Monday, December 29, 2008

Introducing: Gwynifar

Gwynifar is my blood elf hunter on Moon Guard. I had a backstory for her when I created her, but never took the time to write it out. So, here it is.


Gwynifar was born at Farstrider Retreat. Her father was a hunter, her mother a mage. Although they both lived out of the city most of the time, they did have a house inside Silvermoon, which they moved into when Gwyn became old enough for schooling. Her parents were very patient and caring, which was a good thing, because as soon as she could crawl around by herself, she was a little ball of energy. As she grew old enough to walk, she took to staying outdoors as much as possible. She soon showed a great affinity to the local wildlife, capturing young animals and taking them home to show her parents. When she started to bring home young lynx cubs and dragonhawk hatchlings, though, her parents decided they needed to give her an outlet for her curiosity. So Gwyn started training to be a hunter, like her father.

Soon after Gwyn turned five, she and her family moved back into Silvermoon so she could have a formal education. However, she felt cooped up in the city, and always escaped to the wilds outside whenever she could. As time went by and her studies took up more of her time, she had to look for entertainment closer to home.

Gwyn had a very active imagination, but also was a bit clumsy (for an elf). She found it very simple to amuse herself with tricks and pranks in and around the city, but was usually found out. Soon her parents started recieving warnings about her behavior, and demands to bring her under control. This started some epic arguments, both between Gwyn and her parents, and between her parents and the other elves as they tried to defend her. Eventually Gwyn cut back on the pranks, and there was relative peace for awhile.

But finally, Gwyn just couldn't stand being "good" anymore. So one day, when the ruling members of Silvermoon were sitting in a meeting, she "borrowed" Jilanne's collection of dragonhawk hatchlings, and turned them loose inside the council room. The resulting chaos was quite satisfactory, however, things grew out of hand rather quickly. When one of the council members stepped on a hatchling, the frightened baby did the only thing it could to defend itself; it spat a fireball at him. The edge of his robe caught on fire, which only increased the confusion. Finally the hatchlings were caught, the fires were put out, and, naturally, Gwyn's hiding spot was discovered and she was quickly put under watch while her parents were summoned. Upon their arrival, they were bombarded by the entire council with demands that she be "suitably punished." After an hour of argument, it was decided that Gwyn would return home and stay there, while her parents talked to her teachers to work something out.

That night her mother came to talk to her. Her trainers at Farstrider Retreat had decided that she was far enough along in her training that she could go outside of Quel'Thalas for further training. The council and her schoolteachers had agreed, and they had sent word to the hunters in Durotan that she would be on her way soon. They were sending her to study with the orcs.


That's it for now, Part 2 coming soon!


  1. Ooooh, I really like where this story is heading! Our young hunter friend couldn't possibly make trouble for Thrall could she?!


    Awesome story. I was stuck staring at the screen reading it! I look forward to the next part!

  2. Hmm, she wasn't going to be making too much trouble over there but now that the idea's in my head.... /evilgrin