Monday, December 29, 2008

I love my days off

Got Boogga into a heroic Violet Hold first thing this morning and came out with a new cloak, 65 leather, and 8 dragonscales. I <3 Violet Hold. Ran heroic UK again too, I was hoping the crossbow would drop but no dice. He did get a new helm and belt, so I'm happy. He has over 3k RAP now with Dragonhawk on, though his crit is still below 20%. (Edit: got the Plunderer's Helm, blogspot isn't letting me post with the link for some reason.)

Almost forgot to mention I got into a 10-man Archavon raid, woot. Pretty easy fight, and the warrior and mage in the raid got new shinies.

I am trying to level his pets still; Mageddon the devilsaur is 76, but his chimera is still 75. Samahe only needs one more level, so I think he's my focus now, then back to Mageddon. I have run into a pet problem though. I tamed the ghost hydra just for kicks until I find Loque'nahak the spirit beast, but I think I've fallen in love with it, noises and all. So if I do find Loque, which of Boo's pets will have to go? He will never release Samurai, and I want to keep Mageddon and the hydra, so it's either the chimera or rhino. I really don't want to let his chimera go, because I've wanted to tame one long before Blizzard did the Wrath talents, and she's his only cunning pet and dang useful at times. So I might be saying goodbye to Samahe the rhino. :*(

One solution to my problem might be to level Kaledain up, and get the spirit beast with him. Now that Boo is 80, and getting geared up, I'm itching to play Kaled again. I also get most of my story inspiration from actually playing him, and there's alot more to his story that I want to write. But I think that's a "we'll see."

Speaking of stories, part 2 of Gwyn's story is in the works, I'll post it asap. Til then, Happy Hunting!


  1. Oh come on, it took me three weeks to get that damn cloak.


  2. Poor Rilgon...
    I bet it will take me twice that amount to be honest.

    As far as havign to say good bye to baby rhino, I know how that feels. I replaced him with my worm, but I have no regrets now. The worm is so useful against elites because of acid spit...
    In any case, I wish you luck with your pet leveling. I don't know the areas very well, but finding a place with lots of humanoids, or beasts if you can skin them, that are lvl 80, that should level the pet quickly while making you some money. Make sure the baddies are level 80 or your pet is going to take forever!

  3. Found an awesome place in Storm Peaks with a good concentration of level 78-80 mobs. Mammoths and romping rhinos, so I can skin them :D There's a cave nearby full of air elementals if I want a change of scenery too.