them, but Ah'm kinda glad tha' Pitch feller's aroun'
Windstar hmphs.
Arvoss says: Got a feelin' 'e'll take care o' 'er a'righ'
Windstar says: I think so too

Yes, he does go talk to Shaurria. This all happened last week, so if any of her friends have noticed she's been a bit more moody this past week, well, that's why. I'm writing out the story for it still, will post it soon as it's done (hopefully won't be much longer).

And Shaur is now 70 and playing around in Northrend with Pitch. /boggle. I might get her up to 80 yet!

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