Friday, April 19, 2013

Catching Up- the Blah Edition

Apologies again for the blog silence. I've had a lot of stuff going on outside of gaming, mostly just stuff in my head driving me crazy (and not in a good way). To be brutally honest, I've had problems with depression and stuff for a long time, and various things going on IRL have just been piling up lately, so I've barely been in the mood to play anything, let alone try to write up a blog post.

Anyway, WoW stuff. I've been playing Rheu a lot since he hit 90, and I'm steadily working on gearing him up... through PvP. >.>

Yes, I hate PvP. But there's a lot of folks on Feathermoon who don't, and doing things with friends you enjoy chatting with can make anything bearable, even enjoyable. I'm still mostly a lost cause as far as usefulness goes, but as Rheu gets better gear I'll be able to survive for more than a few seconds, and hopefully I'll be able to learn some skills.

PvPing is reminding me on a regular basis just how weird some people are in regards to naming their toons (no offense if you happen to be one of those >.>). This particular one cracked us all up.

Pitch and Lark have been mostly sitting, except for a few LFR runs for each. Lark's gotten some good pieces from her Mogu'Shan Vault runs, though Pitch has gotten nothing at all from Throne of Thunder yet. "Failbags" galore, but no gear. Although I have to admit I'm a little more excited over the pets than the gear...

Can you tell which one is Sadhe and which is the pet quillrat?

Booggah's finally getting the attention I've been wanting to give him, and he'll be my next to 90. He's already reached 87 through some pet-battling and a dungeon run, and I'll be PvPing with him as well. He'll be getting geared up the same way as Rheugan, both because it's been surprisingly quick and easy so far, and because Horde seems to dominate things here most of the time, so hopefully Boo will be getting regular wins. Though if my usual luck holds, it'll just mean that once Boo does get into the level-90 bracket, we'll just be losing more often...

Pet-battling and RP have been the main things keeping me logging in, as usual. Both are going well, though there's been nothing really note-worthy, just a few plotlines getting their groundwork started. For pets, I've been going back to older zones and trying to upgrade as many wild pets to rare as I can, though my patience is a bit limited as far as that goes. Terokkar's warpstalker hatchlings have been particularly frustrating (and no, I don't have my rare yet). But I'll get there eventually.

Battlestones have been hit-or-miss lately, mostly miss though I've gotten a couple. Leveling is still the most fun and relaxing part of it, and I'm only 2 25s away from my Pro Pet Mob achievement. I've also picked up a Spawn of G'nathus when a few friends and I decided to go farm him for a bit, and found a Sunfur panda (my favorite color) for cheap in the AH.

I don't really remember if there was anything else worth mentioning, so I think that's enough for now. Here's hoping my moods will get better, and I'll be able to post more often. Til next time, Happy Hunting!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

And then this happened

(Last night's RP.)

Tarquin is nursing his cigarette, leaning back relaxedly.

Tarquin: Master Jameston. How're yeh?

Rheugan: Well enough

Tarquin: Pitch suggested yeh maun want an' talk ta me.

Rheugan: I had expected as much

Tarquin: Aye.

Tarquin: So what d'yeh want ta talk about?

Rheugan: Bricu suggested there might be a spot for me in the Riders. I just asked him, and he said it was still open

Tarquin: Right yeh are, lad.

Rheugan eyes Tarquin, a bit hesitantly.

Tarquin scratches at his chin.

Tarquin: Yet, I canna help but notice, wey yeh say that - it's still oan account some punter else suggested it.

Tarquin: The wey Pitch asked me.

Tarquin: The wey...well, look, mate.

Tarquin plucks the cigarette from his mouth and rests his fingers on the tabletop, letting it smolder.

Tarquin: This outfit, we started it up oan account we wanted ta make our ain wey.

Tarquin: Yeh heard how we say it. Nae crowns, nae flags, nae causes an' all that.

Tarquin: Things come an' go, but what remains is, wir doin' this ta...what's the phrase?

Tarquin leans back, closing his eyes briefly.

Tarquin: Wir seizin' what the world withholds.

Tarquin: An' Master Jameston, welll...ambition's no' a requirement fir the gig.

Rheugan drops his eyes to the tabletop and nods.

Tarquin: But it ha' got a certain relation.

Tarquin: So what I am wond'rin' is, why d'yeh want ta wear the colors?

Tarquin: Besides jus' other folks sayin' yeh ought ta?

Rheugan looks back at Tarq.

Rheugan: Because, honestly, I have no other options

Tarquin tilts his head.

Tarquin: How's that, mate?

Tarquin picks his cigarette back up and trims a little ash off the side with his thumbnail.

Tarquin: Thinkin' about it, mate?

Rheugan frowns at the tabletop and nods.

