Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Gwyn's story continued...

Here is part 2 of Gwyn's tale. Treng is my sister's character, we nearly always play them together, so he is an important part of Gwyn's story.


Gwynifar's trip to Durotan was uneventful (for a change). She was settled at Razor Hill and given a bunk in the barracks there. Soon the orcs had her on a regular schedule, and she found that she liked being with them much better than at Silvermoon. For one thing, they didn't think it as important that she learn everything her former teachers taught, such as Silvermoon's history, or long poetry. Instead, she spent almost all her waking hours outdoors, learning archery, tracking, and survival skills. She thrived under this regimen, and her old tricks became a thing of the past.

One day her trainer had her go out and follow an animal track, telling her to report anything she learned along the way. She was carefully picking her way thru some bushes when suddenly, she ran into a young orc. Literally. After they disentangled themselves from each other and the bush, the two youngsters just stood and looked at each other for a minute. Gwyn saw an orc about her age, with a hatchet strapped to his waist and a bow and quiver on his back. She grinned disarmingly at him. "Heya, you're another hunter, aren't you? I'm Gwyn, who are you?" The orc blinked at her. "Uh, Treng. I'm still in training. Did they have you tracking this boar too?" "A boar? Is that what I've been following?" she asked, then laughed. "Shows how much I know, doesn't it? Hey, do you think they'd mind if we went together?" "Um, probably not. Which way were you going?" And just like that, the two young hunters became fast friends.

They spent that day together, and when they returned to give their report their trainers said nothing about them working together, so they did the same the next day, and the day after that. Soon it was apparent that they were becoming inseparable.

The orc trainers were quite happy with the friendship between Treng and Gwynifar. Although her training was keeping her nicely busy, Gwyn was still full of energy and mischief, and Treng had a calming influence on her. He often kept her out of trouble, by either talking her out of some prank, or watching her back while they were out on a training mission.

Finally the two youngsters reached the point when their trainers agreed they were ready for animal companions. After they got the announcement, Treng began wondering what kind of animal he would like. Gwyn, however, knew which one she wanted. The only problem was where to find it. She had seen older, experienced hunters in Orgrimmar, some of which had big wolves at their sides. As soon as Gwyn saw one, she was in love. She screwed up her courage enough to ask one hunter where she got her wolf. "Alterac Mountains, but I think that's a bit beyond your experience right now," the tauren hunter replied. Seeing Gwyn's crestfallen expression, the hunter took pity on her. "There are some near the human city of Stormwind," she said. "It's a long trip for someone your age, but if you really want a wolf, that's probably your best bet." Gwyn thanked her profusely, then went to find Treng.

When he heard what she had to say, Treng's jaw dropped. "But, Stormwind? That's so far away. It could take a week to get there," he said disbelievingly. But Gwyn was determined, and Treng couldn't talk her out of this idea. Soon enough, they set out, taking the Zeppelin to the base camp of Grom'gul in Stranglethorn Vale.

The journey that followed consisted mostly of running from one hiding place to the next, trying to avoid the savage animals that lived in the dense jungle. They passed out of the jungle into a dark forest, which they quickly found out was haunted by ghosts, savage black worgs, and strange wolf-men. At last they reached the edge of Elwynn Forest, home to the humans, very shaken by their experiences. But Gwyn soon forgot the hair-raising escapes they had gone thru, because almost as soon as they entered the cheery-looking woods, they saw wolves. Quite a large pack of them, actually. Gwyn and Treng watched them from a distance, then Gwyn turned away with a sigh. "None of these seem quite... right," she said to Treng. So they pushed on farther.

They had wandered pretty far, close to a large logging camp by all appearances, when they started hearing yips and squeaks. They looked at each other. "Sounds like just two of them," Gwyn said. They crept up behind a large tree and peered around the sides.

Not far from where they hid, two large wolf puppies were play-fighting. They were obviously young, but looked old enough that they had probably just left their home pack. Treng and Gwyn looked at each other, and they both broke out in huge grins. "Perfect," Gwyn whispered.

