Thursday, February 11, 2010

Randomness may be lag-induced

I'm beginning to think Blizzard broke something when they last did maintenance, because it's become almost impossible to do anything. Also I've been alt-hopping, so not much is going on with my Feathermoon crew.

I came to a rather startling realization at work one day. It took me a couple days to think it through, but anyways, here it is:

Shaurria is happy.

I don't mean to say that her life right now is all roses, far from it. RP-wise, Arrens is missing, and Aely is pretty upset because of it. So not only is Shaur worried about Arrens, but she's also trying to help make Aely feel better until he's found and/or rescued. She misses Windstar, who is still in Northrend (though she's hopefully coming back to Stormwind soon). And she's really worried about Arvoss, who has been, well, avoiding her for reasons of his own (more on that later, I promise!). There's still a mess going on between SI:7 and her friends, and that has her worried. So why is she happy?

Mostly, it's because of Pitch. And it's not just because she likes him, either. The one thing she hates the most is being alone, and for one reason or another, she keeps winding up by herself. I'm not trying to blame people for it, far from it. It's just the way she is (and the one thing that makes it hard to RP her sometimes). But since he arrived and befriended her, Pitch has been almost always nearby.

For his part, Pitch is taking his role as mentor/protector very seriously. And he does care about her, and knows how much she depends on those around her. He may not hold her and cuddle her (like she would kinda like him to >.>), but he's there for her, and that's all she really needs.

It's pretty much summed up in this little conversation they had after Windstar had told Shaur she was leaving:
Shaurria says: P-Pitch?
Shaurria says: y' won't ever go away, will you?
Pitchblàck says: ummm
Pitchblàck says: I don't want to make promises that I won't keep, kitty
Pitchblàck says: but I'll promise you this
Pitchblàck says: if I do go, I'll always come back, okay?
The reassurance is what she really wants; just knowing that there's someone she knows and trusts that will be there when she needs it. Pitch is her security blanket, her safe place. It's why she's happy despite all the crazy going on. And for that reason alone, I'm happy that I brought him over to Feathermoon.

And for anyone that's wondering, Shaur is actually pretty okay with Skyborne and Pitch. She just isn''t the jealous type, for one thing, and Pitch's talk did help some. I don't think her crush on him is going to go away anytime soon, especially with the amount of time they spend together, but since he doesn't treat her romantically at all, she's adjusting to just being friends just fine.

* * * * * *

Okay, enough sentimental stuff. I mentioned that I've been alt-ing alot. Alanon is just about ready for his transfer, whenever it happens. I'm thinking up a storyline for when he does get to Feathermoon as well. Right now I'm letting him sit except for occasional heroic runs to collect badges (Kaled needs a bow!). I really don't think I'll be RPing him much, but it'll be nice to have an 80 to help "take care" of Shaur, as far as heirlooms & stuff goes.

Kaled and Khaotic are both 65, and their pets are mostly caught up with them. I took some time to profession-level, and then they took a trip out to Northrend to train them up, so that's taken care of. Next up, they're hitting Nagrand.

Speaking of Nagrand, Shaur is just about ready to leave there. She got level 67, so I'm thinking of taking her to Blade's Edge or Shadowmoon next and cranking out that last level. Then she'll probably sit for a bit til Alanon comes over and gets her a CWF book. Yea, I'm spoiled. >.>

I'm trying to figure out who I want to level next. Taurron is my next closest at 74, but I'm starting to want to go huntering again, so maybe I'll work on Kaled and Khaotic. There's also Quae, who I want to level in case my guildies there need another healer (since I'm kinda taking Alanon away). And I still have Khlar patiently waiting over on Wyrmrest. So I don't know who to work on next. :P

My lowbie alts are probably going to level through random instances for awhile, whenever I need a break from one of these guys. Rajast got 2 levels on 2 dungeon runs, which brings him up to 42. I'm starting to think about respeccing him resto and getting him some gear for it, just to see if the queue times are shorter. And also learning to shammy-heal while leveling will probably be easier on me than just jumping into it at 80.

Can't think of anything else right now, so til next time Happy Hunting!

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