Monday, May 14, 2012

MOP Beta: This is my turtle

And I love him so. :)

This will definitely be the first thing I tame when Mists goes live. And being able to spec him Ferocity so I can dungeon-run with him is awesomeness. I have no clue about the name, it was just one of those things that randomly popped into my head after taming. He is small, too- I keep losing track of him while running around, especially in places with lots of ground clutter. XD

Funny thing though, when I originally tamed him, he looked like this:

I dunno, maybe Blizz tweaked the colors on them and he happened to be one of the green ones. I think I actually like his new color anyway, so it works.

Speaking of new pets, there are porcupines that are also tameable! They are classified as boars. I need to respec mine, as it automatically made him a Tenacity pet. And this is why sis and I shouldn't go taming the same things anymore. XD

I need to tame a tiger and take pictures, the new ones are pretty.

There's a lot of little critters running around too, I'm assuming for pet battles. I really hope these ones become.. err, capture-able?

There's still plenty of bugs to be worked out, and things that need to be/will be changed.... like this guy. Or should I say girl?

Blizzard also put in the account-wide mounts and achievements, which is how Lark wound up with this handsome fellow. I think she also has a motorbike now, need to check again. It'll be kinda funny to see her driving Pitch around, for a change. *snerk*

On second thought, I just realized Pitch will probably be carrying Lark around in his new deer travel form... *ponders* Oh well.

Happy Hunting from the beta!

Edit: I just found and read this. And I squee'd. Oh how I squee'd.

Basilisks! And cranes and porcupines get their own families! And quilen!(whatever they are.) Now if they'd just add hydras to the list....

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  1. Cute pics. :) Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait!

    /attempts to summon spirit of patience