Their trainers had told them that if they wished an animal to bond to them, they had to approach it openly, without the stealth they would use if just hunting. Gwyn and Treng stepped out from behind the tree and cautiously walked toward the wolves. The larger one saw them first and gave a startled yip, alerting its sibling. The two animals trotted over to the young hunters, hackles raised and growls coming from their throats. Gwyn and Treng stopped moving. Without speaking, they each picked a puppy and started the soft chant that would calm the animal and let it bond to them, if it was willing.

The larger pup, which Gwyn had chosen for her own, was the first to submit, coming to a halt and ceasing to growl. As his brother also stopped his threats, the big wolf came cautiously up to Gwyn and sniffed her hand, then began to wag his tail. Gwyn slowly reached closer and stroked one ear, then sat on the ground as the big pup came right next to her. He suddenly flopped down on the ground, nearly bowling her over, and rolled on his back, tail still wagging. Gwyn laughed and scratched his chest, then looked over to see Treng with the smaller wolf in his arms, getting a thorough face-washing. He looked at her and laughed back, then grunted as his pup body-slammed him.

They played with their new friends for almost an hour, then gave them both a good feeding from their supplies. It didn't take long to settle on names, with Gwyn deciding on calling hers Haiden, and Treng naming his Derk. Finally, with both pups happy and tired, Gwyn and Treng stood up and looked at each other again. "Now," said Treng. "How do we get home?"

Monday, December 29, 2008

I love my days off

Got Boogga into a heroic Violet Hold first thing this morning and came out with a new cloak, 65 leather, and 8 dragonscales. I <3 Violet Hold. Ran heroic UK again too, I was hoping the crossbow would drop but no dice. He did get a new helm and belt, so I'm happy. He has over 3k RAP now with Dragonhawk on, though his crit is still below 20%. (Edit: got the Plunderer's Helm, blogspot isn't letting me post with the link for some reason.)

Almost forgot to mention I got into a 10-man Archavon raid, woot. Pretty easy fight, and the warrior and mage in the raid got new shinies.

I am trying to level his pets still; Mageddon the devilsaur is 76, but his chimera is still 75. Samahe only needs one more level, so I think he's my focus now, then back to Mageddon. I have run into a pet problem though. I tamed the ghost hydra just for kicks until I find Loque'nahak the spirit beast, but I think I've fallen in love with it, noises and all. So if I do find Loque, which of Boo's pets will have to go? He will never release Samurai, and I want to keep Mageddon and the hydra, so it's either the chimera or rhino. I really don't want to let his chimera go, because I've wanted to tame one long before Blizzard did the Wrath talents, and she's his only cunning pet and dang useful at times. So I might be saying goodbye to Samahe the rhino. :*(

One solution to my problem might be to level Kaledain up, and get the spirit beast with him. Now that Boo is 80, and getting geared up, I'm itching to play Kaled again. I also get most of my story inspiration from actually playing him, and there's alot more to his story that I want to write. But I think that's a "we'll see."

Speaking of stories, part 2 of Gwyn's story is in the works, I'll post it asap. Til then, Happy Hunting!

Introducing: Gwynifar

Gwynifar is my blood elf hunter on Moon Guard. I had a backstory for her when I created her, but never took the time to write it out. So, here it is.


Gwynifar was born at Farstrider Retreat. Her father was a hunter, her mother a mage. Although they both lived out of the city most of the time, they did have a house inside Silvermoon, which they moved into when Gwyn became old enough for schooling. Her parents were very patient and caring, which was a good thing, because as soon as she could crawl around by herself, she was a little ball of energy. As she grew old enough to walk, she took to staying outdoors as much as possible. She soon showed a great affinity to the local wildlife, capturing young animals and taking them home to show her parents. When she started to bring home young lynx cubs and dragonhawk hatchlings, though, her parents decided they needed to give her an outlet for her curiosity. So Gwyn started training to be a hunter, like her father.