Tarquin: Well. Put it this wey, then.

Tarquin: First - what wid yeh be doin' if yeh'd never come up the Pig, or met the Black an' Red?

Rheugan glances at Tarq, then looks away again.

Rheugan: I would... probably be dead

Tarquin lifts both his eyebrows.

Tarquin: Really now.

Tarquin: Fra' what?

 Rheugan: I-.. well, the cat- attacked a frostsaber in Darnassas, shortly after we'd left Gilneas after the fighting. When a Sentinel tried to intervene, he turned on her as well

Rheugan: The saber was killed, the Sentinel was wounded badly. They shut me away while they tried to.. decide what to do with me

Tarquin takes a slow, silent drag on his cigarette, his eyes glinting slightly.

Rheugan glances briefly at Tarquin.

Rheugan: That was how Pitch became my mentor. If he hadn't... they likely would have killed me

Tarquin: The Kaldorei dinna care much fir liabilities, 'tis true.

Tarquin: So Pitch's been sortin' yeh out wi' that, an' that is a fine thing.

Tarquin: But Rheugan, me lad - yeh seen what we do.

Tarquin: Up close, even.

Tarquin: Oan the balance, we are closer ta the cat than the Sentinel.

Rheugan: Do you think I haven't realized that?

Rheugan quirks an eyebrow.

Tarquin grins faintly at that.

Tarquin: I think yeh expressed a certain, uh, discomfort.

Tarquin: An' the wey we do things has no' much changed.

Rheugan: No, but I have, whether I wanted to or not

Tarquin nods thoughtfully.

Tarquin: Meanin' yeh can work.

Rheugan nods.

Tarquin: Awright.

Tarquin leans back.

Tarquin: Awright. An' is there anythin' mair yeh want outay it, Jameston?

Tarquin: Asides a chance ta stick by yir mentor?

Tarquin: An' fill yir hours?

Rheugan gives Tarquin a rather sardonic look.

Rheugan: You think that's why I wanted a job?

Tarquin: I dinna ken at all why yeh wanted a job, mate.

Tarquin: All I heard is other people askin' oan yir behalf. An' I am glad yeh come ta me yirself.

Rheugan: I want it because... it's either this, or I keep drifting like I have been

Rheugan: And I'm tired of it

Tarquin pulls the cigarette out of his mouth again and leans forward.

Tarquin: Yeh want purpose.

Rheugan nods.

Tarquin: Well, mate.

Tarquin: All we got is watchin' each other's backs while we grab the world by the bollocks an' squeeze.

Tarquin: If that's eno' purpose fir yeh, that's guid eno' for me.

Rheugan nods again.

Tarquin: Well, then.

Tarquin: Moan oan downstairs, me lad.

Tarquin claps Rheugan on the shoulder.

Tarquin: Yeh drink mead?

Rheugan: Ah, yes

Tarquin: Barry.

Threnn eyes Tarquin up and down.

Tarquin says: Oi! Black an' red.

Tarquin says: Come 'round.

Bricu says: Oi.

Illithias says: Hnhhh.

Lorelli says: Hrm?

Tarquin stretches over the bar and retrieves a dusty bottle.

Pitchblàck raises his eyebrow inquisitively at Rheugan.

Elohn weaves his way over.

Lorelli says: Ah, lovely.

Tarquin says: Bric, make yirself some tea or something'.

Bricu says: Aye.

Elohn blinks at Rheugan.

Tarquin says: Had a wee chat wi' Jameston here.

Elohn says: ...I'd always assumed he was an elf.

Rheugan leans back on the bar, half-trying to blend in.

Illithias snorts.

Tarquin says: Aye, turns out, there's a lot ta the lad we dinna ken.

Tarquin says: But we shall learn it.

Pitchblàck snerks.

Tarquin says: As he, in turn, shall learn how we do things.

Bricu says: Seltzer, with lemon.

Lorelli looks at Tarquin a bit wary.

Tarquin looks around, fingers curled around his own glass.

Tarquin says: A bit sideweys.

Tarquin says: A bit underhanded.

Tarquin says: An' together, as brothers an' sisters ought ta do.

Tarquin says: Us, yeh bastards.

Tarquin lifts his glass.

Elohn lifts his own.

Bricu lifts his glass.

Tarquin says: Wir one larger.

Illithias raises her mug.

Threnn raises her glass.

Tarquin says: Welcome ta the black an' red, yeh puir sap.

Tarquin raises a drink to Rheugan. Cheers!

Elohn salutes you with respect.

Rheugan grins ruefully, then downs his mead.

Bricu nods at Rheugan.

Tarquin claps Rheugan on the shoulder.

Pitchblàck raises a drink to Rheugan. Cheers!