Friday, December 19, 2008

/target Durotan server, /cast Kill Shot

So once again, Boogga gets no playtime due to Durotan's unpredictability. Or our internet service, I'm no longer sure which is to blame. I had to leave him in Crystalsong Forest, where he and Sam had just aggro'd 2 mobs, then an 80 elite decided to join the fun. We got the first mob down and were starting on the second to try and kill it before the elite pwned us both, when the game froze. So tomorrow I expect I'll be logging in to a corpse run.

It just hit me earlier today that Christmas is a week away, and I'm not ready yet. >_>
That and the fact that my Christmas "holiday" is going to be limited to Christmas day itself, thanks to my work schedule, is making me a tad bit depressed. But I'll get to see my brother, who's been away at National Guard training, tomorrow, so that'll be great.

Now I really need sleep. Hopefully Boo will get his level tomorrow, then he'll have just one more to go. -Happy Hunting!

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