Soon after Gwyn turned five, she and her family moved back into Silvermoon so she could have a formal education. However, she felt cooped up in the city, and always escaped to the wilds outside whenever she could. As time went by and her studies took up more of her time, she had to look for entertainment closer to home.

Gwyn had a very active imagination, but also was a bit clumsy (for an elf). She found it very simple to amuse herself with tricks and pranks in and around the city, but was usually found out. Soon her parents started recieving warnings about her behavior, and demands to bring her under control. This started some epic arguments, both between Gwyn and her parents, and between her parents and the other elves as they tried to defend her. Eventually Gwyn cut back on the pranks, and there was relative peace for awhile.

But finally, Gwyn just couldn't stand being "good" anymore. So one day, when the ruling members of Silvermoon were sitting in a meeting, she "borrowed" Jilanne's collection of dragonhawk hatchlings, and turned them loose inside the council room. The resulting chaos was quite satisfactory, however, things grew out of hand rather quickly. When one of the council members stepped on a hatchling, the frightened baby did the only thing it could to defend itself; it spat a fireball at him. The edge of his robe caught on fire, which only increased the confusion. Finally the hatchlings were caught, the fires were put out, and, naturally, Gwyn's hiding spot was discovered and she was quickly put under watch while her parents were summoned. Upon their arrival, they were bombarded by the entire council with demands that she be "suitably punished." After an hour of argument, it was decided that Gwyn would return home and stay there, while her parents talked to her teachers to work something out.

That night her mother came to talk to her. Her trainers at Farstrider Retreat had decided that she was far enough along in her training that she could go outside of Quel'Thalas for further training. The council and her schoolteachers had agreed, and they had sent word to the hunters in Durotan that she would be on her way soon. They were sending her to study with the orcs.


That's it for now, Part 2 coming soon!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Holiday's over, now back to work!


Wha? I'm awake.

Work was surprisingly busy the last couple days. You'd think everyone would be eating leftovers, but apparently not.

Ran a couple heroics with Boogga, Utgarde Keep and Nexus. UK was pretty easy, although nothing dropped for Boo. We had run Nexus a few days ago without much trouble, but tonight we got tromped everywhere. Still cleared the instance, but Boo had a 27g repair bill. Ouch.

After the instances were over, I hopped over to Sholazar for the Oracle daily that I had been waiting for, and Boogga got a new friend to cheer him up til he gets his spirit beast.

He is noisy! His name is Greek for "warlike spirit." Since he's a ghost pet, and likes to fight himself all the time, I figured it was a good fit.

I'm working on another story, I'll try to finish it in the next few days. Not gonna say anything else about it, it's a surprise. >.>

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas To All!

So I just found out that Pike and One Among Many have added Spirit Bond to their blog lists. . . .


Ok, a little more seriously. I've been reading Pike's blog for several months now, and she's kind of a hero for me. Haven't been reading One Among Many's blog long, but she's been around awhile too. So knowing that they read my little bitty blog is kinda awe-inspiring. I just hope I'm not too boring. ;)

Just finished decorating the tree with my folks, don't know if I'm gonna log on at all tomorrow, except to open presents with as many toons as possible. Probably won't post anything, but we'll see. I do want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, and hope your holidays go well!
-Happy Hunting!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Boogga hit 80 yesterday after some major questing, and celebrated by setting off all the fireworks that Rhonin mailed him. And yes, I had a geek moment when I got the mail out ("Oh my goodness, Rhonin sent me mail?" /flipout). He also almost has enough gold for his epic flight training, hopefully a few days of dailies and questing will do it.

Not even an hour after leveling he got into a heroic Nexus run, and Keristrasza was nice enough to drop some shiny new bracers and a trinket for him. Samurai is close to leveling herself, so that and more leather-farming is next on the list.

I think I've found my favorite Oracle daily. Nothing like being a super-powered kitty cat that 2-shots everything. /evil grin

Next up, level 80 thunderchicken!!!

Later: After some speed questing, finally got Boo his new toy...

