Sunday, April 22, 2012

In which Tera kidnaps my soul

Soooooo, I've just started playing another game....

Yes, the graphics really are that good.

No, I'm not quitting WoW or anything. BUT, I discovered this game and have been following it for the last few weeks, during which their closed beta ended and the open beta was being planned. I missed out on closed beta, but I did get into open beta almost as soon as I submitted my email. This weekend is the start of the open beta, which ends on Monday. Then next Friday their will be an early release for pre-orderers, and the game officially launches on May 1st.

Now that the details are done, what about the actual game?

Short answer- I am loving it so far. The first toon I started, a slayer, got up to level 7 before I decided to try another class, so I had to delete him (only 1 char allowed per server in beta) and rerolled him as a warrior. Slayers are melee DPSers that run around with huge flipping swords, while warriors are more of a tank class. They use light armor- in this case leather- so they are more of an evasion tank than a face-shield, but I'm really liking the gameplay so far. New guy is now level 9 and not quite out of the starting zone, but he's getting close, and I'm hoping to get him at least close to 20-ish before the beta's over. Haven't actually bought it yet, but if I do a pre-order (which I can do anytime before the game actually launches) then I get a white horse mount and some extra items for my toons.

The only thing holding me back right now is that it's a subscription game, and since I just cancelled my sub to Rift, I'm not really looking forward to having to pay another monthly fee. On a plus side, pre-orders come with a free month of game time, so I could just use that up, then decide if it's really a keeper.

Still have a week to decide what I want to do, and for the moment I'm just enjoying the game. I've already planned out a few alts I'd like to make, though the warrior's such a blast that I'm pretty sure he'll be my "main". And speaking of him, how about a few screenshots to finish off with?

Relaxing at one of the quest hubs.
My warrior Dharius.
Loading screen.
Waterfaaaalllll...(that is slayer-Darius, note the huge flipping sword. >.>)
Shot from the opening cinematic. Yes, those are pegasi.
Piglings are cute... in a weird way. XD

And on a totally unrelated note... Blogger has completely changed EVERYTHING here and now I feel lost. Wheee.

P.S. Roebar is up to 50!! :D

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Catching Up...

I have become so thoroughly disenchanted with Arthas that I've finally done the only thing left to do.... I transferred Roebar to Feathermoon. And then ran him through a bunch of dungeons. >.>

Need to move Disappear and probably Narzabeki, but that'll wait til I actually know where they're going.

Arnen got some leveling love, plus a new pet!

I've been having way too much fun with the Noblegarden stuff.

Bunny hearth!

I love the people I play with...

[2. ] Alanôn: .... this channel is half mages XD
[2. ] Pallido: All according to plan
[2. ] Aèdranna: >.>
[2. ] Aèdranna: I'm watching you....all...all of you. All seventy million mirror-imaged mage mothereffers.
[2. ] Genise: that's not a mirror image, geny's just busty
[2. ] Aèdranna: ...I will remember that right before I fall asleep now.
[2. ] Genise: Just don't dream her into Garrosh's chambers this time
[2. ] Aèdranna: ...don't ruin this for me.
[2. ] Genise: XD i'm just sayin', the wrynn stuff turned into actual Ic rumors! XD
[2. ] Aèdranna: Closest thing I'd come to is Geny slaying Garrosh with her twin mounds of might.
[2. ] Alanón: XD
[2. ] Pallido: One-Two combo from Geni's rack will knock anyone out
[2. ] Aèdranna: That was just fun to say.
[2. ] Genise: XD

Speaking of mages! Alanon-mage has hit another milestone(finally!).

Rillian's transmog gear is almost finished. Naturally, after I'd taken this screenshot I snagged a couple more pieces. I'll have to do an updated screenie soon, but it'll probably wait til after he has his cloak.

And finally- I've been doing a ton of new art, and I love this last one I finished. LOOOVE IT. Rawr.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Spring Flinging

Not that kind of spring fling. Geez.

First, take 2 characters.

Add a couple of Spring rabbits and a motorcycle...

And presto!

Have a happy Easter/Noblegarden/Whatever holiday you happen to celebrate, everyone!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

On Cats and Things...

Omygolly an actual RP post? *Gasp*

Kidding aside, I've been meaning to try and get this done for... well, weeks now, and never seemed to find a good time for it. Tonight, opportunity struck!

Rheugan's been having some thoughts on his cat, but wasn't sure whether they were good ones or not. Pitch's cat is way different than Rheu's, so he couldn't be much help. But he did think that maybe Shad could help, since Shad also has a cat that's rather... independent-minded. XD

And honestly, Rheu's been under so much stress lately (not really bad stress, but still stress) that it was a relief to get this off his chest.

And last thing? Shad is one of the awesomest people I know. :D

So! Conversation between Rheugan and Shad. Enjoy!


Rheugan says: Pitch tried to explain Era to me, and we thought maybe you'd have the best opinion.

Shad tilts his head.

Shad says: On Era, or...?

Rheugan says: Is it possible for the cat to... control parts of yourself?

Shad says: Absolutely, yes.

Rheugan looks thoughtful.

Shad says: Have you been having trouble with that?

