Monday, May 28, 2012

"Do I know you?"

TooManyAnnas had an interesting post a few days ago about whether your characters actually know each other ICly. I started to make a reply to it... and realized that my reply would be almost as long as the post itself. So, figured I would make a post here. XD

Firstly, I have a lot of characters, even if you only count the ones on Feathermoon. So bear with me. Starting with my "mains" and going down the list to my liddle baby alts...

Alanon, Pitch and Quae are all siblings, along with 2 of my sister's toons, so of course they all know each other very well. Lark is Pitch's mate/partner, so she also knows his family through him. Barraccus is Quae's partner and is equally familiar with the others. And Shaurria is Alanon's adopted daughter and Pitch's protege, of a sort, so she's quite familiar with them too.

Rheugan came to know Pitch first, then Alanon and Shaurria both. Pitch and later Alanon are his mentors (though Alanon might also be considered his healer), and Shaur is his best friend. Later he met Arvoss, who is Shaur's "other father," and Arvoss came to be sort of a fatherly figure for Rheu, too.

Rillian is an old, old friend of Lark's, and when she took up with Pitch it was inevitable that he and Rill would meet... although they don't like each other much at all, so they try to spend a minimum of time in each other's company. Roebar is the "new kid," who happened to know Rheugan, at least in passing. He's since met Lark as well, and I imagine he's probably run into Pitch at the Pig at some point, but he doesn't really know anyone "well" yet.

And now we start getting into my less well-known characters....

Arnen has met Lark once, when he came to the Pig looking for his lost brother (sis's character), but that was it. He hasn't met anyone else unless it was simply passing them on the street. Turron and Rhiany are my father/daughter pair, so they know each other. They have also met Lark, back when she still worked for Stormwind University (she got saddled with interviewing Rhiany for acceptance into the school). Rhiany took a liking to Lark and they'd become sort-of-friends before Lark left the school for the Riders. Neither of them know any of the rest of my characters.

Davoss is more complicated. He is Arvoss' son, so they do know each other... but Dav believes his father was killed in Stratholme, and never found out he was raised as a death knight. Arvoss has been keeping tabs on him from a distance, but considers it better to leave things this way. Dav has met Pitch, who invited him to the Pig one night, but other than that he doesn't know anyone else. I keep meaning to have him discover Arvoss is alive (sort of) and have a reunion with the 2 of them, but so far no good opportunities have come up. Oh well.


All my Horde toons know each other passingly well. Kaledain and Khaotic are married with a daughter, while Taurros is a casual friend. Booggah and Rajast are more like acquaintances that they can call on for help/favors every now and then, though I wouldn't exactly call them friends.

And Taurros has also met Rheugan. XD

That's all for Feathermoon. My characters on other servers are scattered, but I do have a few more that have relationships of one kind or another...

Andrano and Carienne on Silver Hand are traveling companions (and likely going to be more, if I can ever do some more writing for them).

Khlar and Gwynifar on Wyrmrest Accord are brother and sister.

The rest are mostly just random alts I play when I need a change of pace/scenery/whatever. While I do play them in-character (in my head, anyway), they're not what I would consider "real" characters, so I suppose that concludes my list. Whew.

I did tell you I had a lot of characters...

Happy Hunting!

Monday, May 14, 2012

MOP Beta: This is my turtle

And I love him so. :)

This will definitely be the first thing I tame when Mists goes live. And being able to spec him Ferocity so I can dungeon-run with him is awesomeness. I have no clue about the name, it was just one of those things that randomly popped into my head after taming. He is small, too- I keep losing track of him while running around, especially in places with lots of ground clutter. XD

Funny thing though, when I originally tamed him, he looked like this:

I dunno, maybe Blizz tweaked the colors on them and he happened to be one of the green ones. I think I actually like his new color anyway, so it works.

Speaking of new pets, there are porcupines that are also tameable! They are classified as boars. I need to respec mine, as it automatically made him a Tenacity pet. And this is why sis and I shouldn't go taming the same things anymore. XD

I need to tame a tiger and take pictures, the new ones are pretty.

There's a lot of little critters running around too, I'm assuming for pet battles. I really hope these ones become.. err, capture-able?

There's still plenty of bugs to be worked out, and things that need to be/will be changed.... like this guy. Or should I say girl?

Blizzard also put in the account-wide mounts and achievements, which is how Lark wound up with this handsome fellow. I think she also has a motorbike now, need to check again. It'll be kinda funny to see her driving Pitch around, for a change. *snerk*

On second thought, I just realized Pitch will probably be carrying Lark around in his new deer travel form... *ponders* Oh well.

Happy Hunting from the beta!

Edit: I just found and read this. And I squee'd. Oh how I squee'd.

Basilisks! And cranes and porcupines get their own families! And quilen!(whatever they are.) Now if they'd just add hydras to the list....