And Samurai is now 80 as well, time to level his chimera and devilsaur. :D

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Ding finally

Boogga leveled at last, 79 now and one more level to go. Between pew-pewing, throwing hapless rats to basilisks, and flying hither and yon, he is almost halfway to 80 already, might reach it tomorrow. Guild is being rather annoying as everyone wants to run heroics, and Boogga hasn't been in an instance since Violet Hold at 77 (my new favorite instance btw). I'm hoping his gear will be ok once he hits 80 'cause I don't think he'll be in much else besides heroics for awhile.

Got bored at one point while questing, so I did something a little different: I put Samurai on aggressive and just followed her around for awhile. It's fun, but it's a good idea to make sure you're alone when you do that (I was), because she chased down everything. Don't want to tick people off because my cat is stealing kills. But she got a ton of xp that way. :)

I think I've finally decided to level my Nelf boomkin Alanon next. Don't want my alliance guild to think I've forgotten them.

-Happy Hunting!

Friday, December 19, 2008

/target Durotan server, /cast Kill Shot

So once again, Boogga gets no playtime due to Durotan's unpredictability. Or our internet service, I'm no longer sure which is to blame. I had to leave him in Crystalsong Forest, where he and Sam had just aggro'd 2 mobs, then an 80 elite decided to join the fun. We got the first mob down and were starting on the second to try and kill it before the elite pwned us both, when the game froze. So tomorrow I expect I'll be logging in to a corpse run.

It just hit me earlier today that Christmas is a week away, and I'm not ready yet. >_>
That and the fact that my Christmas "holiday" is going to be limited to Christmas day itself, thanks to my work schedule, is making me a tad bit depressed. But I'll get to see my brother, who's been away at National Guard training, tomorrow, so that'll be great.

Now I really need sleep. Hopefully Boo will get his level tomorrow, then he'll have just one more to go. -Happy Hunting!

Kaledain: A Journey In Stranglethorn

So, this happens a good while after the last part ended. Kaled was 19 then, in this story he is about in his early-mid 20s. He has been through a lot of stuff between then and now, but I haven't really written it all down yet. The biggest problem is, I know what happens, but not how it happens. Writer's block ftl. But anyhow, this is how Kaled got his gorilla buddy, Argus. Enjoy.

Kaled had been in the highlands of Arathi several weeks now, assisting the orcs at Hammerfall with whatever needed doing, from heading off troll attacks to doing repair work on the buildings. Then a new arrival brought rumors of trouble far to the south.

"There has been many attacks on the patrols in Grom'gul by a gorilla. Everyone seems to think it's the same animal each time. I can't say for sure, because I've only seen one attack myself. The guard captains are going to start a hunt for the rogue gorilla soon, and if they find it, it will have to be killed," the orc told them at supper the first night. On hearing this, Kaled shook his head. "Gorillas are shy, peaceful creatures, they usually avoid all contact with us. I have to see this for myself, I can't let him be destroyed without finding out if he really is past redemption."

The following day he received his permission to leave, and the next morning he called Kechara to her shoulder-perch, hoisted his pack onto his other shoulder, and with Ashke pacing alongside he left to make his way to the Undercity, there to take the Zeppelin to Grom’gul Base camp. Upon his arrival he settled his animals with the stable keeper, then talked to all of the guards he found that could tell him anything of the rogue gorilla. He discovered that it was a young adult male, and would attack the patrols often while they were still in hearing range of the base camp, though always out of sight. From several survivors of the beast’s attacks, he learned that it would charge the group in a wild rage, and maul anyone it happened to get a hold of, but as soon as a counterattack was attempted it would melt back into the jungle brush and vanish. The orc captains wanted to start their hunt to get rid of this threat, but hadn't managed it yet due to other pressing matters, so he was given the go-ahead to see what he could do. He finally felt he had enough information to try tracking the beast.

