Sunday, December 14, 2008

Insert witty title that I'm too tired to think of here

So, I just found out that the name Boogga has given his trusty rhino is not a random product of my imagination after all. I googled 'Samahe', just out of curiosity, and found out that it really does mean something. Just one problem.

It's a girl's name. And Boo's handsome hefty rhino buddy is most definitely a male.


Oh well, on with life. Boogga hit 78 yesterday, which means I can get his girl out of the stables, except for random sweeps of Sholazar Basin for the spirit beast. I don't know how far I'll get tonight, probably won't level, but we'll see. Once I get tired of questing I'm thinking it's time Zuuluu headed out for a mining run, that epic flyer for Boo isn't free ya know. Hurray for a day off work tomorrow.

Later: Thanks to multiple disconnects, followed by the Durotan server crashing, Boogga did not get his scheduled playtime. :( However, I did take the opportunity to go flower picking with Alanon the boomkin, then got a level on my much-neglected shadow priest. Quae is now 39, yay!


  1. Someone suffers from altitis!

    Good luck with finding that spirit beast! I can only imagine how hard it is at the moment.

  2. Yes, a very severe case of altitis. :)
    If the name hadn't already been taken, it might have been the name of this blog.

    I haven't even seen a whisker of the spirit beast yet, or the other 2 rares in Sholazar. Right now I'm continuing to level Boogga & just taking sweeps of the basin now & then. Once he hits 80 I'm getting him his epic flyer if it kills me.