Rheugan says: No, actually

Rheugan says: I.. I hadn't felt anything from the wolf since I came back from Northrend. Before then, even

Rheugan says: I was wondering if the cat had anything to do with that, but when I asked he wouldn't answer

Shad says: ...-Interesting-.

Rheugan cocks his head.

Shad says: And you still have had no answer?

Rheugan says: He seems to like being mysterious.

Shad grins.
"He is a cat."

Rheugan nods with an answering grin.

Shad says: I would not be at all surprised to learn that it was him doing this.

Rheugan says: It would be.. something of a relief if it was. I trust him more than I do the wolf.

Shad says: Was the wolf a struggle for you?

Rheugan says: At first. After Tal'doren it got better... but when I was taught the shape-shifting it came back

Rheugan says: It was like... they were fighting over me, or something

Shad says: Fighting like cats and dogs?

Rheugan gives a -very- dry grin.

Rheugan says: Something like that

Shad says: Sorry.

Shad is not really terribly sorry.

Rheugan says: When Pitch started teaching me it got better again, mostly.

Rheugan says: Most of what he taught me involved control, so

Rheugan shrugs.

Shad says: And if I recall, you were able to control the wolf, but not the cat quite as much?

Rheugan nods.

Rheugan says: Even now, I wouldn't say I control him. It's more like a.. a partnership, I suppose

Shad says: To be honest, I find that to be the ideal condition. I think you have done it right.

Rheugan blinks, then looks immensely relieved.
"You think so?"

Shad nods.

Shad says: I may be biased, but...well, are we supposed to command nature, or be part of it?

Shad says: It is a very practical philosophical question.

Rheugan nods.

Rheugan says: Pitch seemed happy with it, but he tends to be.. more than a little biased

Rheugan gives a crooked grin.

Shad chuckles.

Shad says: I happen to agree with him, my own biases aside.

Rheugan nods again.
"That is a relief."

Shad says: If he is doing you the service of controlling the wolf, then...I would say let him, and relax.

Rheugan nods.

Shad smiles.

Shad says: Is that your only concern?

Rheugan says: It was, yes

Shad nods.
"Then, if you do not mind, I think I will head back inside."

Rheugan nods as he gets up.

Shad says: I am glad you are doing well with it all now.

Shad smiles.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Distracted... BETA!!

Yep, got my invite a few days ago. Also got an invite to the Diablo 3 beta, which is kinda late since it'll be released next month, but oh well. XD

D3 looks like fun, and I think I'll be playing a good bit when I'm not busy with WoW, but at the moment it pales in comparison with the MOP beta.

I will be trying to keep my beta posts as spoiler-free as I can... but I don't know how well that's going to work out. So, for anyone that isn't in the beta and wants to keep things a surprise, I will be tagging those posts with "MOP beta"- so you can skip them if you want to. XD

And I'm still playing the actual live game too. In fact, sis and I and a buddy have been farming MC for transmog drops (our buddy just got his last piece of druid T1 :D) and have recently added BWL to the list. We're thinking of hitting up the AQ raids, and eventually might move on to some of the BC raids (I hope I hope). Fun stuff!

So. I'm off to do more beta stuff. Til next time, Happy Hunting!

Beta stuffs, Take 1

There's... actually not a whole lot to do just yet, since it's still early in the beta, but I have made a pandaren monk already, and just got her out of the starting zone today. Still trying to decide where I want to take her next for leveling, though with all the bugs it looks like my choices will be pretty few. Westfall and Darkshore are both bugged and have no quests, for example. Dwarf land looks like it works for pandas, but I'm thinking of running her to Draenei lands first and see if they have any quests for her.

And yes, that means I chose Alliance side with her. Eh, all my other toons there are Alliance, so why not?

Besides pandas, I've also rolled a Pitchmonk, but then found out that the Nelf starting zone has no quests for monks after level 3.... Still deciding if I want to try grinding him up to 5 or so and seeing if he can get any quests from the next hub.

The toons that I copied have all gotten their new talents and stuff, which I'm liking so far though still getting used to. Turron might be getting a respec, since warriors can use Whirlwind in any stance now which makes Bladestorm kinda superfluous, and an arms warrior with Shockwave just sounds too cool to pass up. Pitch has his kitty spec, though after seeing a couple bear-tanking videos I may take him down that route instead. And Lark's BM spec is all set up, though her stables are so bugged that it's kinda sad to even look at it. She still has Komah and Halia and Tuah, at least, though Quiloe's been lost in the beta-nether, along with a few other stabled pets.

Not all the hunter bugs are bad, however. I am hoping so bad that this one might stick around, however unlikely it seems...

It seems that all hunter pets have reverted to their pre-tame size. I would've taken a screenie of Arcus, except all you could see was his feet. XD

The first new zone is pretty, with lots of new mobs and scenery to gawk at. I've run through a number of quests on a couple toons, but haven't done that much cause I've been too busy staring at things.

In fact, I'm not going to say any more about it. Instead, have some screenshots! The first 3 are from the Pandaren starting zone, and the rest are from the new 85 zone. (I fail at remembering names, sorry!)