Friday, August 31, 2012

Madexx Camp Updates

I managed to stay up ALL NIGHT (except for a couple times I dozed off long enough that Boo afk-logged >.>) camping for Madexx, and the lousy twit didn't even show until almost 24 hours after his last spawn. And after all that waiting? Green.

I killed him to reset the timer. I'm sorry Madexx, but I want blue, dangit.


After that horribly long camp, I went back to my old method of just logging on Boo every now and then to check. At least this time I didn't have to wait long, he just spawned again a bit ago.

See this? This is not blue.

. . . . . . . . . .


Thursday, August 30, 2012

Patch 5.0!

Been tinkering with things since the patch, and so far this is what I've come up with:

  • The talent trees are awesome but all kinds of confusing too.
  • I keep finding myself taking the same talents on different toons (druids/hunters/death knights/etc.). Not sure how I feel about this yet.
  • Every time Lark's Dire Beast summons a tiger, I imagine it's Tuah. XD
  • Druid stag form is the awesomest thing ever and I love Blizzard just for that.
I got inspired to do a little random taming today, so Lark has 2 new(ish) pets. First, sis's pally came with me to Blackwing Lair, where Lark's corehound Fauth found himself in a new skin. This was kind of a last-ditch effort to see if I keep him, since he's been on the list of "will release if needed." Still not sure if I'm keeping him, but I'll see how I like him this way in the meanwhile.

After that, I checked Petopia and noticed that the Black Stalker, who hadn't been tamable in the beta, was now flagged as being tamable. Since I wasn't sure when I'd be able to get some folks together for SSC, I went ahead and headed over to Underbog to check.

I've liked this name for awhile, but never found a pet that it clicked on. I think it suits this fella pretty well, though. Again, not sure if I'll keep him since he is kinda "buggy" and bugs creep me out a bit, but for now I'm waiting and seeing.

Wyrmrest-Zuuluu has been getting some leveling love. He's up to 13 in 2 days, with comparatively little playtime, and I'm having fun with him. I'll have to write something up for him sometime; he's been getting stuck in my head almost as bad as Rheugan at times.

And... stags. Have I mentioned I can't get enough of the stags?

Rheugan- "I'm watching you..."



Pitch and Kyraine. Yes, he's sitting while she's riding him. Lazy thing. XD

The only annoying thing is they jump in the air when you hit the spacebar- in order to rear up like Pitch is doing, you have to do the /mountspecial. Good thing I already have it macro'd.  >.>

Rheugan's been running LFR again the last couple days, mostly testing to see if the new loot system might be kinder on him. It hasn't- every boss kill so far has given him some gold and that's it. Guess all I can do is keep trying, right?

I've gone back to camping for a blue Madexx for Booggah fairly hard-core again, in fact I'm trying to stay up tonight to watch for him. Sis tamed him earlier on her worgen Maxwill (red this time!), so I have a timer, and I'm off tomorrow so I can sleep late. I just hope he doesn't spawn in green again... or black. Knowing my luck, that's probably what he'll do. XD

I've still been playing Star Wars:TOR as well as getting back into LotRO a bit. My guys on Windfola just got themselves a bigger house, since I ran out of space to put stuff. The summer festival is going on, too, so they have a hammock for the yard and Elgo got himself a new horse. I still want to do stuff on Laurelin, too- hopefully I don't get distracted until it's too late. >.<

That's all I can think of for now, and I have camping I need to get back to. Til next time, Happy Hunting!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Catching up!

Oh dear, where to start?

Rheugan and Roebar have been continuing their gradual conquest of ALL THE DUNGEONS in Outland. They finally wrapped it all up with a couple achievements.

Which resulted in this! (After a bit of archeology help. >.>)

I have a feeling my alt-itis is going to pop up again soon. Going to take advantage if it does by trying to get Taurros leveled before Mists comes out, though I'm not sure whether I'll succeed. Besides that, I may be rolling more baby alts, like this guy.

Zuuluu has been reincarnated as a troll druid and is now on Cenarion Circle, although I may roll him a double on Wyrmrest Accord since my brother only plays Horde there. I'll probably wind up keeping both of them, unless I get a pressing reason not to. >.>

I did find a distraction for the next couple weeks... LotRO is having their summer festival, which means new mounts!

