Sunday, April 22, 2012

In which Tera kidnaps my soul

Soooooo, I've just started playing another game....

Yes, the graphics really are that good.

No, I'm not quitting WoW or anything. BUT, I discovered this game and have been following it for the last few weeks, during which their closed beta ended and the open beta was being planned. I missed out on closed beta, but I did get into open beta almost as soon as I submitted my email. This weekend is the start of the open beta, which ends on Monday. Then next Friday their will be an early release for pre-orderers, and the game officially launches on May 1st.

Now that the details are done, what about the actual game?

Short answer- I am loving it so far. The first toon I started, a slayer, got up to level 7 before I decided to try another class, so I had to delete him (only 1 char allowed per server in beta) and rerolled him as a warrior. Slayers are melee DPSers that run around with huge flipping swords, while warriors are more of a tank class. They use light armor- in this case leather- so they are more of an evasion tank than a face-shield, but I'm really liking the gameplay so far. New guy is now level 9 and not quite out of the starting zone, but he's getting close, and I'm hoping to get him at least close to 20-ish before the beta's over. Haven't actually bought it yet, but if I do a pre-order (which I can do anytime before the game actually launches) then I get a white horse mount and some extra items for my toons.

The only thing holding me back right now is that it's a subscription game, and since I just cancelled my sub to Rift, I'm not really looking forward to having to pay another monthly fee. On a plus side, pre-orders come with a free month of game time, so I could just use that up, then decide if it's really a keeper.

Still have a week to decide what I want to do, and for the moment I'm just enjoying the game. I've already planned out a few alts I'd like to make, though the warrior's such a blast that I'm pretty sure he'll be my "main". And speaking of him, how about a few screenshots to finish off with?

Relaxing at one of the quest hubs.
My warrior Dharius.
Loading screen.
Waterfaaaalllll...(that is slayer-Darius, note the huge flipping sword. >.>)
Shot from the opening cinematic. Yes, those are pegasi.
Piglings are cute... in a weird way. XD

And on a totally unrelated note... Blogger has completely changed EVERYTHING here and now I feel lost. Wheee.

P.S. Roebar is up to 50!! :D

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