As Kaled was about to start out into the undergrowth, the guard captain on duty called out the approach of a returning patrol. Acting on some instinct he couldn’t name, Kaled walked out of the camp and faded into the jungle, heading toward the patrol. Once out of sight of the camp he leaped into a small tree and deftly climbed his way through the branches, traveling from tree to tree.

Not far from where the patrol approached, he suddenly noticed movement and looked down to see several jungle trolls hiding in the brush, with a very drugged-looking young ape with them. As he watched, the troll leader, a witch doctor judging from his ornaments, took a small fruit, broke it open, and smeared it across the gorilla’s face. As the juices from the fruit touched its skin, the animal awoke and screamed in pain and rage. Kaled watched, horrified, as the maddened animal, its face burning from the poisonous juice, was pushed out toward the orc patrol. Kaled quickly brought to mind one of the cantrips he had learned, one simple enough to perform without magic talent, and dropped from the tree to the ground between the gorilla and the orcs. He quickly chanted the cantrip, and to his vast relief the ape stopped and looked at him, then dropped in its tracks, safely asleep. The nearby trolls, enraged at their scheme being foiled, rushed out to kill him but quickly faced the axes, spears and maces of the angry orcs. Kaled was only too happy to add his bow to the skirmish. The slaughter was quick and decisive.

When the battle was over, Kaled took control of the young gorilla. He had it brought to camp, washed thoroughly to get rid of the foul drugs and plant juices used by the trolls to control it, and secured in a roomy, but very strong cage, with fresh water close at hand. Kaled watched as the animal slowly woke up. It quickly jumped up when it realized where it was, and moved to the back of the cage, cowering there as if to escape notice. Kaled watched closely for signs of aggression, but saw none. He did find, with rising anger, the signs of pretty heavy abuse. Apparently the trolls had had this ape for a long time; he guessed they had been using it to attempt to kill off the orcs or force them to move out of the area. With the drugs worn out of its system, the gorilla was only very afraid of a beating or worse from its new ‘captors’.

Kaled, satisfied with the young animal’s behavior, opened the cage door and crouched at the entrance. He softly crooned to the young ape as it looked around, then cautiously crept across the cage floor and huddled close to the elf. Kaled stroked his head and back gently, then turned and looked at the guard captain. “I think he’ll be leaving with me,” he said. So when Kaled left Stranglethorn, he was accompanied by three animals, not two.

The gorilla, which Kaled named Argus, thrived under his care, soon showing his usefulness and intelligence with everything Kaled asked him to do. His black pelt, already showing signs of becoming a silverback, grew in thick and covered the scars from the trolls’ mistreatment. He was very gentle, and soon Ashke and Kechara came to adore him, the three of them often lying in a pile in the stable yard and grooming each other. Kaled felt that his little 'family' was complete.

Tis the season...

There is always one thing that in-game holidays are good for if you know what to do- making money. For the Winter's Veil holiday the biggest thing is small eggs. They are easy to farm, even for lowbies, and the price around this holiday is ridiculous. My Nelf Andrano has gotten 2 levels so far killing the owls in Teldrassil and has made over 60g. At level 8. Woot.

No holiday is complete without music, so here's some Oxhorn to bring in some Winter's Veil spirit.

Happy Holidays everyone! A more serious post to come later, if I feel like it.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Durotan was having hiccups again, but despite the lag I got quite a bit done. Boogga has his "Explore Northrend" achievement and a shiny new tabard to boot. He only needs a little bit in Outlands, so I'll probably get that done tomorrow, after he levels. I left him with 1 1/2 bubbles til 79, I hate leaving them when they're that close but the server crashed again, leaving me with no choice really. And Samurai leveled, so I feel like I accomplished enough anyway.

In the process of exploring and questing, Boo did pick up quite a bit of leather, so I'm thinking to go ahead and buy the vendor patterns that he can learn now. Profession leveling is gonna go on the back burner til he hits 80 because the guild is starting to put raids together now and I don't want to miss too much. I'm probably going to level my druid Taurros next, tanks seem to be a scarcity on the server so it shouldn't be too hard.

