Tuesday, April 3, 2012

On Cats and Things...

Omygolly an actual RP post? *Gasp*

Kidding aside, I've been meaning to try and get this done for... well, weeks now, and never seemed to find a good time for it. Tonight, opportunity struck!

Rheugan's been having some thoughts on his cat, but wasn't sure whether they were good ones or not. Pitch's cat is way different than Rheu's, so he couldn't be much help. But he did think that maybe Shad could help, since Shad also has a cat that's rather... independent-minded. XD

And honestly, Rheu's been under so much stress lately (not really bad stress, but still stress) that it was a relief to get this off his chest.

And last thing? Shad is one of the awesomest people I know. :D

So! Conversation between Rheugan and Shad. Enjoy!


Rheugan says: Pitch tried to explain Era to me, and we thought maybe you'd have the best opinion.

Shad tilts his head.

Shad says: On Era, or...?

Rheugan says: Is it possible for the cat to... control parts of yourself?

Shad says: Absolutely, yes.

Rheugan looks thoughtful.

Shad says: Have you been having trouble with that?

Rheugan says: No, actually

Rheugan says: I.. I hadn't felt anything from the wolf since I came back from Northrend. Before then, even

Rheugan says: I was wondering if the cat had anything to do with that, but when I asked he wouldn't answer

Shad says: ...-Interesting-.

Rheugan cocks his head.

Shad says: And you still have had no answer?

Rheugan says: He seems to like being mysterious.

Shad grins.
"He is a cat."

Rheugan nods with an answering grin.

Shad says: I would not be at all surprised to learn that it was him doing this.

Rheugan says: It would be.. something of a relief if it was. I trust him more than I do the wolf.

Shad says: Was the wolf a struggle for you?

Rheugan says: At first. After Tal'doren it got better... but when I was taught the shape-shifting it came back

Rheugan says: It was like... they were fighting over me, or something

Shad says: Fighting like cats and dogs?

Rheugan gives a -very- dry grin.

Rheugan says: Something like that

Shad says: Sorry.

Shad is not really terribly sorry.

Rheugan says: When Pitch started teaching me it got better again, mostly.

Rheugan says: Most of what he taught me involved control, so

Rheugan shrugs.

Shad says: And if I recall, you were able to control the wolf, but not the cat quite as much?

Rheugan nods.

Rheugan says: Even now, I wouldn't say I control him. It's more like a.. a partnership, I suppose

Shad says: To be honest, I find that to be the ideal condition. I think you have done it right.

Rheugan blinks, then looks immensely relieved.
"You think so?"

Shad nods.

Shad says: I may be biased, but...well, are we supposed to command nature, or be part of it?

Shad says: It is a very practical philosophical question.

Rheugan nods.

Rheugan says: Pitch seemed happy with it, but he tends to be.. more than a little biased

Rheugan gives a crooked grin.

Shad chuckles.

Shad says: I happen to agree with him, my own biases aside.

Rheugan nods again.
"That is a relief."

Shad says: If he is doing you the service of controlling the wolf, then...I would say let him, and relax.

Rheugan nods.

Shad smiles.

Shad says: Is that your only concern?

Rheugan says: It was, yes

Shad nods.
"Then, if you do not mind, I think I will head back inside."

Rheugan nods as he gets up.

Shad says: I am glad you are doing well with it all now.

Shad smiles.

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