I've already decided Elgo needs the white one, it'll go well with Ilfariel's perlino Max. I'll be trying to get as many horses as I can on the others, as well as some house furniture and cosmetics. We'll see if my enthusiasm holds out long enough. ;)

Wrapping up with the biggest thing we did this past week. The Riders and Co have been trying to get achievements in ICC and Ulduar done for people that want mounts (myself included), and we finally got into ICC and finished up in there. Naturally some hilarity ensued, led by Lorelli and Kyraine's death knight, Serguis.

The actual fight was complicated by trying to do achieves in heroic mode, but finally we just set it back to normal and attempted things that way. Fight mechanics were being obnoxious, however. At some point we were trying to stack up the disease, and Arthas' health was getting kinda low, so Pitch- who was tanking him while Serg got the adds- had to stop hitting him completely. So since I had nothing better to do...

The uproar of laughter over vent when the others noticed what I was doing was totally worth it. XD

We did eventually have to call the cheevoh-attempts quits, and just killed him normally. Most of us had finished our metas, though, so...

Pitch will probably not use the drake much, but with mounts going account-wide, I think Barraccus will be putting it to good use. :D

Still have a few goals to keep me busy until Mists is fo'reals, such as leveling Alanon's archeology and starting his hunt for a dragon-recipe, as well as Taurros, and getting Kaled and Khaotic moved to Wyrmrest. Plus the baby alts, LotRO mounts, and my newest addiction (*sigh*), Star Wars! So til next time, Happy Hunting!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Blahs again..

This is me trying to make a blog post when I'm tired and cranky....

I've been trying to consolidate (I think that's the right word?) all my alts onto 1 or 2 servers besides Feathermoon, because it's hard as heck having them all scattered around everywhere. I'm almost done with that now, finally. Andrano and Carrienne (yes, I had to change her name's spelling /sulk) are now on Wyrmrest Accord, and just a few days ago Disappear finally joined them.

I had to level her up to 31 so I wouldn't have to dump most of her gold, and in the process she finished one of the goals I wanted for her.

I hate the mechstriders, so there was no way I'd be buying one for her to ride. She had a Tyrael's charger that worked for awhile, but I wanted something less flashy for her, and since she was already in dwarf lands a ram seemed the most obvious. His name is Smoky. XD

I kept seeing Magria running around the Regrowth whenever I'd take Rheugan or Pitch to do Molten Front dailies, and it finally got to be too much. So Lark's spirit cat Kao had a color-change.

I felt kinda bad releasing Gondria, but since I don't think Booggah's Spectre is going anywhere, and I can also tame him/her on Arnen or Kaled when they level high enough, it wasn't too bad.

I have been a leveling fiend with Roebar lately. He's 68 now, and by the time I'm done he and Rheugan will have their Outland dungeonmaster achievements, since that's how I've been leveling him. Kinda tempted to go finish off their classic dungeons, but I think that'll wait til I'm really bored.

RP is still moving along. I hate to admit it, but I've been in such a slump for the past... I don't even remember how long, that I've been mostly letting other people come up with ideas, and then rolling with them. So far it's been working, and I'm interested in where the Gilnean plot is going to wind up.

Roebar is fun to RP, and I'm enjoying him a lot, but most of my focus has been going into Rheugan. Which has been difficult, as he just doesn't want to "talk" to me much lately. Poor dude has a lot of stuff going on, and most of it is stuff he just doesn't want to be known, so... I just kinda have to go with it.

I do wish he would cheer up though. I can't really remember the last time he was really happy, and it's starting to affect me a bit too.  >.>

It's not all Rheu's fault, either. There's stuff at work that has been wearing at me since I got back from Feathermeet, and I'm just bad at handling this kind of stuff. I will say this, though- If you shop regularly at a certain grocery store, and that store just happens to go through a full store-wide reset, IT'S NOT THE END OF THE WORLD JUST BECAUSE YOU CAN'T FIND EVERYTHING. Seriously people, we have lots of employees- just ask where to find things instead of complaining where everyone can hear you. Listening to someone bad-mouth my store is not going to encourage me to help you out....

And I will leave my rant at that. Now I'm going to go try and cheer myself up in-game. Til next time, Happy Hunting!