Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Quick Catchup

First is probably the biggest - I finally stopped putzing around on Pitch. He was at 68% when I logged off last night, so a dungeon run and some hardcore questing today finally saw the end.

... although actually it's probably more like the beginning, since now I get to start gearing him up, and start on all the new faction dailies. Not sure whether to cheer or go ugh right now.

Lark's seen some more questing and she's almost 86 now. I may spend a bit of time on Rheugan before I go back to her, though. I'd like to get him as close to cap as I can, while not neglecting Lark too much. We'll have to see how well I do on that.

Still want to play Taurros too, though with all these druids, I'm hoping I don't burn myself out on the class. I'm kinda glad now that I have all those other toons at 85 waiting their turns, in case I need to play with something non-druidy.

Still want to level Booggah too. WTB more time in the day?

Monks and pet battles haven't changed much since my last post, so nothing to report there. I need to head to bed anyway, but at least I have 2 days off after tomorrow. Whoo!

Til next time, Happy Hunting!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Catching up!

Pitch is 89 now, closing in on 90. I've run him through Direbrew a few times, and he now has a stamina trinket and the dodge trinket, so he may start out tanking things more than kitty-ing, at least for a bit. Couple fun bits - I'd forgotten about Predatory Swiftness until Bear mentioned it in one of his posts. So now that my memory is functioning again, having an instant free heal whenever he gets off a finishing move is really helping his questing, especially against the tougher mobs and elites. He's also picked up the habit of charming any random critter that catches his eye, so he nearly always has a little friend running along with him. Best part is, it doesn't dismiss his current mini-pet, so he can have Ishnu out running alongside his bandicoon or whatever else he's currently charmed.

But this one is the cutest. Right?

Speaking of Ishnu reminds me, pet battles are still fun. Ishnu herself is up to level 10, along with Red Ember the corehound pup, and my celestial dragonling, Varshuna, is 12. Featherdown the kaliri is 9, and I have a bunch of wild-caught ones between levels 9-12 as well. I'm still trying to decide who I want to have as my "main" team, but for now I'm focusing on only a couple, just so I have some leveled for more capturing.

Monk!Pitch is up to 23, and now that Druid!Pitch is nearly capped I've been wanting to take him on a leveling binge. I bet I can get him to 30 easily...

I've made a couple Pandarens, my shammy Laoden is now 12, on Alliance-side and guilded. I'm still deciding on his professions, thinking maybe engineering since that's the only one I don't have now on Feathermoon. My monk Beshi on Wyrmrest hasn't even gotten any playtime cause I was waiting until I got my desktop back from the shop. Now that it's back and working fine again, I'll get her going. She'll be going Horde, where sis and I just made our own guild. Yay private guild bank?

Taurros hasn't gotten much playtime since he hit 86, and now I'm debating leveling Booggah first after all, since he can make stuff for Taur with his leatherworking. I'm probably going to do that, though I think I'll wait on actually gearing Boo up til Taur is closer to cap.

Rheugan and Turron have both had turns out in Jade Forest. Rheu was just picking herbs for Alanon, but between that and a couple quests I couldn't resist doing, he's gotten almost a quarter of a level already. Turron was mostly just mining, his jewelcrafting is getting close to max already and I'm trying to get that finished ASAP.

Can't think of much else, so here! Have some screenshots! :D

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Rheugan: Into the Fray

I've had this idea bouncing around in my head for when Rheugan ICly heads to Pandaria, but I hadn't been able to make myself sit down and write it out... until now. Writing stuff makes me happy. Also, that character development that I mentioned a few posts back but hadn't expanded on yet? Here's some of it right here. Enjoy!


“You don’t have to do this, you know.”

“Yes, Alanon, I do.”

“Leave him alone, brother. I’ll watch out for him, don’t worry.”

The leather was getting worn in places, but the stitching was still sound. Rheugan set aside the piece of armor he’d been checking, then reached for the next. Shaurria’s ear twitched at the movement, though otherwise the young druid appeared asleep, curled into a grey furry ball at his side. She didn’t want him to go, he knew that. She worried about him - they all worried. Pitch and Alanon’s near-argument over whether he should be “allowed” to go was still a very vivid memory.

Lark hadn’t argued, though he’d understood the look she’d given him easily enough. Make sure he comes back home. He wasn’t sure why she trusted him when he still didn't care much whether he himself lived or died, but he would do his best, for her and Pitch both.

He didn’t know what he expected to find out there. Pitch had told him of the Sha, of how they preyed on those whose doubt, fear, or anger overcame them. And yet he had no qualms about heading into their territory - he, who had spent the past two-and-a-half years and more fighting with his own rage and fear. But he had to do it. He knew that, even if he couldn’t say how he knew it. It was instinctual, the same way he knew that he loved Kyraine, or knew that he could trust the cat. Try as he might, he couldn’t explain it.

