Thursday, December 18, 2008

Durotan was having hiccups again, but despite the lag I got quite a bit done. Boogga has his "Explore Northrend" achievement and a shiny new tabard to boot. He only needs a little bit in Outlands, so I'll probably get that done tomorrow, after he levels. I left him with 1 1/2 bubbles til 79, I hate leaving them when they're that close but the server crashed again, leaving me with no choice really. And Samurai leveled, so I feel like I accomplished enough anyway.

In the process of exploring and questing, Boo did pick up quite a bit of leather, so I'm thinking to go ahead and buy the vendor patterns that he can learn now. Profession leveling is gonna go on the back burner til he hits 80 because the guild is starting to put raids together now and I don't want to miss too much. I'm probably going to level my druid Taurros next, tanks seem to be a scarcity on the server so it shouldn't be too hard.

Oh yes, and Boogga got honored with the Wyrmrest Accord, so he finally replaced his axe with some shiny new swords. Just gotta figure out what enchants to put on them, before he starts raiding. Something cheap, preferably. :/

One final note: I think I've found the Worst Quest Ever, simply because between the lag, the aggro from all the undead, and the horrible visibility while riding this thing around, it took me forever to complete it, and involved a computer reboot in the middle. I even managed to get the poor giant killed by a crowd of about 50 undead, which is pretty impressive considering the amount of hp he has.

Argus' story is pretty much finished, just gotta proofread it & make sure I'm happy with it, then I'll post it. Happy Hunting!

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