Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I HATE spiders...

So how in the holy flip did this happen??

I blame outside influences...

On a slightly more serious note.... The tame was a TON easier than I thought it would be. Looking up how-to videos on Youtube helps. >.>

Sis's troll Rajji had actually just tamed Kirix, with help from Booggah and a randomly-tamed core hound. We were on our way back to the Hyjal portal when my NPC_Scan went off for Solix- who I had been thinking about taming for a while now, but hadn't convinced myself yet. It still took several minutes of standing there staring at him in his little pool of lava before I finally decided heck with it.

His name is Speedy (thanks sis!), in the hopes that having a cute unoffensive name will convince me to keep him. And he is actually pretty cute... so long as I'm not looking at him. XD

Some day, perhaps, my arachnophobia will fade......


  1. I actually really like these spiders. All other spiders in real life and also in-game creep me out. (Oooh, the ones on Bloodmyst Isle are terrible, with their schreeching.)

    I have Kirix and Deth'tilac myself. And watching others try to tame Kirix must be one of the most fun things ever. Oh no, one thing is funnier; gankers trying to kill Kirix and then getting 2shot. xD

    Gz on tames, and you should keep them. :)

    1. Ooooo, I can't -stand- the ones on Bloodmyst. I think that's the only place in the entire game that actually terrifies me. >.<

      Sis's troll Rajji is definitely keeping Kirix. :D And Booggah will hold on to Speedy for as long as I can stand- maybe forever, or maybe just until I need a free stable slot. Who knows? :/