He had another reason he could explain, but he doubted the others would understand him. Theramore had only confirmed what the failed summit had already shown him - there was no peace. If he hoped at all to survive, he would have to learn to fight, whether he liked it or not. And if he was going to learn to fight, he had to put himself in the thick of things.

No more hiding where he was "safe," and no matter the cost.

He’d just finished checking over the last bit of his armor when Shaur’s head suddenly came up, and she stared into the growing dusk with ears pricked. Rheugan followed her gaze to see Pitch approaching, on two legs this time, his expression expectant. “Leaving tomorrow, Rheu. Are you all set?” Rheugan nodded as he began gathering up his armor. Pitch took most of it from him, the weight bothering the big druid not a bit, and he set out toward the Dwarven District and Arvoss’ home.

Rheugan hesitated before following, looking back at Shaur one last time. She’d unshifted, sitting in the grass and watching him with a small, sad smile. Wordlessly she held out her arms, and Rheugan turned back to give her a tight hug. “I’ll be back to visit before too long,” he murmured in her ear. Her smile grew slightly as she released him. “Know,” she said simply, then changed back to a cat and followed him as they headed toward home.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Rheugan opened his eyes as the vertigo from the mage portal faded, blinking repeatedly as he looked around. The buildings around him were strange, but he paid them little mind as the cat surged up to the front of his mind. His gaze quickly riveted to the jungle visible outside the gates, and he felt the cat’s impatience as they both waited for Pitch to come through and join them. Keyed up as he was, the familiar touch on his arm made him jump when it finally came.

Big and small, the two black cats slipped like shadows out through the village gate and disappeared into the mists.

Thursday, October 4, 2012


I had a little incident with my computer... in short, my operating system seems to have been corrupted, and it's now in the shop. So, no new pictures (cause the laptop takes lousy screenies), but at least I've got a post, right? And as for the desktop, well, it needs a full reload of the system. The guy working on it is going to try and save what he can from the hard drive, but it's entirely possible that I've lost everything on it. Cue the qq'ing.

In-game updates! Leveling is going a bit slow, because you know, laptop, but I've gotten Taurros to 86 already. Poor guy was the last to get leveled for the last 2 expansions (Wrath and Cata) so I'm trying to get him done first Horde-side. The quests are pretty much what I expected from the Horde, but it's tolerable enough for my peace-loving self. I'm not sure whether I'm going to try and gear Taurros up somewhat once he caps, or get straight to leveling Booggah, but I've got a while yet to decide.

Alliance-side has been fun. Pitch is going first, and he's at 87 now. Questing is difficult with the laptop's lag, and dungeons are a complete lagfest that make me want to pull my hair out, but he is getting there! His mining is maxed already, and enchanting is around 575 or so. I really love the way Blizzard is doing profession-leveling this time around. He's started his farm, too, so we'll see how that goes.

Lark got some time in duoing with Pitch before my desktop went on the fritz. She'll be next after Pitch, with Rheugan getting some time here and there in-between. Once Lark is capped I'll be finishing Rheu up, then likely Davoss will be next. Leveling order subject to change, of course...

I've been working on everyone's professions as much as I can- partly my reason for starting Rheu out early, so he can gather herbs for alchemy/inscription. I'm not sure yet how soon I'll be getting Alanon and Barraccus (who is still 83 anyway) out to Pandaria, but this way they can still work on their proffs.

No new tames for my hunters since my last post, although I'm reminding myself I need to go tame a grown-up Ishnu before Lark runs out of room. She has spots, though, and only 1-2 more pets I want, so it shouldn't be a problem. Boo on the other hand has attachments for even the pets he doesn't use much, so making room for him will be difficult. Darn pet-hoarder. XD

Speaking of pets, the pet battles have been fun.. and fairly relaxing, since that's something I can do even with the lag. Yay turn-based battles? I've picked out several favorites that will be leveled as my "team", and I'm trying to capture one of everything I can find to fill out my pet journal. I've been really lucky with finding rares, too, and most of my main battle pets are going to be blue-quality ones.

Monks! Pitchmonk just hit 19 earlier, I was trying to get him to 20 and his mount, but I ran out of steam. He'll get it tomorrow, no worries. I've rolled a Pandaren shaman on Feathermoon, too, and a Panda monk on Wyrmrest Accord that will be going Horde. Haven't played them much yet cause I'm kinda waiting to get the desktop back (laptop has no sound, so cutscenes are just meh right now). Pitch is the only one I'm really worried about leveling, so no big deal there.

And I think that sums it all up so far. I'll probably think of something else later, but that'll give me an excuse for another post! So, til next time Happy Hunting!