Thursday, December 18, 2008

A whole lotta leveling going on...

It's been a long week. But I finally got in some major playing time. Got my sister to run Kaled through Zul'farrak with her shammy, so he is now 45. Kechara got up to 44 in the run, then I switched her out for Ashkeyana who hit 43. Argus was almost leveled, so getting 43 for him too was easy. Next project- level his inscription while building up some rest.

Boogga went up the the Storm Peaks and got the explore achievement for that. He also found the white rhinos, so Samahe has undergone another color change. Did some farming too, and made some nice new shoulders. Tomorrow I'll have to do some heavy leather-farming so he can get those vendor patterns. He is almost halfway to 79 now, and Samurai is nearly 78. so she's keeping up pretty good.

On a non-WoW note, my kitty-cat Buster has "discovered" my box turtle, Harley. It was hilarious watching him try to play with poor Harley, especially since Buster seems to be afraid of him.

That's it for now, time for sleep. I'll be trying to post Argus' story in the next couple days.

Question: Should Kaled go ahead and get his 4th stable slot now, while he has the money, rather than wait til 60 like I was originally going to? Might be a bit easier since he'll have his epic ground mount to worry about then. He won't be getting a new pet to fill it til 60, when he can get his first exotic (I'm thinking either a worm or a devilsaur).


  1. I have this to say about pets.
    I tried to have more than one. It was a huge, HUGE time sink.

    Use one you like, stick with the stable slots you have now. Grab the pets you want and stick them in there. When you hit 80(I'm sure you will) all those pets that stayed in the stables will have leveled up to 5 levels below you.

    It's like the daycare. And it save time.

    Thing is, your pets don't get questing xp right?

    So if you want to level faster, jsut stick with one pet.

  2. That's what I was planning to do. It's working out fairly well for Boogga, he has Samurai with him mostly, Samahe the rhino for the tougher quests, & the rest I just pull out to auto-level every time he levels. I'll get them leveled once Boo hits 80.

    I was just thinking with Kaled, his inscription makes him a decent amount of money, so since he has the gold right now I could maybe grab the slot but not worry about filling it til later. That way if he does want to add another pet at 60, he won't have to worry about getting his mount training, AND paying for a stable slot at the same time, ya know?

  3. /shake head

    Save for that epic mount. Trust me. I had to wait to get it until level 62 way back, and it wasn't fun. Make sure you get it the moment you hit 60 if you can.