Monday, February 8, 2010

Khaotic-An Old Friend (picture-heavy)

I mentioned before that I was wanting to retame Khaotic's ghost saber, Gulhalrathn. Well, I decided to go do it today. And just for kicks, I took screenies of the whole thing. Enjoy!

Arrived at Zoram'gar, now for the long ride through Ashenvale and Darkshore.
Gee, I wonder who lives there? (>.>)

In Darkshore at last.

Oh, look! There's a white bear at the side of the road. Let's take a look, shall we?
Well, it was worth a shot.

Hello, Auberdine. For some reason I don't think I should go any closer.

Hmm, wonder what this is?

At the Ruins of Mathystra finally! Here is what we're looking for, and I just so happened to find it right away.

There's only a chance the cat will spawn when you open the figurine, so we might be in for a long stay. But luck's on our side, because he jumps out on the first try! Trap, tame, go!

And he's ours! Wheee!

Hey, fella. I've missed you.

So now she has a level 59 cat. Instances seem to be the way to go for pet-leveling, so I queue her up and it pops shortly after. One rather challenging Slave Pens run later, and he is caught up to her at 64. Yay!

The run left Khaotic just short of 65, so when the group I was in wanted to run another, I stayed. Khaotic traded Gul for Maelthra, since she was falling a bit behind. We got Blood Furnace, where Khaotic got her level and Maelthra caught up to her. Didn't finish the instance as the group was not very..... umm, nevermind, we won't go there. But I'm happy anyway, despite the repair bills.

Tomorrow I'll hop on Kaled and run instances to catch him up, then they'll be off questing together again. Nagrand, ho!

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