Tuesday, May 8, 2012

In which I get off my lazy tail and do an update...

Umm, yea. In my defense, I have been majorly tired most of the time, so sometimes actually thinking up a blog post requires more brain-power than I have available. I will try harder, though.

Updates! I am still playing Tera, mostly on the days that I don't have anything going on in WoW (such as RP nights, raids nights, etc.). I've made my usual bunch of alts, and am now playing each one through the starting zone and getting them out into the world.

Dharius is still my "main" so far, though I don't want to say that won't change, as I'm falling in love with a couple other classes too. He's up to level 22 and finally ready quest-wise to go into the game's first dungeon. That will be my next goal for him.

My second off the "newbie island" is my slayer, Azirah the high elf. She was actually one of the last alts I made, but she got her playtime first cause I did really like the class from what I played in open beta (Dharius was a slayer before I rerolled him as a warrior.). She's tons of fun - I actually got her through the zone in one session, though sadly I haven't gotten back to her since.

Next was my Castanic priest Cerelius. I think this picture sums up his personality pretty well...
A lot of the chat I've seen regarding priests seems to be about how painful they can be to level, but he seems to be doing almost as much damage as my sorcerer, the only other caster class I've tried. Playing him is fun and easy, I can't remember how many times he's fought a "boss" or a large group and come out with nearly full health and mana. I think he'll likely be my second "main"(or main alt? whatever).

I've gotten Tamsin the Popori berserker and Nimli the Elin archer through the starter zone as well, but don't have any screenies of them yet. Too busy playing to take pictures maybe? >.>
The only toon I have left is my Aman sorcerer, who should be joining the others shortly.

I rolled all these guys on the (only)RP server, and I've been keeping my eye out for any RP. I've found quite a bit, but there are a few problems - such as the lack of an emote system and the fact that /say chat is almost zone-wide - that make it difficult to follow what's going on. That, and the fact that I've mostly just hung back and lurked. >.>

So! Besides Tera I've still been busy in my other games. Lord of the Rings Online has been holding their anniversary celebration, during which I found that you can find a couple mounts in one of their quests! The quest is to simply pick up envelopes scattered throughout Bree and open them for the invitations inside. But, you can find other things inside as well, such as an emote, tokens for the holiday vendors, and 2 mounts - one of which I want desperately for Ilfariel. She's had no luck so far, despite doing the quest(it's a daily) almost every day, but one of my other characters got lucky...
Sad part is that I hardly ever play this character - in fact, he's the only one I have on the server. /sigh... But, I'm enjoying the mount anyway, and this might be the encouragement I need to actually play and level him.

With everything else going on, Roebar's leveling has naturally slowed down, though he did reach 56 yesterday. I still want to get him to at least 60 asap, so he can fly, and eventually to 85. Hopefully I'll get him there before Mists comes out...
He has gotten in a bucketload of RP, and I'm really happy with how well he's fitting in so far. Having a Gilnean druid(complete with accent!) that isn't as full of issues as Rheugan is/was is a lot of fun, and he's actually helping spearhead the Riders next "big" story arc. Wheee!

There has also been MoP beta stuff, which I will save for another post. Honestly, now that most of the beasts are now tameable that's all I've really been doing, but I've taken screenshots of all the new buddies I've found, so I'll tackle a post for that soon. Til then, Happy Hunting!

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