Saturday, October 13, 2012

Catching up!

Pitch is 89 now, closing in on 90. I've run him through Direbrew a few times, and he now has a stamina trinket and the dodge trinket, so he may start out tanking things more than kitty-ing, at least for a bit. Couple fun bits - I'd forgotten about Predatory Swiftness until Bear mentioned it in one of his posts. So now that my memory is functioning again, having an instant free heal whenever he gets off a finishing move is really helping his questing, especially against the tougher mobs and elites. He's also picked up the habit of charming any random critter that catches his eye, so he nearly always has a little friend running along with him. Best part is, it doesn't dismiss his current mini-pet, so he can have Ishnu out running alongside his bandicoon or whatever else he's currently charmed.

But this one is the cutest. Right?

Speaking of Ishnu reminds me, pet battles are still fun. Ishnu herself is up to level 10, along with Red Ember the corehound pup, and my celestial dragonling, Varshuna, is 12. Featherdown the kaliri is 9, and I have a bunch of wild-caught ones between levels 9-12 as well. I'm still trying to decide who I want to have as my "main" team, but for now I'm focusing on only a couple, just so I have some leveled for more capturing.

Monk!Pitch is up to 23, and now that Druid!Pitch is nearly capped I've been wanting to take him on a leveling binge. I bet I can get him to 30 easily...

I've made a couple Pandarens, my shammy Laoden is now 12, on Alliance-side and guilded. I'm still deciding on his professions, thinking maybe engineering since that's the only one I don't have now on Feathermoon. My monk Beshi on Wyrmrest hasn't even gotten any playtime cause I was waiting until I got my desktop back from the shop. Now that it's back and working fine again, I'll get her going. She'll be going Horde, where sis and I just made our own guild. Yay private guild bank?

Taurros hasn't gotten much playtime since he hit 86, and now I'm debating leveling Booggah first after all, since he can make stuff for Taur with his leatherworking. I'm probably going to do that, though I think I'll wait on actually gearing Boo up til Taur is closer to cap.

Rheugan and Turron have both had turns out in Jade Forest. Rheu was just picking herbs for Alanon, but between that and a couple quests I couldn't resist doing, he's gotten almost a quarter of a level already. Turron was mostly just mining, his jewelcrafting is getting close to max already and I'm trying to get that finished ASAP.

Can't think of much else, so here! Have some screenshots! :D

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