Monday, April 2, 2012

Beta stuffs, Take 1

There's... actually not a whole lot to do just yet, since it's still early in the beta, but I have made a pandaren monk already, and just got her out of the starting zone today. Still trying to decide where I want to take her next for leveling, though with all the bugs it looks like my choices will be pretty few. Westfall and Darkshore are both bugged and have no quests, for example. Dwarf land looks like it works for pandas, but I'm thinking of running her to Draenei lands first and see if they have any quests for her.

And yes, that means I chose Alliance side with her. Eh, all my other toons there are Alliance, so why not?

Besides pandas, I've also rolled a Pitchmonk, but then found out that the Nelf starting zone has no quests for monks after level 3.... Still deciding if I want to try grinding him up to 5 or so and seeing if he can get any quests from the next hub.

The toons that I copied have all gotten their new talents and stuff, which I'm liking so far though still getting used to. Turron might be getting a respec, since warriors can use Whirlwind in any stance now which makes Bladestorm kinda superfluous, and an arms warrior with Shockwave just sounds too cool to pass up. Pitch has his kitty spec, though after seeing a couple bear-tanking videos I may take him down that route instead. And Lark's BM spec is all set up, though her stables are so bugged that it's kinda sad to even look at it. She still has Komah and Halia and Tuah, at least, though Quiloe's been lost in the beta-nether, along with a few other stabled pets.

Not all the hunter bugs are bad, however. I am hoping so bad that this one might stick around, however unlikely it seems...

It seems that all hunter pets have reverted to their pre-tame size. I would've taken a screenie of Arcus, except all you could see was his feet. XD

The first new zone is pretty, with lots of new mobs and scenery to gawk at. I've run through a number of quests on a couple toons, but haven't done that much cause I've been too busy staring at things.

In fact, I'm not going to say any more about it. Instead, have some screenshots! The first 3 are from the Pandaren starting zone, and the rest are from the new 85 zone. (I fail at remembering names, sorry!)