Thursday, February 18, 2010

Pitch: Indecision

(Warning on this one for mature content.)

Posting this one kinda late, it actually would have happened the beginning of the week. I was hemming and hawing about actually posting it, since it's rather more adult than I usually write. I blame outside influences. >.>

Pitch needed some time away from everyone, so he slipped off to some nameless inn/tavern to think. Please don't think badly of Pitch. He is a guy after all, and he really doesn't do this very often.


Pitch was startled from his reverie when a glass thunked down on the table next to his own. He looked up as the glass' owner slipped into the seat across from him, to see another Kal'dorei, a female in leather and chain mail. Hunter, his mind supplied automatically as he studied her. She looked back at him with eyes that reminded him of his sister Kel, although he would judge the stranger to be closer to his own age. Armor kept repaired and clean despite the wear, and a world-weary look behind the friendly expression reinforced the resemblance. He nodded to her, just once, and she nodded back. "I hope you don't mind," she said, her voice low and not at all unpleasant. "But you don't seem to be here for the drinks, unless I miss my guess." She looked pointedly at his untouched glass, and he chuckled faintly even as he was surprised at her forwardness. She continued, "You look like you have a lot on your mind. Care to share any of it? Maybe an outsider's opinion will help."

Pitch gave a half-shrug. "Girl trouble," he said noncommittally, and heard her chuckle. "Isn't it always," she replied. "Just one, or is there more to it?" He eyed her, wondering how much to say. "Sort of both," he finally admitted. "There's a youngster I've been coaching, and she's kinda gotten a crush on me. Can't just leave her half-trained, so we're dealing with it. But she's too young for me, and I'm not sure what else to do." She raised one eyebrow, then gave a slight nod. "And the other? Or is it others?" "Just one," he corrected. "She's.... well, I like her. She likes me. But I'm not sure where we're going. And, well, she just had her previous mate run off without a word, and I don't want to push her. And just to make things worse, I'm kinda afraid to start anything with her, in case her fellow comes back. I mean, what if she'd rather be with him after all? I don't want to be a fill-in, you know?"

The other elf nodded, a hint of compassion in her eyes. "I can see why you were worlds away. That's a lot to be thinking about." She glanced away, then back again. "I don't know if I can help much with that, I'm afraid." Pitch shrugged again. "I can figure it out. Just, I don't know, need more time." Neither spoke for several minutes after that, until she finally cleared her throat, breaking the silence. He looked up to find her studying him, and she offered a warm, if slight, smile. "I can understand if it would complicate things more, and you can say no," she said quietly. "But if you'd like a temporary distraction, I think I can help with that. Hells, I'll even pay for the room, since you're cute."

Pitch eyed her, considering. She was pretty good-looking, and it had been a while. And it wasn't like anyone had a hold on him yet. He looked away, thinking, then turned back and gave her a half-mocking grin. "How are you at ear rubs?" he asked, and her smile turned sly. "I can show you," she said mischievously, then stretched one hand across the table. "I'm Lark," she told him. He looked at the hand for a moment before reaching over and taking it. "Pitch." She grinned at him. "Well then, Pitch, shall we?" she said, and he allowed her to pull him to his feet and toward the stairs.

She did indeed know a thing or two about ears, confirming in Pitch's mind his suspicion about her being a hunter. Pitch had trouble concentrating on what he was doing, however. Even with Lark panting beneath him, her nails digging into his skin, his thoughts kept wandering back to Shaurria and Skyborne. Lark finally grew tired of his fumbling, and with a surprising show of strength she pushed him to his back and took over. She quickly had him focusing back on the present, and he managed to stay focused for the rest of their time.

As they caught their breath afterward, he wondered if he should apologize to her. Before he could make up his mind, however, she sat up so she could look at his face. "Don't worry about it," she told him, making him blink. Did she read minds or something? She gave him a soft smile, then reached over and patted his cheek. "I can't stay, but here's what I think," she said. "You need to either make her yours, or let her go. And you need to decide soon, this indecision isn't fair to either of you." With that, she slipped off the bed and dressed quickly. Pausing with her hand on the doorknob, she turned back, once more looking mischievous. "And I have to say," she added. "If you do decide to take her, I think I'll be just a little bit jealous." She grinned back at him, then left.

Pitch lay on the bed for a little while longer, then finally got himself up. He pulled on his own clothes, then left the inn, heading back toward Stormwind and Shaurria. As he walked along the road, he decided he would look for Sky as soon as he could. Lark was right; he did need to talk to her.

It took a while, but Pitch finally found Sky last night, and they had their talk. Summary: they are staying friends for now, nothing more. Pitch is fine with it (it was actually his suggestion), and Sky seems to be too, so all's well.

And now I'm thinking about actually rolling Lark as a character, since I don't have any Alliance-side hunters on Feathermoon. Trying to resist, though, because I HAVE TOO MANY ALTS ALREADY, DANGIT. >.>

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