Friday, December 12, 2008

So, now what?

Totally did not get enough sleep last night, so I'm not thinking too clearly right now. Let's see, I guess a little introduction wouldn't be a bad place to start off, would it?

I love hunters. Heck, I have 7 total. Druids are next, with 4 of them. I guess next on the list would be my enhancement shaman (sitting at 33) and my shadow priest (level 38). Favorite specs? Feral and Beast Mastery, hands down. Don't get me wrong, Marks hunters have some pretty mean DPS, but for me playing a hunter is about the hunter-pet bond. What could be better than having your own pet running next to you, helping you with everything you do? That being said, I do plan on leveling one hunter as marks and 1-2 of them will be hybrids.

My main right now is my troll Boogga. He is currently level 77 and has taken a break from questing to farm leather and search for the ever-elusive Spirit Beast. I am torn between leveling my rogue Zuuluu next, since he's my farmer and I could use more gold, or leveling my feral druid Taurros, although he isn't as much fun as he used to be, back before Blizzard changed the feral tree into a tank or DPS tree (I miss doing both /cry). Or I could go back to my NE boomkin, who got to 74 before I abandoned him in favor of Boo. But Alliance hasn't been as much fun lately, since one of my best friends got his main toon to 80 and now all he wants to do is heroics. Horde side I'm in a much bigger guild, so it's always fairly easy to get a group together for the lower-level stuff.

And then there's my baby. I'm referring to my blood elf hunter Kaledain, of course. He is plugging right along, when I have time to level him, and just reached 43. I do need to catch his pets up now tho, his owl is still 39, while kitty and gorilla are right behind him at 42. But he is so much fun to play. He is strictly a role-playing character, even has his own backstory which I am writing out, and he is the main reason for this blog, as I wanted a place to post his stories without spamming another poor blogger's site. Don't ask me why I have an RP character on a normal realm tho, it's mostly because all my high-level horde are there, so I can provide him with whatever he might need without going broke, thus leaving me free to do nothing but level and RP with him. It works out perfectly.

I don't want to make this post a mile long, so I'll leave it here for now. Will post the one story I have completed soon, it's about how Boogga tamed his cat and soulmate, Samurai. :)

Edit: just wanted to clarify something. I play both horde and alliance, tho I prefer horde. I started out horde, and made my first alliance toon because one of my horde friends mostly played alliance. So on alliance I have a couple toons, all in a small guild consisting of friends only. On the other hand, I have a full server horde-side, and my high levels are in a nice-sized raiding guild. I rather enjoy the anonymity of the larger guild, plus makes it easier to run instances & stuff since I hate PUGs with a passion. Which side I play on mostly depends on how sociable I'm feeling.

-Happy Hunting!

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