Oh yes, and Boogga got honored with the Wyrmrest Accord, so he finally replaced his axe with some shiny new swords. Just gotta figure out what enchants to put on them, before he starts raiding. Something cheap, preferably. :/

One final note: I think I've found the Worst Quest Ever, simply because between the lag, the aggro from all the undead, and the horrible visibility while riding this thing around, it took me forever to complete it, and involved a computer reboot in the middle. I even managed to get the poor giant killed by a crowd of about 50 undead, which is pretty impressive considering the amount of hp he has.

Argus' story is pretty much finished, just gotta proofread it & make sure I'm happy with it, then I'll post it. Happy Hunting!

A whole lotta leveling going on...

It's been a long week. But I finally got in some major playing time. Got my sister to run Kaled through Zul'farrak with her shammy, so he is now 45. Kechara got up to 44 in the run, then I switched her out for Ashkeyana who hit 43. Argus was almost leveled, so getting 43 for him too was easy. Next project- level his inscription while building up some rest.

Boogga went up the the Storm Peaks and got the explore achievement for that. He also found the white rhinos, so Samahe has undergone another color change. Did some farming too, and made some nice new shoulders. Tomorrow I'll have to do some heavy leather-farming so he can get those vendor patterns. He is almost halfway to 79 now, and Samurai is nearly 78. so she's keeping up pretty good.

On a non-WoW note, my kitty-cat Buster has "discovered" my box turtle, Harley. It was hilarious watching him try to play with poor Harley, especially since Buster seems to be afraid of him.

That's it for now, time for sleep. I'll be trying to post Argus' story in the next couple days.

Question: Should Kaled go ahead and get his 4th stable slot now, while he has the money, rather than wait til 60 like I was originally going to? Might be a bit easier since he'll have his epic ground mount to worry about then. He won't be getting a new pet to fill it til 60, when he can get his first exotic (I'm thinking either a worm or a devilsaur).

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Insert witty title that I'm too tired to think of here

So, I just found out that the name Boogga has given his trusty rhino is not a random product of my imagination after all. I googled 'Samahe', just out of curiosity, and found out that it really does mean something. Just one problem.

It's a girl's name. And Boo's handsome hefty rhino buddy is most definitely a male.


Oh well, on with life. Boogga hit 78 yesterday, which means I can get his girl out of the stables, except for random sweeps of Sholazar Basin for the spirit beast. I don't know how far I'll get tonight, probably won't level, but we'll see. Once I get tired of questing I'm thinking it's time Zuuluu headed out for a mining run, that epic flyer for Boo isn't free ya know. Hurray for a day off work tomorrow.

Later: Thanks to multiple disconnects, followed by the Durotan server crashing, Boogga did not get his scheduled playtime. :( However, I did take the opportunity to go flower picking with Alanon the boomkin, then got a level on my much-neglected shadow priest. Quae is now 39, yay!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

A little bit of randomness, and an introduction

I work as a stocker in a grocery store near my home. Earlier today, I'm in the snack aisle, in uniform, putting bags of chips on the shelf, and a lady walks up to me and asks.... wait for it.... "Do you work here?"

Gotta love it.

So I already mentioned my BE hunter Kaledain (or Kaled). Figured I would share at least part of his backstory.

Kaled was about a year old when his parents left him in his cradle and started working on a magical experiment in the workroom of their house. Something went wrong, and the experiment exploded, taking both his parents in the blink of an eye. Kaled somehow survived without anything worse than severe burns over part of his body, which thankfully healed without scars. But as he grew older, the couple who had taken him in noticed something. Usually by his/her third or fourth year, a young blood elf would be starting to show some magical ability, commonly by putting faerie fire on various objects, or making things float. But Kaled had shown none of that, even by his fifth year. His adopted parents took him to the highest-ranking mages in Silvermoon to see what they could find out, and it wasn't good. Kaled's innate ability to cast magic had been burned out of him by the accident. It showed further in that his blue eyes had none of the glow that was normal for a Sin'dorei. The mages, and his caretakers, were shocked; what could they do with him? As far as the blood elves were concerned, he was useless, a freak.

