Sunday, March 25, 2012

'Nother ding!

It was the grindiest grind ever, but I finally worked out the last few bubs he needed. Alanon is finally the same level as his brother. :P

I'm not totally sure what the problem with leveling him was, unless it was simply that he isn't feral. I do like boomkin-ing, but for some reason I just lost all enthusiasm for questing and dungeons at the end. He has a resto spec too, but healing for PUGs generally made me just wanting to be done and out of the instance long before it was over. Which is funny, because I like healing in battlegrounds and when I'm grouped with friends.

Regardless of my healing qualms, I'm attempting to get his healing gear in order first.... so yes, he is DPSing in resto gear for now. Good thing is that a lot of stuff actually works well for both specs.

I had several pieces of gear already for when he dinged, plus he had enough JPs to get his t12 chestpiece. Those and a few PVP-crafted pieces from the AH were enough to get him ready for the "timeroics," and I got some friends together to run through those last night. He got all his quests done and picked up 5-6 upgrades in the process.... and somehow made it to the raid finder ilvl, roughly 24 hours after hitting 85. O.o

What is this I don't even....

I don't think I'll be hitting the raid finder just yet, he still has one wimpy trinket and I'd like to replace the crafted blues. But at least now I can feel like I can PUG the heroics and not get vote-kicked for lousiness. XD

Meanwhile, Rheugan will go sit in a corner with his little ilvl 333 staff.....

(Just kidding, he'll still be running Well of Eternity as well. Although I'm beginning to think that staff doesn't actually exist...)

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