Friday, December 19, 2008

Tis the season...

There is always one thing that in-game holidays are good for if you know what to do- making money. For the Winter's Veil holiday the biggest thing is small eggs. They are easy to farm, even for lowbies, and the price around this holiday is ridiculous. My Nelf Andrano has gotten 2 levels so far killing the owls in Teldrassil and has made over 60g. At level 8. Woot.

No holiday is complete without music, so here's some Oxhorn to bring in some Winter's Veil spirit.

Happy Holidays everyone! A more serious post to come later, if I feel like it.


  1. I've been going the other way with it - giving out eggs to lowbies who ask for them. :3

  2. Nothing wrong with that. :D

    Andrano sells them because he is my only toon on that particular realm, so he has noone else to "provide for him." And he IS only level 8. I remember the first year they had Winter's Veil, Taurros handed out his fair share of cookies/egg nog to the lowbies.