His adopted parents cared for him for another 2 years, but things soon grew too much for them. Kaled was shunned by everyone, and became a favorite target for the bullies his age. The couple that cared for him were pitied openly, which was a great blow to their pride. Finally they took him and left him at the one place where magic was not everything; the Farstrider Retreat.

Kaled was raised and trained by the hunters there. By the time he was 12 he was a crack shot with a bow, and had mastered the sword, spear and two-handed axe by age 15. The farstriders taught him how to coax a wild animal into a bond, and he tamed his first companion, a red lynx cub that had been staying near the retreat and often allowed Kaled to play with him. He named the cub Ashkeyana, or Ashke for short. At 17 Kaled traveled to the tauren land of Mulgore, to train with the hunters there for a season. While he was there, 2 things happened. He found he could use and adapt the tauren's shamanistic magic, which worked differently than the Sin'dorei's arcane magic, to do the skills that hunters used most often, such as healing their animal companion, or imbuing an arrow with poison or arcane energy. And he discovered a young owl, which had been blown far off her normal migration and wound up in Mulgore alone. He bonded to the bird and named her Kechara.

Kaled returned to the Farstriders almost finished with his training, and by his 19th nameday he was out on his own.

To be continued...

Friday, December 12, 2008

The Bonding

As promised-

Boogga's eyes slowly fluttered open as he let out a pained groan. Lifting his head, he saw his adopted sister Taarren sitting nearby. "When you passed out, she left you, same as before," said the tauren shaman. Boogga nodded, then eased himself into a sitting position, noting the new rips and bloodstains in his armor, tho his wounds had been healed by Taarren while he was unconscious.

The shaman shifted uneasily. "Why don't you just take one of the others?" she asked, gesturing toward one of the large striped cats prowling nearby across the snowy landscape. "They wouldn't give you near as much trouble." The hunter emphatically shook his head. "She be the best, the strongest and smartest, and the fiercest! She will be mine, I swear it!" he declared hotly, then turned to focus his attention on the subject of their conversation.

The huge, blue-striped Frostsaber paced by the opening of her den, tail lashing. Her piercing green eyes never once turned toward the troll sitting in the snow a couple hundred yards away, although he was the source of her agitation. Boogga took a moment to admire the graceful way she moved and the unusual tint of her coat. “She is perfect, the only one for me,” he said softly, then climbed to his feet and faced her once again.

Taarren sighed in defeat, then began the preparations again. Normally she would not need to do this, in fact wouldn’t even need to be there, but the Frostsaber queen was so powerful that Boogga had asked her to come along and aid him however she could. Her spiritual totems and spells hadn’t done much more so far, though, than just keep the breath of life in the troll’s body.
Totems placed, she turned to her “brother” and nodded.

Boogga nodded back, then knelt and placed his trap, one cleverly designed to catch its victim in a magical block of ice without doing harm, then straightened and called out his challenge to the great cat. The big head turned, the green eyes glared hotly at him, and the ‘saber growled savagely as she once again answered the challenge by hurtling toward this interloper of her realm.

Boogga dropped to a crouch, locking eyes with the beast and chanting under his breath the words that would overcome her feral instincts and allow her to understand him. The cat’s front foot struck the trap and abruptly she was encased in a block of ice. Her fierce eyes raged at this trickery, though she could do nothing except strain against the trap’s hold. Boogga continued the chant, raising his voice a little, knowing he had only seconds before she would free herself and come for him. And each previous attempt had resulted in the cat mauling him to unconsciousness.

Ice cracked, groaned, and began to fall away from the block. The Frostsaber suddenly had her head and one front leg free, and used her claws to tear at the ice. The ice block crumbled quickly under the assault, and she was soon half-way out, then abruptly she was free. Like the previous encounters she quickly resumed her dash to rend and tear this troll that dared try to invade her land.

