Monday, February 1, 2010


Blog silence, wow. Just haven't had much to write about lately, been mostly farming heroics and that's about it. Also been really tired lately, and we've just had a huge snowfall, so there really hasn't been much going on.

I've been thinking alot about Pitch and Shaur lately. Shaur still really likes Pitch, and I'm not sure anymore if it's gonna go away. The thing is, Pitch likes her too, but she's still too young for a relationship like that. And he likes Skyborne to boot. Poor Pitch is rather confused right now and doesn't know what he wants. He's trying to do what's right, but it hasn't been easy on him.

Part of Shaur's problem right now is she's feeling a little abandoned. She hasn't seen Arvoss regularly for a while, Aely and Feliche have been MIA lately, most of her other friends are involved with their own storylines, and now Windstar has joined the crowd, heading off to Icecrown for a "break." So Pitch is the only one around for her, and he feels sorry for her, so he's been spending as much time as possible with her. This... hasn't been helping his attempt to keep some distance between them. Shaur is becoming as dependent on him as she is with anyone else, including Arvoss and Star.

As far as Skyborne goes, Pitch likes her. He likes being friends with her. But he doesn't know if she wants anything more, and is hesitant to ask because of her last relationship (the other half of which went and disappeared without a word some time ago). But he'll probably have to have a serious talk with her at some point, just to try and straighten things out.

Triangles like this are confusing. <.<

So anyway, I'm trying to write up a story for Quae & Barraccus, which is coming along slowly. I'm thinking of doing another bit for Shaur, mostly to help me figure out what's going through her head. Arvoss needs to talk to someone, probably Windstar if he can run across her in Icecrown. And I have a kinda major project going, which will be Pitch's life story- his growing up, druid training, and the trouble he's gotten into over his 600-some years. I haven't decided yet how much of it I might post, but right now I just want to get it written. I also need to think up some RP to help cheer Shaur up, as she's been Depressed Kitty a lot lately. And depressed kitties aren't much fun. >.>


  1. These ups and downs are very normal in RP situations - for me, the combination of my own RL explosion and Arrens being out of game has made it difficult for me to get my head in gear for RP. Hopefully once we clear up some of the stories (the beginnign of the clearing up starts tomorrow!), Aely will be more "present" again. It's hard for me to RP her when she's in a bad emotional place though. That said, if Shaur would like someone cheerful to hang around, Annie Mae is always an option (even if she IS a gnome!)

  2. That would work, because Shaur likes Annie Mae. I'm pretty sure Pitch has met her and likes her too.

    I do have an idea to cheer her up again, the only problem is it involves my other druid, Alanon. So it'd have to wait til he comes to the server. Considering I'm trying to wait til sis can bring her pally over, and her financial situation right now, I'm not totally sure when that will be.

    And yea, the ups and downs sure are fun. >.>