Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Boogga hit 80 yesterday after some major questing, and celebrated by setting off all the fireworks that Rhonin mailed him. And yes, I had a geek moment when I got the mail out ("Oh my goodness, Rhonin sent me mail?" /flipout). He also almost has enough gold for his epic flight training, hopefully a few days of dailies and questing will do it.

Not even an hour after leveling he got into a heroic Nexus run, and Keristrasza was nice enough to drop some shiny new bracers and a trinket for him. Samurai is close to leveling herself, so that and more leather-farming is next on the list.

I think I've found my favorite Oracle daily. Nothing like being a super-powered kitty cat that 2-shots everything. /evil grin

Next up, level 80 thunderchicken!!!

Later: After some speed questing, finally got Boo his new toy...

And Samurai is now 80 as well, time to level his chimera and devilsaur. :D

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