Sunday, May 13, 2012


Oh my golly, it's an actual story post! /gasp

Yea, my writer's block? The one that's persisted over the last several months? It hasn't been fun. But at least now I know that if it happens again, all I need to do to fix it is have my characters have a baby... >.>

Also? This was fun, and now I want to do Loren arts. :D

Shad had left almost as soon as they determined that mother and baby were both healthy. Pitch couldn't blame him; it was probably closer to morning rather than night by now. He walked Alanon and a yawning Shaurria to the door, then went back upstairs to the bedroom. Lark was still in bed, of course, with Loren cradled carefully in her lap. She stared at the baby in fascination, gently running one finger over his tiny fist as he lay sleeping.

She looked up when Pitch sat down beside her, giving him a smile that almost hid how tired she was. "He looks like you," she said softly. Pitch leaned over to peer at his son. "Yea, I guess he does," he agreed. "He's got more of your coloring, though."

They both lay there together watching the sleeping baby, Lark shifting over to lean on his shoulder. He sensed when she started to doze off and nudged her gently, asking her, "Do you want me to take him so you can sleep?"

Lark stirred herself awake at his words. "No, I'm fine," she answered, though she still sounded tired. "He'll need to eat soon, won't he? I need to be awake for that." Pitch chuckled quietly, and she frowned. Before she could say anything, he bent to kiss her forehead, then gathered Loren up. "Sleep," he said softly. "I'll wake you, don't worry." She just sighed, then settled back against the pillows. Within moments she was fast asleep.

*   *   *   *   *

A whimper pulled Pitch from sleep. It was still dark, but the faint touch of grey outside the window hinted at dawn's approach. He slipped out of bed, careful not to disturb Lark; she stirred in her sleep but didn't wake. Silently he padded over to the cradle.

Loren lay quietly, whether awake or still asleep, it was hard to say. Pitch gingerly lifted him up and carried him over to the nearby chair, then settled his son on his lap. For a moment he just watched him, then with a deep breath, he summoned the cat.

It responded immediately, as he knew it would. Snarling, it threw itself against the barriers he had put up in his mind, fighting furiously for a few minutes before it grudgingly subsided. Stand still, he said to it. Look at him. I want you to know him.

The cat wanted to ignore him. What did it care for such a small scrap of elf meat? It wanted out. Snarling again, it continued testing the bars' strength, searching for a weakness that was, to its eternal frustration, no longer there. Pitch sighed, very quietly, then gave it the mental equivalent of seizing its scruff and shaking it. No, he told it firmly. This is your cub, your heir, as much as it is mine. You will not touch a hair of his head, or so help me I will destroy you.

The cat snorted, disbelieving. If he destroyed the cat, he would destroy himself, and the cat refused to believe he would ever do that. Try me, Pitch told it flatly. If it will keep him safe, I will do anything it takes- including sacrificing myself. You had best learn that, if you want to survive.

The cat was less certain now. He felt it reading his thoughts, considering, before at last it submitted to him. He allowed it to peer through his eyes at the newborn in his lap. His own nostrils flared as the cat took in the baby's scent, then it left him, sinking back into its cage within Pitch's mind.

Pitch slowly let out the breath he'd been holding. The worst battle was over; Loren was as safe as Pitch could make him. He got up, a little stiffly, and settled the infant back in his cradle, then climbed back into his own bed, next to Lark. She snuggled up to him automatically, and he let himself drift back to sleep.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Rill's transmog complete!

I've been trying for ages now to put something together for Rillian, and while it's been almost more trouble than it's worth, I think it's finally finished now! Pictures:

Chest, pants, and gloves are all from the Scouting set. I could have used the belt too, but it was annoyingly absent from the AH, so I went with a Bandit cinch, which uses the same design. For the boots, I'm just using his Bloodthirsty leather ones, which I'll probably keep even after he gets better. His daggers are from the Bravo Company questline in Redridge. And his shoulder is from a quick, easy quest out in Desolace.

Rill's cloak, now, almost needs a post all its own. I knew I wanted this design for him, but there are only 3 cloaks that look like this in the game. One of them drops from a rare spawn in Zul'Farrak. Another comes from the North Dire Maul tribute chest (the one you get when you leave all the bosses- except the king of course >.>). And the third is a drop from Terestian Illhoof in Karazhan.

Rill is fairly well geared now, but I still didn't think much of his chances in Karazhan, so I tried ZF first. The rare spawn was actually up the first time I checked, but he didn't drop the cloak. I did a lot of "run in and check, run out and reset" before he spawned again- no cloak. After a long run of no-shows, I decided to try Dire Maul.

I have no idea what was up with Dire Maul, but the cloak just didn't seem to exist on the loot table... which is funny, because Davoss actually has this cloak sitting in his bank(got it on a dungeon run while he was still leveling). I never kept track of how many times I ran the instance, but saying that it must have been between 20-30 times would not be an exaggeration. It refused to drop.

I kept running through it, killing the King and looting that chest for several days, pausing only to run back to ZF and check for the rare every now and then(only seen him once, and he dropped a sword for me, no cloak), before I gave up. I still tried 1 or 2 runs now and again, but Rill's cloak moved to a back burner for a while.

