Thursday, August 30, 2012

Patch 5.0!

Been tinkering with things since the patch, and so far this is what I've come up with:

  • The talent trees are awesome but all kinds of confusing too.
  • I keep finding myself taking the same talents on different toons (druids/hunters/death knights/etc.). Not sure how I feel about this yet.
  • Every time Lark's Dire Beast summons a tiger, I imagine it's Tuah. XD
  • Druid stag form is the awesomest thing ever and I love Blizzard just for that.
I got inspired to do a little random taming today, so Lark has 2 new(ish) pets. First, sis's pally came with me to Blackwing Lair, where Lark's corehound Fauth found himself in a new skin. This was kind of a last-ditch effort to see if I keep him, since he's been on the list of "will release if needed." Still not sure if I'm keeping him, but I'll see how I like him this way in the meanwhile.

After that, I checked Petopia and noticed that the Black Stalker, who hadn't been tamable in the beta, was now flagged as being tamable. Since I wasn't sure when I'd be able to get some folks together for SSC, I went ahead and headed over to Underbog to check.

I've liked this name for awhile, but never found a pet that it clicked on. I think it suits this fella pretty well, though. Again, not sure if I'll keep him since he is kinda "buggy" and bugs creep me out a bit, but for now I'm waiting and seeing.

Wyrmrest-Zuuluu has been getting some leveling love. He's up to 13 in 2 days, with comparatively little playtime, and I'm having fun with him. I'll have to write something up for him sometime; he's been getting stuck in my head almost as bad as Rheugan at times.

And... stags. Have I mentioned I can't get enough of the stags?

Rheugan- "I'm watching you..."



Pitch and Kyraine. Yes, he's sitting while she's riding him. Lazy thing. XD

The only annoying thing is they jump in the air when you hit the spacebar- in order to rear up like Pitch is doing, you have to do the /mountspecial. Good thing I already have it macro'd.  >.>

Rheugan's been running LFR again the last couple days, mostly testing to see if the new loot system might be kinder on him. It hasn't- every boss kill so far has given him some gold and that's it. Guess all I can do is keep trying, right?

I've gone back to camping for a blue Madexx for Booggah fairly hard-core again, in fact I'm trying to stay up tonight to watch for him. Sis tamed him earlier on her worgen Maxwill (red this time!), so I have a timer, and I'm off tomorrow so I can sleep late. I just hope he doesn't spawn in green again... or black. Knowing my luck, that's probably what he'll do. XD

I've still been playing Star Wars:TOR as well as getting back into LotRO a bit. My guys on Windfola just got themselves a bigger house, since I ran out of space to put stuff. The summer festival is going on, too, so they have a hammock for the yard and Elgo got himself a new horse. I still want to do stuff on Laurelin, too- hopefully I don't get distracted until it's too late. >.<

That's all I can think of for now, and I have camping I need to get back to. Til next time, Happy Hunting!

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