Friday, August 24, 2012

Catching up!

Oh dear, where to start?

Rheugan and Roebar have been continuing their gradual conquest of ALL THE DUNGEONS in Outland. They finally wrapped it all up with a couple achievements.

Which resulted in this! (After a bit of archeology help. >.>)

I have a feeling my alt-itis is going to pop up again soon. Going to take advantage if it does by trying to get Taurros leveled before Mists comes out, though I'm not sure whether I'll succeed. Besides that, I may be rolling more baby alts, like this guy.

Zuuluu has been reincarnated as a troll druid and is now on Cenarion Circle, although I may roll him a double on Wyrmrest Accord since my brother only plays Horde there. I'll probably wind up keeping both of them, unless I get a pressing reason not to. >.>

I did find a distraction for the next couple weeks... LotRO is having their summer festival, which means new mounts!

I've already decided Elgo needs the white one, it'll go well with Ilfariel's perlino Max. I'll be trying to get as many horses as I can on the others, as well as some house furniture and cosmetics. We'll see if my enthusiasm holds out long enough. ;)

Wrapping up with the biggest thing we did this past week. The Riders and Co have been trying to get achievements in ICC and Ulduar done for people that want mounts (myself included), and we finally got into ICC and finished up in there. Naturally some hilarity ensued, led by Lorelli and Kyraine's death knight, Serguis.

The actual fight was complicated by trying to do achieves in heroic mode, but finally we just set it back to normal and attempted things that way. Fight mechanics were being obnoxious, however. At some point we were trying to stack up the disease, and Arthas' health was getting kinda low, so Pitch- who was tanking him while Serg got the adds- had to stop hitting him completely. So since I had nothing better to do...

The uproar of laughter over vent when the others noticed what I was doing was totally worth it. XD

We did eventually have to call the cheevoh-attempts quits, and just killed him normally. Most of us had finished our metas, though, so...

Pitch will probably not use the drake much, but with mounts going account-wide, I think Barraccus will be putting it to good use. :D

Still have a few goals to keep me busy until Mists is fo'reals, such as leveling Alanon's archeology and starting his hunt for a dragon-recipe, as well as Taurros, and getting Kaled and Khaotic moved to Wyrmrest. Plus the baby alts, LotRO mounts, and my newest addiction (*sigh*), Star Wars! So til next time, Happy Hunting!

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