But suddenly, this time, right before she reached him, something in her mind clicked, and she began to hear words, of faraway places to explore, new game to hunt, and above all, a companion by her side. Confused, she halted her attack and stood, maybe ten feet from the troll. She shook her head, but the words whispering in her mind would not let up, promising that this was not a trick nor slavery, but a partnership, one that would benefit them both. She started to resume her attack, then gave a sudden grunt and turned away, trotting back towards her den. She stopped after a few strides and turned back to the hunter, now standing still and waiting for his words to take effect. He could see the confusion in her eyes but knew how intelligent this great beast was, and was soon rewarded as the confusion died, and she took a few hesitant steps toward him.

Taarren smiled to herself as she turned to walk away. She would not need to patch her brother up this time. The shaman looked back before walking down the snowdrift and saw the huge ‘saber come up to Boogga’s outstretched hand and start nuzzling it, as he whispered softly to her.

So, now what?

Totally did not get enough sleep last night, so I'm not thinking too clearly right now. Let's see, I guess a little introduction wouldn't be a bad place to start off, would it?

I love hunters. Heck, I have 7 total. Druids are next, with 4 of them. I guess next on the list would be my enhancement shaman (sitting at 33) and my shadow priest (level 38). Favorite specs? Feral and Beast Mastery, hands down. Don't get me wrong, Marks hunters have some pretty mean DPS, but for me playing a hunter is about the hunter-pet bond. What could be better than having your own pet running next to you, helping you with everything you do? That being said, I do plan on leveling one hunter as marks and 1-2 of them will be hybrids.

My main right now is my troll Boogga. He is currently level 77 and has taken a break from questing to farm leather and search for the ever-elusive Spirit Beast. I am torn between leveling my rogue Zuuluu next, since he's my farmer and I could use more gold, or leveling my feral druid Taurros, although he isn't as much fun as he used to be, back before Blizzard changed the feral tree into a tank or DPS tree (I miss doing both /cry). Or I could go back to my NE boomkin, who got to 74 before I abandoned him in favor of Boo. But Alliance hasn't been as much fun lately, since one of my best friends got his main toon to 80 and now all he wants to do is heroics. Horde side I'm in a much bigger guild, so it's always fairly easy to get a group together for the lower-level stuff.

And then there's my baby. I'm referring to my blood elf hunter Kaledain, of course. He is plugging right along, when I have time to level him, and just reached 43. I do need to catch his pets up now tho, his owl is still 39, while kitty and gorilla are right behind him at 42. But he is so much fun to play. He is strictly a role-playing character, even has his own backstory which I am writing out, and he is the main reason for this blog, as I wanted a place to post his stories without spamming another poor blogger's site. Don't ask me why I have an RP character on a normal realm tho, it's mostly because all my high-level horde are there, so I can provide him with whatever he might need without going broke, thus leaving me free to do nothing but level and RP with him. It works out perfectly.

I don't want to make this post a mile long, so I'll leave it here for now. Will post the one story I have completed soon, it's about how Boogga tamed his cat and soulmate, Samurai. :)

Edit: just wanted to clarify something. I play both horde and alliance, tho I prefer horde. I started out horde, and made my first alliance toon because one of my horde friends mostly played alliance. So on alliance I have a couple toons, all in a small guild consisting of friends only. On the other hand, I have a full server horde-side, and my high levels are in a nice-sized raiding guild. I rather enjoy the anonymity of the larger guild, plus makes it easier to run instances & stuff since I hate PUGs with a passion. Which side I play on mostly depends on how sociable I'm feeling.

-Happy Hunting!

I have a blog...

So, I never would have thought I would make a blog, but after reading several others' blogs for months now, I figured it's about time to jump on the bandwagon. What I really wanted was a place to post my experiences in WoW and in real life, to put my stories that I occasionally write, and to just put my thoughts down and get them out of my head. :)
And now it's after midnight and I have to work in the morning. Ugh, this was not a great time to start this. Well, I'll put more stuff down later. Goodnight to anyone that happens to be reading this. Zzzzzz...