Sunday, April 15, 2012

Catching Up...

I have become so thoroughly disenchanted with Arthas that I've finally done the only thing left to do.... I transferred Roebar to Feathermoon. And then ran him through a bunch of dungeons. >.>

Need to move Disappear and probably Narzabeki, but that'll wait til I actually know where they're going.

Arnen got some leveling love, plus a new pet!

I've been having way too much fun with the Noblegarden stuff.

Bunny hearth!

I love the people I play with...

[2. ] Alanôn: .... this channel is half mages XD
[2. ] Pallido: All according to plan
[2. ] Aèdranna: >.>
[2. ] Aèdranna: I'm watching you....all...all of you. All seventy million mirror-imaged mage mothereffers.
[2. ] Genise: that's not a mirror image, geny's just busty
[2. ] Aèdranna: ...I will remember that right before I fall asleep now.
[2. ] Genise: Just don't dream her into Garrosh's chambers this time
[2. ] Aèdranna: ...don't ruin this for me.
[2. ] Genise: XD i'm just sayin', the wrynn stuff turned into actual Ic rumors! XD
[2. ] Aèdranna: Closest thing I'd come to is Geny slaying Garrosh with her twin mounds of might.
[2. ] Alanón: XD
[2. ] Pallido: One-Two combo from Geni's rack will knock anyone out
[2. ] Aèdranna: That was just fun to say.
[2. ] Genise: XD

Speaking of mages! Alanon-mage has hit another milestone(finally!).

Rillian's transmog gear is almost finished. Naturally, after I'd taken this screenshot I snagged a couple more pieces. I'll have to do an updated screenie soon, but it'll probably wait til after he has his cloak.

And finally- I've been doing a ton of new art, and I love this last one I finished. LOOOVE IT. Rawr.

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