So. Tonight. I was out doing stuff with the family until late, and when I got home it was too late to do anything, but still too early for bed, so... I decided to just try Karazhan. If it was too hard for Rill, at least I'd know, right? I logged on Rheugan on the other account for a raid group, then went on in. After spending several minutes trying to remember my way around, I finally got to the opera event... and had to backtrack because I needed to kill Moroes first. I got him down pretty low my first attempt before Rill's health got too low and I made a run for it. Second attempt I actually remembered poisons(*cough*), so it went much better. Moroes never even vanished.

I skipped Attumen and Maiden and went back to Opera, and wound up with the Wizard of Oz event. I was really uncertain about this one, but they all went down ridiculously fast, even the Crone at the end. Curator was the same way- I even pulled a group of trash by accident, and was able to kill them off and get Curator down with no trouble. He didn't even evocate until the end of the fight.

I nearly got lost again trying to find the bookcase, then killed the trash and jumped Illhoof. By this time I was feeling pretty good about Rill's chances, not enough to get cocky but I felt that he wouldn't have a problem. I was right, too, and was even able to keep the imp numbers down with regular Fan of Knives thrown in. Terestian hit the floor, I clicked him to loot, and....

Cloak. I will admit I squee'd.

So that's how Rill got his transmog cloak. I like the way the set looks even if all the pieces don't match exactly. The cloak... well, I'm a nerd, and I read in a book somewhere that if you're being stealthy, you don't necessarily want all-black gear, you want dark - but not black! - gear that will blend into the shadows better. That, and I think the pattern would help break up his outline enough to make him harder to see. Maybe I put too much thought into it. XD

Disclaimer!: I didn't run through the whole Kara adventure just to be like "I'm so awesome I killed all these bosses so easily". If you're 85 and even somewhat decently geared, I think any class would have just as easy a time of it, so long as you're patient and know the bosses/your class. So, yea.

I need to get back into the MoP beta and take screenies of all the new pets... when I went to look for pics before it appeared that I had, uh, forgotten to take any. >.> So, til next time Happy Hunting!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

In which I get off my lazy tail and do an update...

Umm, yea. In my defense, I have been majorly tired most of the time, so sometimes actually thinking up a blog post requires more brain-power than I have available. I will try harder, though.

Updates! I am still playing Tera, mostly on the days that I don't have anything going on in WoW (such as RP nights, raids nights, etc.). I've made my usual bunch of alts, and am now playing each one through the starting zone and getting them out into the world.

Dharius is still my "main" so far, though I don't want to say that won't change, as I'm falling in love with a couple other classes too. He's up to level 22 and finally ready quest-wise to go into the game's first dungeon. That will be my next goal for him.

My second off the "newbie island" is my slayer, Azirah the high elf. She was actually one of the last alts I made, but she got her playtime first cause I did really like the class from what I played in open beta (Dharius was a slayer before I rerolled him as a warrior.). She's tons of fun - I actually got her through the zone in one session, though sadly I haven't gotten back to her since.

Next was my Castanic priest Cerelius. I think this picture sums up his personality pretty well...
A lot of the chat I've seen regarding priests seems to be about how painful they can be to level, but he seems to be doing almost as much damage as my sorcerer, the only other caster class I've tried. Playing him is fun and easy, I can't remember how many times he's fought a "boss" or a large group and come out with nearly full health and mana. I think he'll likely be my second "main"(or main alt? whatever).

I've gotten Tamsin the Popori berserker and Nimli the Elin archer through the starter zone as well, but don't have any screenies of them yet. Too busy playing to take pictures maybe? >.>
The only toon I have left is my Aman sorcerer, who should be joining the others shortly.

I rolled all these guys on the (only)RP server, and I've been keeping my eye out for any RP. I've found quite a bit, but there are a few problems - such as the lack of an emote system and the fact that /say chat is almost zone-wide - that make it difficult to follow what's going on. That, and the fact that I've mostly just hung back and lurked. >.>

So! Besides Tera I've still been busy in my other games. Lord of the Rings Online has been holding their anniversary celebration, during which I found that you can find a couple mounts in one of their quests! The quest is to simply pick up envelopes scattered throughout Bree and open them for the invitations inside. But, you can find other things inside as well, such as an emote, tokens for the holiday vendors, and 2 mounts - one of which I want desperately for Ilfariel. She's had no luck so far, despite doing the quest(it's a daily) almost every day, but one of my other characters got lucky...
Sad part is that I hardly ever play this character - in fact, he's the only one I have on the server. /sigh... But, I'm enjoying the mount anyway, and this might be the encouragement I need to actually play and level him.

With everything else going on, Roebar's leveling has naturally slowed down, though he did reach 56 yesterday. I still want to get him to at least 60 asap, so he can fly, and eventually to 85. Hopefully I'll get him there before Mists comes out...
He has gotten in a bucketload of RP, and I'm really happy with how well he's fitting in so far. Having a Gilnean druid(complete with accent!) that isn't as full of issues as Rheugan is/was is a lot of fun, and he's actually helping spearhead the Riders next "big" story arc. Wheee!

There has also been MoP beta stuff, which I will save for another post. Honestly, now that most of the beasts are now tameable that's all I've really been doing, but I've taken screenshots of all the new buddies I've found, so I'll tackle a post for that soon. Til then, Happy Hunting!